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The world’s best gay beaches span the globe, and some might not be in the places you’d expect! The list below includes all sorts of gay beaches, from the most popular and densely packed party spots near the biggest international gay destinations to lesser-known and secluded hangouts that only locals know about.

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There’s no doubt that the gay beach in Rio de Janeiro’s hotspot of Ipanema is the world’s most talked-about gay beach. Tons of sexy Brazilian men (along with the tourists) are always taking photos with the iconic Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers) mountains in the backdrop.

gay beach in rio

The exact center of Rio’s gay beach is between Posto 8 and Posto 9. You can’t miss the enormous crowd of gay men!

Will Rogers Gay Beach – Los Angeles

Will Rogers is the most popular gay beach in greater Los Angeles. It’s another one of the most well-known gay beaches, at least among Americans. The gay area of Will Rogers is near lifeguard tower 18, There’s so much to do here, from playing volleyball (or watching other guys play volleyball) to drooling over the gorgeous lifeguards.

The Will Rogers gay beach is informally known as “Ginger Rogers Beach” and has a ton of history. The LGBT crowd has been coming here since the 40s!

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Coastal Spanish cities, Italian islands, the coast of Croatia, all the best gay beaches in the United States and dozens more are all on wolfyy’s ultimate guide to gay beaches worldwide.

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Big Pines Mountain House – South Lake Tahoe Gay Friendly Motel

Big Pines Mountain House - South Lake Tahoe Gay Friendly Motel


Big Pines Mountain House reinvents Hotels, offering our guests the option to “consume better”. For a very reasonable price, you’ll get your guest room, all-you-can-eat continental breakfast, free wifi internet connection, and a bunch of little extras at our South Lake Tahoe gay friendly Motel for no extra fee.

More Than Just a Hotel:

The Big Pines creative, friendly concept offers clean, comfortable, charming rooms that won’t break the bank. Our South Lake Tahoe hotel is a medium-size property with seventy-two rooms in the heart of town, making it easy to get to everything.

Quality Plus Personality:

Big Pines Mountain House is a budget conscious Hotel that is truly unique, offering great value and fantastic customer service year round at a very affordable price.

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South Lake Tahoe Gay Friendly Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals

Gay Washington DC in the Spring – 2TravelDads

Gay Washington DC in the Spring - 2TravelDads

Have you ever gotten to stroll through 3000 cherry trees in full bloom? Did you know that Washington DC holds the National Cherry Blossom Festival every year? It’s true and absolutely beautiful. Below you’ll find our guide to planning a visit to Washington DC for the cherry blossoms, as well as other great things to do in the DC area.

Visiting Gay Washington DC in the Springtime

In this podcast episode we dig into cherry blossoms in the nation’s Capital, other spring events not to miss, and our top picks for exploring DC with kids. It’s an awesome city, and in springtime is beyond gorgeous! One of the best destinations in the USA for a family trip, doing a road trip around DC and Virginia is ideal in spring.

0:30 – Introduction to Keryn of Walking On Travels and DC Travel Mag. Keryn is a seasoned travel blogger and magazine publisher who’s started a new website focusing on exploring the gay Washington DC area. Really, it’s all about finding the non-politics side of DC and enjoying the many sights, museums, restaurants and festivals.

By Chris and Rob – Full Story at the 2TravelDads

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Europe Lesbian Winter Hotspots – Our Taste for Life

Europe Lesbian Winter Hotspots - Our Taste for Life

A winter city break in Europe is the perfect way to escape the cold-weather blues. Sure, it’s still chilly in places, freezing in fact. But I’ve come to realise that the season can be a truly magical time of year. In this article, I’ll be listing 16 of the best European city breaks that I guarantee will have you falling in love with the season like never before.

Until a few years ago, you would never hear me say anything nice about the season. Winter and I were not on good terms. It was cruel and harsh and unforgivable. It was only when I travelled full time that I began to appreciate the beauty of all the seasons.

European Lesbian Winter Hotspots

If you’re still not entirely sold on the idea of a December-January-February city break, do not worry. There are some incredible European lesbian winter hotspots that remain warm throughout the year. With this in mind, I’ll also be listing some sunny destinations in Europe too.

Here are 16 of the best cold season breaks in Europe.

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European Lesbian Winter Hotspots

Best Gay Winter Travel Spots – The Globetrotter Guys

Best Gay Winter Travel Spots - The Globetrotter Guys

If you are anything like us and love to travel all year round no matter the weather, then these gay winter travel spots might be for you!

Whether you are simply chasing the sun (see Gran Canaria) or wanting to experience the epitome of a snowy winter wonderland (see New York) then we think this list will have something to suit you.

We have chosen these destinations based on our experience to date and will continue to expand the list in the future! Please drop us an email with any suggestions of where we can go next.

Our Top 5 Gay Winter Travel Spots

One destination worthy of the title of ‘Winter Wonderland’ has to be Stockholm. We visited the city during October when it was very cold indeed! However, once we wrapped up and headed out to explore we quickly learnt why so many people love Stockholm.

The city is very unique sitting on over 14 islands which practically guarantees that you get to experience beautiful views wherever you look.

Combined with the fact there were so many things to do to keep busy (see our 48 hour winter itinerary), an incredible selection of restaurants and an easy going, well integrated gay scene, we can’t wait to return and see more.

By Sion & Ben – Full St at the Globetrotter Guys

Gay Montana for Families – 2TravelDads

Gay Montana for Families - 2TravelDads

A Montana road trip is such an adventure. I’d call it one of the great American road trips. The roads and sights are amazing, even just along I-90, the main highway. This gay Montana road trip itinerary takes you from west to east (we do this as a WA to MO road trip) stopping in mining towns, National Parks and even antique candy stores. You’ll love it!

Gay Montana Road Trip

Our love of road trips is clear. Our most common that we do nearly every year is an Oregon Coast road trip, but our other most frequent road trip itinerary is through Montana and the Yellowstone National Park area. Whether you want to make this a 5 day itinerary or a 10 day itinerary, there are plenty of great things to do and road trip stops.

Some of the best places to visit in the state are found in the southwestern part of the state, called Yellowstone Country, so that’s where we’ll focus. Ghost towns, hikes, craft distilling and more attractions lie ahead, so buckle up and take notes!

By Chris and Rob – Full Story at the 2TravelDads

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Six Great Cities for Visiting Canada in Winter – 2TravelDads

Visiting Canada in Winter - 2TravelDads

Visiting Canada in winter is not for the faint of heart, but if you know how to do it right and where you can find charming warmth, it’s not so bad. Canada from coast to coast is a treasure trove of mountain getaways and historic cities. Here are six beautiful places to embrace the Canadian winter (and they’re pretty great in summer too!).

Visiting Canada in Winter: Banff

I could just say “the Rockies” as the whole mountain range between Alberta and British Columbia is an outdoors-man’s paradise in the winter, but Banff has a special place in my heart so I’ll focus on that location.

Banff National Park is home to the stunningly beautiful Banff Springs Hotel – one of Canada’s most iconic buildings. This luxury hotel was built during the 19th Century in a cross-country effort to make the vastness of Canada more appealing to tourists, and it worked. The hotel offers suites anywhere from $300 to $1,000 a night, but with over 300 rooms available, there’s always a place for you! There are also many cabins in Alberta around Banff these days, so finding a more affordable option is easier than ever.

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Manuel Antonio Gay Beaches – The Globetrotter Guys

Manuel Antonio Gay Beaches - The Globetrotter Guys

Manuel Antonio is one of the most popular LGBTQ+ destinations in Costa Rica so it should come as no surprise that there are a fair number of Manuel Antonio gay beaches.

In fact, this stretch of the Pacific coast has been said to have some of the best beaches in the world boasting clear warm waters and long stretches of sand.

In this mini guide we will share 3 gay beaches in the area, including (of course) a nude beach. So grab you best speedos and let’s take a look!

Best Manuel Antonio Gay Beaches

The main and most popular beach is Playa Espadilla. The south end of the beach meets the edge of the most visited national park in Costa Rica, the beautiful national park. At this end of the beach, you with find plenty of shops, restaurants and many other tourists.

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Gay Puerto Vallarta, Mexico – wolfyy

gay Puerto Vallarta

Mexico’s classic gay travel destination, Puerto Vallarta lures the LGBT community with ritzy beach clubs, budget-friendly hotels and animated gay nightlife. This small city is a frequent choice for Americans and Canadians, especially in winter.

Before visiting Puerto Vallarta, I never fully understood what specifically makes this destination so attractive to gay men. Gay friends and acquaintances of mine always raved about Puerto Vallarta. I quickly found out why.

Puerto Vallarta is so popular because the city is quite conducive to groups of gay travelers. The gay scene here is physically compact. This makes things super easy for friends to coordinate plans.

gay area in Puerto Vallarta

The Puerto Vallarta Gay Area

The Puerto Vallarta gay area starts in Zona Romántica and continues southward to the border of the Amapas neighborhood. Most of the gay-friendly establishments and nightlife is within the five or so city blocks from the waterfront.

I highly recommend staying in the Puerto Vallarta gay area. It’s convenient and you’ll never run out of things to do. Furthermore, meeting up with friends should easier here since there are so many hotel and resort options in close proximity. You’ll have tons of options for restaurants, shopping and beach clubs, all within a 5-minute walk.

There’s much more to know about gay PV, so continue to wolfyy’s Puerto Vallarta gay guide to find the best hotels, resorts, experiences, and gay nightlife venues. Plus, local travel tips!

Puerto Vallarta Gay Travel Guide on wolfyy – by Louis Lafata

Gay Mexico Resources – Purple Roofs

Gay Aspen, Colorado – wolfyy

gay aspen

One of the most luxurious ski towns in the United States, Aspen draws a loyal crowd that’s eager to have a good time. Most LGBT travelers also have this unique Colorado destination on their radars for the yearly Aspen Gay Ski Week events.

Aspen isn’t just a winter destination. Tourists visit all year round! While more people come once it’s cold enough for snow, many travelers enjoy the mountainous terrain all year. Seeing the yellow Aspen trees in Autumn is priceless.

Similar to nearby Vail, Aspen has a largely transient community, which means the number of gay travelers there can fluctuate. You’ll of course find yourself amongst a sea of other gay guys during Aspen Gay Ski Week, as well as a decent bunch over the winter season.

LGBT Aspen: Hotels & Vacation Rentals

When people think of staying in Aspen, luxury typically comes to mind. There are so many options for luxury resorts and vacation rentals. I’ll fill you in on which hotels are perfect for you, whether you like to be in the center of it all or prefer a secluded mountain chalet.

Full Aspen Gay Travel Guide on wolfyy – by Louis Lafata

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