The Travel Company

The Travel Company


1708 Lovering Ave. Ste 203B, Wilmington, Delaware, 19806, USA
Contact(s): Jim & Sheila Batty
Phone: 1 302 652-6263

Gay Friendly Travel Agent
Bisexual, Gay Men, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender

PR Discount: None
General Discount: None

Gay Friendly [moobdir_type value_only='yes'] in Wilmington, Delaware, USA - The Travel Company

We are a full service travel consultant agency. We have a gay son and we run the local PFLAG chapter. Besides RSVP, Atlantis & Olivia, we have access to all of the G/L/B/T tour operators. Click on the rainbow flag on our website.


Other Info Accessible Travel, Corporate Travel, Student Travel, Travel With Pets * Affiliations: CLIA * Destinations: Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe, Australia * Services Offered: Airline Ticketing, Auto Rentals, Cruise Reservations, Guided Tours, Lodging Reservations, Vacation Planning

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