Exploring Lesbian Key West: Events, Bars & More – Once Upon a Journey

Lesbian key west - Once Upon a Journey

Come Explore Lesbian Key West This Summer

The Florida Keys are known for their laid-back style and open, welcoming, and accepting atmosphere. Making it a favorite destination for LGBTQ+ travelers already for decades! And especially lesbian Key West is the place to be!

With their ‘One Human Family’ motto, Key West doesn’t just tolerate difference; they celebrate it.

It’s the southernmost point of the continental USA, and here queer businesses thrive, rainbow flags flutter all year, and there’s a rich queer history dating back as early as the 1950s! Key West was even among the first cities in the States to elect an openly gay mayor, Teri Johnston.

And it’s not only an amazing travel destination because of its welcomeness but also because of its amazing weather, beautiful nature, stunning waters, and fantastic restaurants. There is a lot to see and do here!

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Planning a Florida Keys for Gay Families Vacation – 2TravelDads

Florida Keys for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

I had dreamed of a Florida Keys vacation since I was a teenager and first saw pictures of Key West and all the places to visit in the Florida Keys for gay families. Well, we’ve finally taken a family trip to the Keys (several actually!) and worked really hard to create the best Keys itinerary with kids in mind.

We stayed in several tropical resorts, including some vacation rental options, and have great recommendations for where to stay as you explore. Also, keeping in mind smaller crowds and the abundance of nature in this beautiful archipelago, this vacation plan is great for having a one-of-a-kind experience beyond the busier spots in the Keys.

No matter how you slice it, the Florida Keys is a road trip. Sure, you can fly into Key West, but you can also fly into other Florida airports and then drive the Overseas Highway as far as you can. And that’s when we get to the big questions about planning your vacation here.

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Finding Brighton’s Gay Beach – The Globetrotter Guys

Finding Brighton's Gay Beach - The Globetrotter Guys

Brighton is one of the most popular LGBTQ+ beach destinations in the UK with its open and welcoming atmosphere, plenty of bars, clubs and exciting activities to do – it also holds one of the biggest and best Pride celebrations in the UK.

How to Find Brighton’s Gay Beach

With all that going on, it is fair to ask ‘is there a gay beach in Brighton?‘… Yes, like many popular queer destinations, there is an unofficial gay beach in Brighton.

We say ‘unofficial’ as technically this is the official naturist beach and it therefore comes as no surprise that has become Brighton’s gay beach. When we visited it was a quiet day but it was still clear to us that this place attracted other gay travellers.

By Sion & Ben – Full Story at the Globetrotter Guys

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Canterbury Inn – Ocean Shores Gay Friendly Hotel

Canterbury Inn - Ocean Shores Gay Friendly Hotel


The Canterbury Inn is an Ocean Shores gay friendly hotel offering condominium style lodging along Washington’s beautiful Pacific Coast.

Voted one of the best vacation getaways in Washington, our beach town at the edge of the Olympic Peninsula offers six miles of sandy beaches, twenty-three miles of interconnecting freshwater canals and a charming beach town where you can explore and enjoy some great shopping.

Everyone comes here for the beach and sea in any season. Enjoy:

* Beach combing
* Flying a kite
* Horseback riding
* Clamming
* Enjoying sunsets over the Pacific

Our freshwater canals are ideal for kayaking, water skiing, and fishing, or even for biking along on a beautiful afternoon. They even run through our local golf course.

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Best Beaches for Gay Families on Oahu – 2Traveldads

Best Beaches for Gay Families on Oahu - 2Traveldads

There’s nothing like experiencing the beaches of Oahu and having unforgettable wildlife encounters. We’ve been around and I’ll tell ya’, snorkeling and lounging on all sides of Oahu is awesome. We’ve done the foot work and visited several locations to find our favorite, most family friendly beaches on Oahu which are sure to wow you.

Finding the Best Beaches for Gay Families on Oahu

So what are the best beaches for gay families on Oahu? What beach isn’t family friendly? Well, remember that all kinds of people visit Hawaii for all kinds of reasons. Our family friendly beach recommendations are places you can go with kids with safe waves, fun wildlife, and that AREN’T hosting epic surf competitions.

True, if you’re there for the Vans Cup, Pipe Pro competitions or another surfing bonanza, spend some time enjoying the spectacle, but also go seek our these great family friendly beaches on Oahu for a different side of Hawaii.

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Chevy Chase Beach Cabins – Port Townsend Gay Friendly Cabins

Chevy Chase Beach Cabins - Port Townsend Gay Friendly Cabins

Port Townsend Gay Friendly Cabins On Private Beach

Welcome to Washington State’s Chevy Chase Beach Cabins.

We’re located seven miles outside of Port Townsend, on a quarter mile mile of beautiful private beach.

Our seven charming Port Townsend gay friendly cabins are part of a resort complex that’s been in operation for over one hundred years.

It’s the perfect Olympic Peninsula getaway spot for couples, families and groups of friends.

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Visiting Gay Brighton, England – The Globetrotter Guys

Visiting Gay Brighton

What to See When Visiting Gay Brighton, England

Heading to Gay Brighton (England) for the first time, we knew we were in for a treat.

When it comes to gay destinations in the UK, the iconic and vibrant seaside town of Gay Brighton easily ranks in the top 3 places for LGBTQ travellers to head to – its reputation as a gay destination precedes itself being known as the unofficial gay capital of the UK rivalling the likes of Manchester, the gay capital of the North.

This seaside resort town has a lot to offer for LGBTQ travellers and quite frankly any traveller alike. Whether you are looking to experience one of the largest Pride celebrations in the UK which hosts some seriously big names (Britney, Christina and Kylie have performed), experience the nightlife in Brighton, relax on the gay beach or simply explore the lively town, surrounding coast or picturesque countryside, Brighton has something for everyone.

Just an hour by train from London, anyone visiting the UK should definitely add Brighton to their travel list. Here is everything you might need to know.

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Visiting Florida’s Paradise Coast – 2TravelDads

Visiting Florida's Paradise Coast - 2TravelDads

Visiting Florida’s Paradise Coast With the 2TravelDads

Having been all over Florida and spent a lot of time in the Everglades and South Florida, I can say that there are so many things to do in Naples / Marco Island that it’s one of the best areas to have a family vacation. We’ve done several Florida Gulf Coast road trips and the Paradise Coast (that’s what they call Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades) is consistently fun and gorgeous.

As we share our favorite activities in Naples and Marco Island, remember that we’re traveling with kids that have a variety of interests. They give us real-time feedback when we’re playing tourist and help us decide what to share and not. They’re just as much involved in having a fun trip as us parents are, so know that what we’ve picked for fun on the Paradise Coast has both kid and adult approval.

Note: Hurricane Ian was HARD on Naples and Marco Island. Both locations suffered a lot of damage and many businesses were either destroyed or hit hard. While recovery efforts for some have been swift, others didn’t fare as well and it will take time to get back to normal, or to their new normal.

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Thailand’s Dongtan Beach in Jomtien – Gay Supertown Blog

Dongtan Beach

The recently renovated Dongtan Beach, long considered Jomtien’s “gay beach” offers all of the amenities you’ll need for a full day of fun. You can swim, eat, drink, tan yourself, have a massage, play volleyball, shop or sleep under an umbrella to the sound of crashing waves!

Hanging Out at Dongtan Beach in Jomtien

You can rent a chair and umbrella for the day for 40 to100 baht (depending on chair type). While you are there, you will be offered food & drink menu’s and your order will be delivered directly to your chair. If you would like a manicure, a pedicure or a massage, it’s all available there for your pleasure.

For those who prefer a less crowded setting, there are areas of the waterfront without chair operators where you can stretch out on your towel. And it’s not uncommon to see an energetic volleyball game on the warm sands in the afternoon or evening. 

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California Coast Road Trip From Mexico to the Oregon Border – 2TravelDads

California Coast road trip - 2TravelDads

There is nothing like a California Coast road trip. That California life is so awesome with all that nature and sunshine. What better way to experience it than by doing a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway? This Golden State itinerary begins at the northern border, but reverse this travel plan and you’ll have just as amazing of a time by starting in San Diego.

Planning Your California Coast Road Trip

These are our best ideas for a CA coastal road trip. Lots of things to do along the coastal drive including California lighthouses, hikes in state parks, beach stops along Highway 1 and even awesome foodie finds along the coast.

So you’ve just crossed the border from OR into CA on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), aka Highway 1 (and sometimes 101). Get ready because your coastal road trip is going to be totally different than what you experienced in Washington and Oregon. This itinerary visits Big Sur and Monterey as you drive from San Francisco to LA. You’ll visit the Redwoods, missions and more along the PCH.

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