A Weekend Getaway to Gay Portland – 2TravelDads

A Weekend Getaway to Gay Portland - 2TravelDads

Portland, Oregon has tons of things to do for visitors of all sorts. It’s known for being a hipster city, but it’s so much more. There is great food, lots of art, spas, parks and it’s the gateway to the Willamette Valley wine region. Gay Portland can be a home base for a week long Oregon vacation or just a weekend getaway.

These are our top picks for planning a chill and fun weekend in Portland. If you have additional recommendations or questions, leave a comment or send us a note. We’re always happy to help!

Why Choose Gay Portland for A Weekend Trip?

Have you ever been in search of the city that you really feel like could be your second home but you don’t want to go where everybody else is and yet you want to be around all kinds of awesome people but you want small/local options but you want awesome food but… Well, that’s Portland. It’s set in an incredibly beautiful area right on the Willamette River in Oregon. Depending on where you are, you’ve got a gorgeous view of Mt Hood and you’re set up for day trips to a variety of interesting places.

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Exploring Gay San Juan, Puerto Rico – 2TravelDads

Exploring Gay San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2TravelDads

After spending a few days diggin’ on the incredible nature of Puerto Rico’s east coast, we relocated to San Juan, the capital. Wow! What a city! From the historic forts and Old City to the vibrant district of Condado, visiting gay San Juan was a blast! It’s hard to pick what we enjoyed the most about exploring San Juan, so I’ll just share how we did it and what the highlights were.

On top of this city being warm and beautifully set on the Atlantic Ocean, it’s also home to one of the coolest National Park sites I’ve ever visited. I really kicked myself for not bringing the whole family with me, especially since we’ve all enjoyed St Augustine and the Castillo de San Marcos, but it’s just one of the reasons I know we’ll be returning together soon. Just see what I mean…

Visiting Gay San Juan, Puerto Rico

Whether you want to be active or just relax as you experience the city, there are LOTS of things to do and see ihere. Between the old city and forts and the nightlife on the Condado, it’s a diverse collection of sights and activities. We love to be active, so our plan for exploring the town includes a lot of outdoorsy things to do.

Cancun’s Mayan Ruins – El-Rey, Tulum and More – 2TravelDads

Cancun's Mayan Ruins - 2TravelDads

Some of the best of Cancun’s Mayan ruins are also the easiest to access. We’ve picked the best Mayan ruins to visit on the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula, basically most near Cancun, to add to a fun, interesting Caribbean Mexico vacation. These spots can either be visited as day trips or shore excursions from cruise ships.

One of the most cool and unique aspects of touring the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is the abundance of Mayan ruins. The Mayans were spread all across the Yucatan and down into Belize, Guatemala and beyond. They left behind thousands of small and large structures on the beaches and in the jungles. Having spent many days exploring the Yucatan Peninsula, these archaeological sites are some of the most fascinating things to do near Cancun.

Best of Cancun’s Mayan Ruins

Starting directly in Cancun and heading south and west, these are the best Mayan sites near Cancun to visit on your beach vacation. This list is NOT inclusive of every single ruin or archaeological site, but these are the ruins that are closest to Cancun and Tulum. These sites you can visit on your own or do a tour to Mayan sites with a local guide.

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Visiting Florida’s Paradise Coast – 2TravelDads

Visiting Florida's Paradise Coast - 2TravelDads

Visiting Florida’s Paradise Coast With the 2TravelDads

Having been all over Florida and spent a lot of time in the Everglades and South Florida, I can say that there are so many things to do in Naples / Marco Island that it’s one of the best areas to have a family vacation. We’ve done several Florida Gulf Coast road trips and the Paradise Coast (that’s what they call Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades) is consistently fun and gorgeous.

As we share our favorite activities in Naples and Marco Island, remember that we’re traveling with kids that have a variety of interests. They give us real-time feedback when we’re playing tourist and help us decide what to share and not. They’re just as much involved in having a fun trip as us parents are, so know that what we’ve picked for fun on the Paradise Coast has both kid and adult approval.

Note: Hurricane Ian was HARD on Naples and Marco Island. Both locations suffered a lot of damage and many businesses were either destroyed or hit hard. While recovery efforts for some have been swift, others didn’t fare as well and it will take time to get back to normal, or to their new normal.

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Visiting Silver Springs State Park – 2TravelDads

Silver Springs State Park - 2TravelDads

Silver Springs State Park is our favorite place to take visitors when they come to Florida. Between having the most gorgeously clear water and the most remarkable wildlife encounters, It will become your new favorite Florida State Park too. Even if you’re not normally into outdoorsy things, that atmosphere and all the things to do here will make it a place you want to return to every year.

We’ve picked our favorite things to do and have put together everything you need to know for visiting, from trails to kayaking, including how to paddle here from the Ocala National Forest.

History of Silver Springs State Park, Florida

Back in the golden age of Hollywood, Florida had a big role in shooting adventure films and underwater scenes. Silver Springs was at the heart of major motion picture production due to its extremely clear water and very deep head springs. The jungle setting also was the perfect backdrop for any number of exotic locations, but conveniently located in Florida.

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California Coast Road Trip From Mexico to the Oregon Border – 2TravelDads

California Coast road trip - 2TravelDads

There is nothing like a California Coast road trip. That California life is so awesome with all that nature and sunshine. What better way to experience it than by doing a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway? This Golden State itinerary begins at the northern border, but reverse this travel plan and you’ll have just as amazing of a time by starting in San Diego.

Planning Your California Coast Road Trip

These are our best ideas for a CA coastal road trip. Lots of things to do along the coastal drive including California lighthouses, hikes in state parks, beach stops along Highway 1 and even awesome foodie finds along the coast.

So you’ve just crossed the border from OR into CA on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), aka Highway 1 (and sometimes 101). Get ready because your coastal road trip is going to be totally different than what you experienced in Washington and Oregon. This itinerary visits Big Sur and Monterey as you drive from San Francisco to LA. You’ll visit the Redwoods, missions and more along the PCH.

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Outdoors in Phoenix for Gay Families – 2TravelDads

Phoenix for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

Are you looking for fun outdoor things to do around Phoenix for gay families? Don’t worry! This wonderful city, also commonly known as the Valley of the Sun, will never make your to-do lists dry with its exciting outdoor activities and distinctive destinations. We’ve been several times and love the combination of hot sun and fun things to do.

This Arizona desert mecca draws visitors from around the USA with its collection of scenic landscapes and world-class tourist activities. With lots of nature parks, restaurants, and even lakes around Phoenix, Arizona, you won’t run out of things to do to enjoy your sunny escape.

Outdoors in Phoenix for Gay Families – Boating

Although the area is known for its sunny climate and deserts, it also has its share of sparkling lakes that are great for a change of scenery and a boating experience. Some of the best tourist destinations for this outdoor activity are Lake Pleasant, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, Roosevelt Lake, and Bartlett Lake.

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Visiting Cabrillo National Monument – 2TravelDads

Cabrillo National Monument - 2TravelDads

San Diego, California is such a popular west coast destination. We all love to head to SoCal for the nearly guaranteed sunshine and beaches where you can actually swim. And the coastal vibe is so different, with bare feet everywhere and flowers blooming on the bluffs year round. Cabrillo National Monument is a great place to experience that great SoCal feeling.

Cabrillo National Monument is part of the National Parks system and it’s perfectly located for an awesome afternoon during a San Diego visit. Planning a day out at Cabrillo includes everything from lighthouses to tide pools, picnics to National Park Passport stamps. Yep, our family has favorite activities and Southern California is the perfect spot to do all of them!

Where is Cabrillo National Monument

A lot of people visiting San Diego are going to be playing tourist in the Gaslamp District or being fancy and lounging on Coronado Island, but there’s so much more to San Diego. The beach neighborhoods are awesome! Starting at the north is La Jolla (it’s own city) with its cove full of seals, then working the way down is Hermosa and the bluffs, and then it’s the beaches!

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Northern Florida for Gay Families – 2TravelDads

Northern Florida for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

There are so many great things to do on a Northern Florida vacation, from Jacksonville to Daytona Beach and inland! We love to explore this state, not just because of its sunshine, but because of its beautiful nature, fascinating history, and cool cultural finds. Living here means that we get lots of visitors, so this is the road trip plan we give them when they visit us and want to have fun in North Florida.

From tip to tip, the state has some wonderful places for family travel just perfect for exploring seeing a different side of the state, but the coast is really a gem. This vacation plan is ideal for a balance of seeing the sights and getting plenty of time to relax on the beach.

How to Get to Northern Florida

To begin this awesome vacation, fly into Daytona Beach or Jacksonville airports, pick up your rental car and use either of these cities as a starting point for your North Florida trip. When you book your rental car remember that you can always return it to a different location, but you’ll usually save money by returned your rental vehicle to the original location.

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Best Things to Do in Lake Chelan – 2TravelDads

Best Things to Do in Lake Chelan - 2TravelDads

Lake Chelan is decidedly the most family friendly wine destination in Washington. I’ve decided this after visiting Woodinville, Yakima, the Olympic Peninsula and the Tri-Cities. There are lots of things to do here that aren’t wine related, and plenty to keep you having fun or relaxing in any season.

Very near Leavenworth, Washington, this recreation area is a great weekend trip or you can spend a whole week exploring the lake, hills and canyons around the area. It’s also great for hiking and seeing a completely different side of Washington State. This is the place where playing in the outdoors meets enjoying agritourism in the sunshine.

Best Things To Do at Lake Chelan

Okay, you ready for a great collection of things to do in any season? Having visited in summer, fall, and winter, I’m confident you’ll be able to create a really fun, interesting trip the whole family can enjoy. We’re breaking this down by activity type, whether it be out in nature, family friendly wine tasting or getting onto the water, you’ll be able to pick and choose great activities all around the Lake Chelan area.

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