Lady Africa Bush Lodge

Lady Africa Bush Lodge


47, Sterkrivier, Limpopo, 630, South Africa
Contact(s): Lizelle
Phone: +27 15 4530713
Cell: +27 83 5560655

Lesbian Owned Lodge - 12 rental units
Bisexual, Gay Men, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender

PR Discount: None
General Discount: None
Agent Commission: None

Lesbian Owned [moobdir_type value_only='yes'] in Sterkrivier, Limpopo, South Africa - Lady Africa Bush Lodge
Luxury Tents in the Sterkrivier Valley:

Lady Africa Bush Lodge is a lodge located in the Sterkrivier valley between the beautiful Waterberge. The Lodge consists of 4 luxury tents equipped with all modern facilities and small luxuries to ensure a comfortable stay. Each tent has its own swimming pool for those warm summer days, and extremely convenient kitchen facilities

Payment: Cash

Amenities Private Bath * Disability: No Access * No Internet Access * Nonsmoking Rooms Available * Mountaintop, Pond views * No Food included * No Children * No Pets

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