Search Tips

The information here is intended to help you use the Purple Roofs search function effectively. Please let us know if you have any suggestions/additions!

Here are a few tips to help you get more out of it:

The search box is a great way to find groups of listings that you can’t find via the maps or DESTINATIONS options. This field is set up to find records with every keyword used, to help you narrow down your search. gay b&b beach will only find listings that have all three of these words in the listing.

To narrow down a search for a phrase (like Santa Fe, or gay owned), put double quotes around it: “Santa Fe” or “Gay Owned” or “Lesbian Owned” etc. This will cause the search script to look for exactly that phrase, and to ignore listings with both search words in separate parts of the listing.

Results will be listed in Country, State, City order, Within city, listings that have a full page or picture on the Purple Roofs site are listed first.

When searching for a city, it is a good idea to also include the state or country to screen out other places with the same city/place name. For instance, searching New Dehli, India will screen out places in Indiana (which also contains the word india).

If you encounter any problems with the search function, please email us at [email protected].