What They’re Saying About Purple Roofs

From Travelers

“I am making the time this morning to express my gratitude and appreciation for providing the LGBT community with your wonderful resource, Purple Roofs. My hat goes off to you guys for your dedication and stick-to-itiveness! I hope your business is thriving in this tight economy that is affecting us in many ways.” –Will & Jim, travelers

“Anytime I travel to a new city, especially one that I’m unfamiliar with, I always use the resources available at PurpleRoofs.com… With every place I find and stay through PurpleRoofs.com I not only find new friends with the owners, but the other guests who stay as well. I have countless connections with others that stay at the places featured through PurpleRoofs, and I make it a point to share with my fellow GLBT travelers about checking purpleroofs FIRST… I am still traveling and exploring the world, and at some point my partner and I actually want to plan living and being outside of this country. I, of course will use PurpleRoofs.com to help us find the resources we need, and I pledge to continue to speak well and highly of the service Purple Roofs provides.” –Troy, traveler

“We just want to say we ALWAYS use your site to secure places to stay during our getaways/vacations…We just came back from Newport, RI and had a wonderful stay at Victorian Ladies. Our next vacation stop is The Andrew Inn, in Key West. We are sure it will also meet our every wish.” –Burt & Jayson, traveler

“PR is a great service. I have been using it extensively the past two months. I am a great fan of yours and intend to spread the word of your service at every opportunity.” –Fred, traveler

“Keep up the good work. Not only have you been a reliable and ongoing resource for me and my partner, we continue to refer your site to everyone we know, gay/lesbian/straight/& other! Many people have ended up thanking us for you..” –Thom, traveler

“…I am not lying when I say how often I’ve mentioned you to people. I travel A LOT, and when I end up in a gay place not listed with you, I always tell them about Purple Roofs. Your web page is bookmarked and on the top of my screen. It’s the FIRST place I check whenever I am planning any trip anywhere. Great service — glad I discovered you some years ago..” –Tim, traveler

“I luv getting the Purple Roofs emails regularly… I feel I can trust the listings on their site – and I get the sense that a liting on the site adds a huge amount to their credibility.” –Javeed, traveler

“Great resource that I have used many times. I tell friends, too, as it’s valuable for all of us!!!” –John, traveler

“I appreciate Purple Roofs so much. My partner and I just had a committment ceremony and were able to plan the most awesome honeymoon on Maui. Thanks.” –Kate, traveler

“When traveling, we make every effort to use Purple Roofs as our primary resource. We have had nothing but superb experiences not only in the States but in Europe. We applaud you!! We travelled to Maui in July and made plans to visit again in January 2006. Unfortunately, there were no vacancies at the Pineapple Inn in Kihei where we had stayed in July. We found [another property] on your website and made reservations… It was necessary to move rooms the last 3 days of our trip. The proprietors knew there were 3 of us but the second room did not even have sufficient floor space for a Hawaiian futon. We could not move about nor could we even open our luggage. It is evident that Purple Roofs supply many businesses with a large percentage of their clientele and is relied upon to make their establishments a success. When we mentioned that we intended to contact Purple Roofs regarding the issues that arose, we were set up in a beautiful condo on the golf course. Thanks for being there for those of us who travel frequently!” –Pam, traveler

“We appreciate Purple Roofs for it’s information and services; it cuts our prep work in half or more for finding gay/queer-owned travel options.” –Julia, traveler

“We have loved and used your site for the last couple of years, and have been happy with all our selections. We have recommended this site to many people.” –David, traveler

“I never knew that such a group exsisted. As a gay college male I am really excited that I found this place. I plan on using it to book my spring break travel in New Orleans this year. Thanks!” –Josh, traveler

“I have been an avid fan of Purpleroofs.com for about 3 years now. My partner and I have used your site to find accommodations in DC, MD, VA, LA, VT, and more. We have found so many wonderful places and always tell the proprietor where we saw their listing. We love the efficiency of finding quaint, privately owned B&B’s that are gay owned or friendly all on one site… Thanks for a great site!” –Paula, traveler

“Have stayed at great places from Santa Fe to Sydney using Purple Roofs!” –Lindy, traveler

“I use your site for all of my travels. It and you are great. Keep up the great work.” –Roger, traveler

“Keep up the great work! It’s very helpful as my partner and I found the perfect honeymoon location through your website!” –Tammy, traveler

“Purple Roofs has the best web site for gay and lesbian travel. I always go to their site when choosing a good hotel to stay at.” –Joe, traveler

“It’s wonderful to find a site for our traveling/lodging needs. It is awesome to find, a site that is for all rainbow members (lol). I’m glad we found your site.” –Sheri, traveler

“I have used purple roofs for lodging information a number of times. I have found it to be very helpful in finding a gay friendly environment which makes vacations much more relaxing and enjoyable.” –Donna, traveler

“I’ve stayed at 4 places that I’ve found through Purple Roofs. ALWAYS A HIT — NEVER A MISS !!!” –Troy, traveler

“We love the Purple Roofs website. This how we have found vacation locations in P-town. Have recommended your site to many of our friends. Thanks” –Karen, traveler

“Just wanted to let you know just how much I appreciate your website. I have booked several properties through it for Mexico and Canada and was very pleased with the properties. Kepp up the great work!!!” –Andre, traveler

“My partner and I have used Purple Roofs often and have been consistently rewarded in our travel by your resources! keep up the good work!” –Thomas, traveler

“I just want you to know how grateful I am for this service. I use it every time my partner [and I] want to go anywhere on vacation. It’s important for me to have a place where I know we will be relatively free from harrassment (though we’ve never had any problems as my partner is somewhat intimidating!!! Thank you for Purple Roofs!!!!!” –Scott, traveler

“I am very glad to find this site!! my partner and I are planning a wedding for next year sometime and have struggled to find services for the LGBT community. Thanks and keep it up.” –Connie, traveler

“Just discovered your website and I LOVE it! Great info and hopefully I’ll be using your site to book travel for New Years!” –Scott, traveler

“Purple Roofs is a wonderful service to the community. We utilize it everytime we travel.” –Norman, a traveler

“I appreciate the simple, straight-forward layout. It makes things incredibly easy (unlike the more “corporate” sites).” –Benjamin, a traveler

“I love, love, love what this site has done for me!!! I travel lots and it is great to find that I have family members everywhere I go. Thanks.” –Debye, a traveler

“Hello, Purple Roofs!!! You guys and gals totally rock! I’ve found many great accommodations through you in the US, and now during my stay in England as well.” –Sabrina, a traveler

“Love the site/service…lookin better all the time. I can find reliable, up-to-date gay-oriented lodging info. in the specific neighborhoods that I have interest in. Thank you.” –Chuck, a traveler

“Excellent website. Easy to navigate. Excellant resource for locating gay accomodations.” –J. Koon, a traveler

“We have been using Purple Roofs to book all our hooneymoon lodgings! We’re staying at Purpleroofs locations in Prague, Zakynthos, and Taromina. I love this site! thanks” –Erin & Melissa, travelers

“Just wanted to send a quick note to let you know that you have a great site! Have used it often over the last couple of years and have been recommending it to friends and family! So far I have not been disappointed in one property that I have stayed in, and been very impressed by most all of them.” –Blaine, a traveler

“Purple Roofs is one of the best queer travel resources on the web!” –Mel, Lesbian.com

“Used your web site prior and LOVED IT! Always tell friends about it.” –Joe, a traveler

“Love the site!! It’s an amazing feeling to have such great support and love from places like these! I’ve never had the chance to enjoy any of them – yet . . . but, it’s great to know they’re there for us!” –Rachel, a traveler

“What a fantastic, terrific resource! Keep it up!!!” –Kassie, a traveler

“Great site! My partner and I have been using it for a while now. I used to pick a destination, then look for a place to stay on Purple Roofs. Now we look for interesting inns on the site and the destination is picked for us!” –Mark, a traveler

“Great web site. Very helpful with finding good, clean and attractive accomodations at reasonable prices. thank you.” –Rob, a traveler

“I love your site! I 100% rely on it for travel. Thanks!” –Stacey, a traveler

“Just a quick note to say, what a fantastic site you guys have put together. Been using it for a year and every last place I’ve stayed has been fantastic! It’s amazing told everyone I know about it…” –Nigel, a traveler

“Appreciate and respect your website – check it at regular intervals to see what’s new and what’s happening in purple travel around the world – a wonderful travel aid – thanks again.” –Davida, a traveler

“I love your site – I have used it to book many trips and plan to find B&B’s here in the future. Thanks for catering to LGBT travelers, you provide a fantastic service.” –Alexa, a traveler

“This web site has been the best that I found for finding great places to stay. This past year we have been to Vermont, Virginia, Charleston SC, Savannah GA,Lexington KY, Louisville KY, West Virginia, Marietta OH and I just made reservations in Saratoga Springs NY. So far every place has been excellent. Please thank everyone.” –Gregory, a traveler

“I am so glad to see a website like yours. Congratulations! It is nice to have travel information targeted directly to men like us. Oftern on my bi-monthly trips to Turkey, I stop and take advantage of a layover in a country I’ve not explored before–and, now I have more resources than ever. Thanks again.” –Steven, a traveler

“My wife Barbara and I found your site and found it to be wonderful !!! It is by far the best out there for the Gay and Lesbian Traveler. We will be using for all our Travel needs in the future :)” –Kaylynn, a traveler

“I love your site! I come here quite often to check out great places to stay when my husband and I travel. It’s so great to have a site like yours out there for the gay community. I’ve tried many other sites in the past, but none have the amount of listings you have. Keep it up!” –Chris, a traveler

“I found Purple Roofs about a year ago and have used it faithfully ever since. I always find the best places to stay at great rates, but most of all, the innkeepers are always friendly and helpful. I cannot reccomend PurpleRoofs enough…and please be assured that I ALWAYS do, to everyone I know! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! And by the way, THANKS SO MUCH for keeping the site free! It’s a godsend!! Oh, and did I mention that the website design and the user interface are not only pleasing to the palate, but easy and helpful to boot? Don’t know why you guys haven’t won a “Webby” (and if you have, please disregard that last statement)….Thanks again for such a great site!” –Phil, a traveler

“This is the best organized site I’ve found so far for looking up gay friendly places to stay. Thank you!” –Gretchen, a traveler

“We are having great fun hunting around on Purple Roofs. We are leaving for Phoenix, Sedona, Albuquerque and Colorado Springs this Friday. I am making notes to take along to call as we go. I’ve never seen a site that I’ve enjoyed so much.” –Tricia, a traveler

“I have spent many hours trying to find some information on gay/friendly accommodations in Charleston, SC. I searched all over the web (Planetout, Gaywired, etc) and could find nothing as quick and easy to use as your site. Thanks!” –Kevin, Freelance Writer

“Thanks for sending us your fabulous looking newsletter! We are printing every issue out and placing them in our publications collection for future reference, for anyone who needs to know the best places to go in the US and elsewhere. Keep up the good work and good luck to you!” –David, Kentucky Gay & Lesbian Library and Archives Resource Center

“Superb reviews and information. All this does is whet my appetite for travel. Thanks.” –Patricia, Ann Arbor, MI

“We really treasure your function as information clearinghouse, it’s provided us with so many possibilities that otherwise we might not have found. Keep up the good work..!” –A traveler

“Love your website and have stayed in several of the B&B’s listed and haven’t been disappointed once. Keep up the good work and thanks for a much-needed website.” –Carlos, a traveler

“While planning our recent trip to Hawaii, it was suggested I check out your site while searching for other Gay B&Bs to stay at on our trip around the Big Island. Through PURPLE ROOFS, we found Punahele and Kelly at E Walea by the Sea. We had a great trip!!!!!” –Andrew, Idyllwild, CA

“I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!!!!!!!!! It is about time someone came up with a site like yours! You guys are wonderful, and we will be sure to tell you where we end up going this weekend!!!!!!!!! Thanks again, and I’ve already made it a part of my favorite places, and sent the link to a bunch of friends!!!!!” –Joe, a traveler

“Hey, thanks to whomever put together the Purple Roofs….it’s really a wonderful resource. One of my Jr. High students found it for me!!” –Ingrid, a traveler

From Innkeepers:

“Thanks for what you do. 80% of our guests come from the Purple Roofs listing.” –Zeeb & Sabine, Clear Creek B&B, Brattleboro, VT

“Dear Scott & Mark, Greetings from Canyon House, the only exclusively gay hotel in San Jose, Costa Rica! We just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with our listing with you and thank you for your great website. Keep up the good work and once again, thank you very much!” –Herolf & Chris, Canyon House, Costa Rica

“Dear Mark & Scott:I have been very impressed with your site. We have received a lot of book[ing]s from the site. I have told a couple of other B & B owners about your site. Thank-You and keep up the good work.” –John, Angeles de Merida B&B, Merida, Yucatan, Mexico

“We have been very very pleased with Purple Roofs. At this point over 80% of our guests write Purple Roofs on their registration card in response to the question “Where did you hear about the Beach Place?” –Joff, Beach Place B&B, San Diego, CA

“I do want to let you know we are getting more reservations off your site than any other site. Thank you .” –Richard, Stone Gables B&B, Cleveland, OH

“Purple Roofs worked for us, producing a couple of dozen high-quality guests to our Hebridean private hotel just from a basic listing. We’ve now moved from Scotland to Yorkshire and once our renovations are completed we will be up-grading our entry. It’s a thoroughly professional way of reaching the gay/lesbian/bi community.” –Rodney, Jackie, & Sarah Collins, Radcliffe Guest House, England

“Most of the people that visit us are straight, but 4 out of 5 gay couples that visit us are from purple roofs. We appreciate all that your site provides.” –Lorraine, Night Heron Cottage B&B, Eastham, MA

“Our Purple Roofs guests have been a joy and we’re expecting two delightful women from California to get married here in the fall. From a purely business perspective your site is a great investment; from a personal perspective we get great guests we can relate to and enjoy.” –Peter & Joyce, Earle Clarke House B&B, Victoria, BC, Canada

“Given that this is Nicaragua I’m pleased that about 10 people have come because of the ad placed with you. This is rather untargeted and rural for gays and I’m pleasantly surprised. Also, search engines come up with your [Expanded Listing] ad first so I’m told that means you are doing an excellent, excellent job on the internet. I can’t believe you did all that so quickly. Kudos. I wish I had people that counted to tell how impressed I am.” –Chris, Piedras y Olas, Nicaragua

“I love the connections I’ve received from you thus far…two reservations and both very friendly. Nine “click through” in a couple of months means a lot to me in a slow season… Keep up the good work!!” –Dave, Kingsley House, MI

“Just wanted to take a minute to thank you guys. Of all the sites we advertise with, you guys are the best. You make it so easy to manage our advertising and I really appreciate that.” –Cathy, Hale Kua, HI

“From day one, PR has been by far the best exposure we’ve had. Within 24 hours of our listing being online, we received reservations! That is awesome, and I’d be glad to let potential advertisers know how effective your site is. Thanks again for everything.” –Jack, Hotel del Mar, Costa Rica

“We have had a great response to your website from all over the world!” –Turret House, CA

“If it weren’t for purple roofs I would never have been reunited with an old friend from Barcelona. We met when I was 19 (21 years ago) and have not heard from one another since. He found my inn on purpleroofs and he and his partner ended up booking for a week. He had no idea coming in that I was in anyway connected to the establishment. A small world indeed!!!” –Fergus, Country Inn The CIty, NY

“Your efforts are an invaluable service to our business.” –Sam & Gayle, Pleasant Valley farms B&B, Slatyfork, WV

“Thanks again for your help, and for having such an awesome site that generates great business and fun guests for us!” –Lorin, Inn at Quail Run, VT

“I’m very satisfied with the result of my [Expanded Listing] ad with you: the majority of our American guests found us because of it! Good job!” –Daniela P. Saguinetti, B&B Bologna, Italy

“Guys! – You do a GREAT job and have a FABULOUS website! I am gay (way gay!) and our two owners are very gay friendly. We all want to congratulate you and commend you. GREAT work!” –Nicholas Franklin, Creole Gardens, New Orleans, LA

“You’ll be happy to know that I’ve had more successful bookings through Purple Roofs than any other source on the internet including AAA… I don’t expect you’ll be out this way anytime soon, but when you feel like a relaxing getaway in God’s Country, give us a call.” –Jay Remer, Windsor House, St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada

“Expanded listing looks FANTASTIC! It gives a lot more information than many other sites that we are advertising on. I am very pleased! Thanks!” –Jennifer, Getaway Cabins, South Bloomingville, OH

“Our gay and lesbian clientele increased by 25% this past year. I would say the majority of that came as a result of Purple Roofs. Thank you for continuing to help make us successful!” –David & Paul, Salt Ash Inn, Plymouth, VT

“I just can’t believe how many people actually look at and use Pucple Roofs.com. All of our gay clients are using this site and we have had great results and beautiful guests through this site. Thanks for all the efforts and marketing!” –Jerry & Rich, Inn at Bowman, Randolph, NH

“Dear Purple Roof Guys: I am very happy and impressed with my presence on your web site….awesome….it is a great seb site….that’s all there is to it….proud to be a part of it… ” –Donna Little, Quaker Tavern B&B, Falmouth, ME

“Dear Scott & Mark, We have only been open for two months, and have only had about ten guests so far, but the best couple we have had by far are the first guests we had refered to us from your site. They just left and I miss ’em already. Thanks so much for offering this service to all of us. You guys are doing something great! I was lucky these two gals from San Diego chose us. Being our first lesbian guests, they guided us as to how to make them feel welcomed, and I was able to find them places to go here in town, aside from the regular tourist stuff, like clubs for music and dancing that catered to gays and lesbians. Now I have a list….Thanks again for being there.” –Sarah Dolk, Adobe Nido B&B, Albuquerque, NM

“Thanks a million. Our listing with you (this first two months!) has generated lots of inquiries from good people from Atlanta to DC to NYC, as well as 5 bookings. And we’re not even open yet! We’re really impressed with your service and the site; keep up the great work!” –Ned & Steve – Sterling House B&B, Cape Charles, VA

“…you have a great site. I am always on the look out for good internet advertising and found you last year. I was the first B&B to list with you on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Your site is easy to navigate and has a great amount of information available for each establishment, both are so important to potential guests. I have received at least 6 bookings through you for this summer and I suspect there are others that did not mention you when the booked with me. Keep up the good work.” –Maryah – Bagnall’s Heritage Inn B&B, Prince Edward Island, Canada

“Just wanted to let you know, that of all the gay web sites we advertise on; we get the best results from yours. Keep up the good work and thank you.” –Jesse – Green House Inn, New Orleans, Louisiana

“We wanted to take just a moment to tell you how really pleased we are with your website and our link. To date we have booked eight gay reservations directly from your site. Not bad for our first month in business (smile). Our first guest indicated that you were their first choice for sccommodations and that they were thoroughly pleased with all of the places they stayed at… especially ours!” –Tom & Bobbie – Alaskan Leopard B&B, Anchorage, AK

“I wanted to thank you, because we recently had two wonderful young men from the St. Louis area come all the way out here (150 miles) because we were on your site! They were great guests, and they wrote in my guest book that they “felt welcome from the second they came in the door!” I felt proud and happy.” –Elizabeth – Clifton Lodge, Moberly, MO

“Thanks for VERY fast work… I have never experienced that kinda fast service!” –Klavs – Copenhagen Rainbow B&B, Copenhagen, Denmark

“Congratulations on your hundred-thousandth visitor… keep up the great work.” –Robert – Travel Inn Hotel, New York, NY

“I would like to thank you for the care that you have taken to place our ad on your site. I have showed it to my husband and son and they are very pleased with its appearance and substance. Thank you again for offering this service to anyone who has the foresight to get onboard!” –Peggy – William & Garland Motel and Realty, Salter Path, NC

“Both of my new Expanded Listings look really good. Margaret, the owner of both properties is very happy with the results. Please understand the reason for our excitment. We have tried to get things like this done and we have normally come across a very long wait for a tremendous amount of money, and then we don’t even like the out come, so again thank you for all your work.” –Ruth – Casa Tres Vidas & Quinta Maria Cortez, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

“I thought you might like some feedback from a newly listed inn. After only ONE week featured on your site – I have my first reservations… this must be the fastest results I’ve had on all the 50-some webpages I am on. Thank you!” –Lois Hoover, Su Casa B&B, Kansas City, MO

“Business is booming and most of it is coming through Purple Roofs!!” –Joan & Judy, Frog Hollow, Canadensis, PA

“You guys are great! Possibly the best customer service on the web. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.” –Maria – Private Sedona Chalet, Sedona, Arizona

“Thanks for the super design. This is the best advertising deal on the internet, without a doubt ” –Lorin, Inn at Quail Run, Wilmington, Vermont

“Guests that have been here now that we are gay and lesbian-friendly. Occasionally, we get a call from a potential guest that doesn’t know what our stance is but is calling to inquire. It’s one thing for me to respond to such inquiries with “Absolutely! Some of our best guests are gay and lesbian — we do not discriminate against anyone for any reason — we only ask that all of our guests respect and accept each other.” Although those words are true in every sense, I can understand that the inquirer might be skeptical. However, now when I am asked if we are gay and lesbian-friendly I am delighted to say “Yes — and have you seen our listing at https://www.purpleroofs.com, a website that promotes places that are gay & lesbian friendly? I have found that you have helped give me credibility! –so, not only can you help drive business to me, but you can help me “close” on the inquiries I get!” –Stephanie DiBelardino, B&B at the Page House Inn, Norfolk, VA

“The response to our listing has been immediate. We hope the interest continues to grow.” –Carol & Randy, The Brooks Street Inn B&B, Taos, New Mexico

“Thanks so much for the great new listing…. we are impressed! We appreciate the opportunity for us to be on your site!! Thanks again. Come and visit us when in Florida.” –Gail & David, Turtle Beach Resort, Siesta Key, Florida

“You folks are sooooo efficient! Your attention to prompt updates is impressive.” –Jim, Calhoun House, Charleston, SC

“I just looked at my website!! It’s great! Thanks so much for your help.” –Joan, Joan’s Place, Chapel Hill, NC

“LOVED IT LOVED IT, IT’s GREAT… I’m really impressed, the page is really attractive and fun. Great Job.” –Lyssa, Mountain Laurel B&B, Fairview, NC

“Thanks a lot for your continued support of the gay/lesbian community.” –Terry, Boca Ciega B&B, St. Petersburg, FL

“Have to tell you that 3 days after we were on your listing we received our first call.” –Dawn, Inn At South Newfane, South Newfane, VT

“Your site has generated a surprising number of inquiries.” –Dean & Lamar, Riggs Place, Washington DC

“I am so psyched to let you guys know that we are hosting our first Civil Union Ceremony…they found our inn through PurpleRoofs.com and I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for maintaining such a cool site that is already bringing me business!!” –Lorin, Inn at Quail Run, Wilmington, VT

“Thank YOU for the quick response. If only all internet sites were as well designed and managed as yours. Best of luck with Purple Roofs.” –Dave, Seaview Inn, Manhattan Beach, CA

“This has been the most helpful site for innkeepers that I have found.” –Elizabeth Clifton & Robert Wiseman, Clifton Lodge, Moberly, MO

“Purple Roofs” is a good source of business… with the best kind of guests a B&B could have!!!” –Vic, Greenfield Inn, Greenfield, NH

“Just to let you know I have gotten a number of people from your web site. One gentleman guest emailed me telling me how wonderful my B&B is. Thank you for your lovely site which enables folks to know where they can go for lodging and be comfortable.” –Diane, Augusta House, Barrington, MA

From Travel Agents:

“I think this website is the ultra convenient and informative way to help my gay clientele really feel comfortable by being able to see and check out most of th eplaces before making that decision which in return allows me to close the sale!” –Tim Marchetti, Travel Agent, Providence, RI

“You have a wonderful website. Its great to have your support for us here travel agents. I know I certainly appreciate it. Thanks so much and continued success!” –Desiree Sousa, Out & About Travel Agency, Providence, RI