Claim Your Listing

Have a Listing With Us Already?

If you were listed with us on our old site and want to claim/edit your listing on this new version, please go to our “Login” page. Your user name should be your property/company name as it appears on the site, all lowercase, with no spaces. Ie:

The Redwood Inn > theredwoodinn

If your company has B&B/Bed & Breakfast in the name, it has been converted to bb:

Johnson Inn B&B > johnsoninnbb

You can also use your email address from your listing as your user name.

Once you enter your user name, you will be prompted to add a password and confirm it via email. If you have any trouble logging in, please contact us at – we can reset your password for you and check what your actual user name is.

After setting your password, go to “Your Listings” and click on the edit link to submit your change request. Note: we are still a human-edited directory, so we verify all changes before making them live on the site.

Contact Us

If you need to contact us, you can email us at

For more urgent queries, you can also contact Scott via Facebook messenger here. Just let him know you are a Purple Roofs client, what your company name is, and the issue.