As You Like It Safaris Ltd.

As You Like It Safaris Ltd.


3279 Seven Springs Dr, Sandy, Utah, 84092, USA
Contact(s): Vivien Prince
Phone: 1 702 343-3776

Gay Friendly Tour Operator
Bisexual, Gay Men, Lesbian, Straight

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Gay Friendly [moobdir_type value_only='yes'] in Sandy, Utah, USA - As You Like It Safaris Ltd.
Personalized Wildlife Safaris:

Personalized, custom-made, photographic, wildlife safaris in East and Southern Africa. We are different, with our attention to detail, making it possible, and making it happen. We will work with you until your itinerary is just "As You Like It," and the budget fits.


Other Info Accessible Travel, Corporate Travel, Student Travel * Affiliations: KATO, KTF * Destinations: Kenya, Africa * Services Offered: Guided Tours, Lodging Reservations, Vacation Planning

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