California Coast Road Trip From Mexico to the Oregon Border – 2TravelDads

California Coast road trip - 2TravelDads

There is nothing like a California Coast road trip. That California life is so awesome with all that nature and sunshine. What better way to experience it than by doing a road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway? This Golden State itinerary begins at the northern border, but reverse this travel plan and you’ll have just as amazing of a time by starting in San Diego.

Planning Your California Coast Road Trip

These are our best ideas for a CA coastal road trip. Lots of things to do along the coastal drive including California lighthouses, hikes in state parks, beach stops along Highway 1 and even awesome foodie finds along the coast.

So you’ve just crossed the border from OR into CA on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), aka Highway 1 (and sometimes 101). Get ready because your coastal road trip is going to be totally different than what you experienced in Washington and Oregon. This itinerary visits Big Sur and Monterey as you drive from San Francisco to LA. You’ll visit the Redwoods, missions and more along the PCH.

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Visiting Cabrillo National Monument – 2TravelDads

Cabrillo National Monument - 2TravelDads

San Diego, California is such a popular west coast destination. We all love to head to SoCal for the nearly guaranteed sunshine and beaches where you can actually swim. And the coastal vibe is so different, with bare feet everywhere and flowers blooming on the bluffs year round. Cabrillo National Monument is a great place to experience that great SoCal feeling.

Cabrillo National Monument is part of the National Parks system and it’s perfectly located for an awesome afternoon during a San Diego visit. Planning a day out at Cabrillo includes everything from lighthouses to tide pools, picnics to National Park Passport stamps. Yep, our family has favorite activities and Southern California is the perfect spot to do all of them!

Where is Cabrillo National Monument

A lot of people visiting San Diego are going to be playing tourist in the Gaslamp District or being fancy and lounging on Coronado Island, but there’s so much more to San Diego. The beach neighborhoods are awesome! Starting at the north is La Jolla (it’s own city) with its cove full of seals, then working the way down is Hermosa and the bluffs, and then it’s the beaches!

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Best Isle of Man Beaches – Our Taste for Life

Best Isle of Man Beaches - Our Taste for Life

You’re never too far from a beach in the Isle of Man. From the popular tourist haunts to the secret little coves, I know them all. And in this article, I’ll be sharing 15 of the best Isle of Man beaches so that you can check them out for yourself.

Finding the Isle of Man Beaches

One of my favourite things about living here is the endless glorious beaches. Rain or shine, a stroll on the beach is my all-time favourite way to clear the head. So there aren’t many days that you won’t find me on one coastal walk or another with our little pup Ronnie.

We are incredibly fortunate when it comes to our local beaches. Compared to other UK beach destinations such as Bournemouth or Cornwall, you could say that the Isle of Man beaches are almost secluded. Even during our busiest months of the year, it’s easy to find a spot all to yourself.

Not only that, most of them are utterly pristine. By that, I mean little to no rubbish and sparkling blue water that invites you to dive in every time you look at it. Not to mention the diverse jaw-dropping surroundings that make each of the Isle of Man beaches unique and exciting.

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Lesbian Miami: Bars, Clubs, Events & More – Once Upon a Journey

Lesbian Miami - Once Upon a Journey

No matter if you are a SoFL local, it’s your first time visiting this beach town, or it’s your tenth time in this amazing city: this queer and lesbian Miami guide is for you! 

We share everything about top queer-friendly things to do in this city: bars, clubs, events, hotels, and more. So you know exactly where to go. 

Miami is one of the gayest cities in the United States and has a lot to offer. From beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, great parties, to cultural highlights, delicious food, and a vibrant LGBTQ+ community. There’s truly something for everyone here.

Visiting Lesbian Miami

Yes, this city is famous for its amazing parties, and there are definitely some great parties for us queer women in Miami. The lesbian party Aqua Girl, for example, is one of the biggest lesbian parties in the world!

But, there are also many cultural things to do in this vibrant Southern Florida town. We absolutely love exploring the buzzing local art scene. And we will tell you all about it. Enjoy this amazing city!

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Gay Playa del Carmen, Mexico – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Playa del Carmen, Mexico - The Nomadic Boys

We share our best travel tips in this complete guide to the gorgeous gay Playa Del Carmen: practical safety tips, where to stay, go out, party and tan! The men are hot. The drinks are bottomless. The beaches are never-ending. The weather is gorgeous. There aren’t enough nice things to say about Playa Del Carmen.

Visiting Gay Playa del Carmen

As a sassy Frenchman and a Greek guy, we like to see ourselves as quite a fiery duo. Yet on our first trip to Mexico years ago, we quickly realized we were nowhere near as vivacious as we aspired to be. We went from feeling like a spicey paella to a chicken stew very quickly. Yet the more we visit, the more the spirit of the nation takes hold.

Playa del Carmen is a gorgeous little nest in the wider fabulously gay Riviera Maya that embraces its visitors and thrusts them into the high energy, passionate, and wildly invigorating atmosphere. The parties are some of the most outrageous we’ve ever seen, with loud music, extravagant performances, and a free-spirited crowd.

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Gay Koh Adang, Thailand – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Koh Adang, Thailand - The Nomadic Boys

Whilst gay Koh Adang has nothing to do with Alex Garland’s famous novel-turned-film, it sure feels like it when you get here. Adang is totally unspoiled and untouched by mass tourism. Facilities are scarce, so very few people venture here, making it feel secluded and peaceful.

Koh Adang is one of the largest islands of the Adang Archipelago, which forms part of the Koh Tarutao National Marine Park. It sits just opposite the more developed and touristic Koh Lipe – connected by a short 10-minute tail boat ride.

Visiting Gay Koh Adang

Despite the proximity to the crowds on Lipe, Adang remains a quiet slice of paradise, which is what makes it so ideal. We love to head to Koh Lipe for the beach parties, crowds, and good restaurants, then hop over to Adang to get away from it all!

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Beaches in Lesbian Milos, Greece – Our Taste for Life

Lesbian Milos - Our Taste for Life

Milos is a small volcanic island of about 160 square kilometers (61 square miles). As it’s such a small island, you can reach most of these Milos beaches within 15 minutes from Adamantas (where the ferry arrives). 

And there are many paved roads on the island! But it’s also good to know there are quite some dirt roads. Especially if you want to go to the southwest side of the island, you need a 4×4 vehicle to do so (ATVs or 2×2 vehicles are not allowed). 

Without further ado, enjoy these 21 best beaches in lesbian Milos! At the end of the list, we share an island beaches map, so you know where to find all beaches.

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Gay Riviera Maya – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Riviera Maya - The Nomadic Boys

We once thought of this place as our little secret. Never too crowded, never too raucous. Always pleasant and serene. Luckily, even as more and more people discover it, the gay Riviera Maya is still holding onto that soft charm that made us fall in love in the first place. 

Exploring the Gay Riviera Maya

The gay scene may be tamer than Cancun, but its presence is still felt, especially in Playa del Carmen. If you go at the right time of year you’ll find colorful parties, in particular, the Mayan Xcapade on Labor Day Weekend in early September!

Beyond the gay nightlife, the beaches of the Riviera Maya are simply divine – one of the many reasons why we were drawn here initially. The white sands, still blue waters, and gorgeous Caribbean weather are indescribably wonderful – you need to experience it to truly appreciate the magic of it. 

The Riviera Maya is also popular with history and nature enthusiasts. There are tons of ancient ruin sites and Mayan pyramids dotted throughout the region that are worth devoting an entire day to. Here is our detailed guide to the Riviera Maya to inspire your own trip here.

The Riviera Maya can be found in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo. Just 10 miles south of Cancun, it’s an alternative for those who crave beach life and warm Caribbean sun, without the hustle and bustle of a typical urban city. Surfers, swimmers, and divers prefer it to other Mexican cities, as the waters tend to be calmer here than in Cancun. 

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Gay Palawan – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Palawan - The Nomadic Boys

The Philippines have occasionally been called the treasure islands of the Pacific, but if you were to ask us, we’d say that the largest gem of all can be found within gay Palawan!

As adventurers, we’re always on the lookout for the most exciting destinations to share with the LGBTQ world. So, what if we told you that Palawan is a top-of-the-line oasis where you can find the softest and whitest sand? The deepest and most mysterious caves? Mountains, covered by vast and verdant jungles? Well… It’s true! Palawan has everything that explorers could ever want from a thrilling vacation.

And while there is no primary hotspot for gay activity amongst the various islands and municipalities throughout Palawan, there are still several LGBTQ-owned businesses to be found. Also, just based on our own personal experiences from traveling across the seas to the Philippines, we have met a lot of queer folk flooding into these gorgeous islands. Filipinos are incredibly welcoming and gay friendly, many of our friends have even weighed in on why the Philippines is so gay friendly.

From our perspective, Palawan is not only a safe place for both local and foreign travelers, but it is also a must-stop, bucket list-worthy location. We want to help you plan the best possible island holiday, which is why we’ve created this all-inclusive, gay travel guide!

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Get Naked! The World’s Best Gay Nude Beaches – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Nude Beaches - The Nomadic Boys

What can we say? We love gay nude beaches!

With Stefan growing up in a cold and often wet London and Seby in the mountains of France, it’s safe to say we were deprived of our fair share of the Vitamin Sea. And of course, we always applaud anywhere we can get our kits off…!

Throughout our travels, we’ve visited many excellent gay beaches around the world some even popular nudist ones. There is nothing more exciting and liberating than being able to swim freely in the seawater…then dry in the sunshine in nothing but your birthday suit, just as Mother Nature intended!

In this article, we’ve put together some of our favorite gay naked beaches from around the world so you nudist boys know where you can feel free to explore your natural instincts as God intended! Just remember to apply plenty of sunscreen while exploring the nudist lifestyle…the last thing you want is to get a nasty sunburn around the crown jewels!

Balmins Beach in Sitges, Spain

Balmins is our top pick of gay nude beaches. It’s one of the many in Spain in the town of Sitges, which we rank as one of our favourite gay destinations in Europe. Sitges is located around 27 miles (44km) south from Barcelona. There are several gay nude beaches in the very gay friendly town of Sitges, but the best is the nudist beach called Balmins located just outside of the main hub of town.

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