Gay Playa del Carmen, Mexico – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Playa del Carmen, Mexico - The Nomadic Boys

We share our best travel tips in this complete guide to the gorgeous gay Playa Del Carmen: practical safety tips, where to stay, go out, party and tan! The men are hot. The drinks are bottomless. The beaches are never-ending. The weather is gorgeous. There aren’t enough nice things to say about Playa Del Carmen.

Visiting Gay Playa del Carmen

As a sassy Frenchman and a Greek guy, we like to see ourselves as quite a fiery duo. Yet on our first trip to Mexico years ago, we quickly realized we were nowhere near as vivacious as we aspired to be. We went from feeling like a spicey paella to a chicken stew very quickly. Yet the more we visit, the more the spirit of the nation takes hold.

Playa del Carmen is a gorgeous little nest in the wider fabulously gay Riviera Maya that embraces its visitors and thrusts them into the high energy, passionate, and wildly invigorating atmosphere. The parties are some of the most outrageous we’ve ever seen, with loud music, extravagant performances, and a free-spirited crowd.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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