Visiting Gay London – The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay London - The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay London

Gay London. The greatest city in the world. One of the most exciting places to live in with THE best gay scene you’ll ever come across. FACT! Of course, we’re totally biased! London was our home for decades and the place where we met – back in February 2009 in the bar in Soho…

But setting aside our biases, this is truly a terrific city. It’s so eclectic, home to many different people from everywhere in the world. There is always something to do here at any time of the day. The museums are grand, iconic, and are nearly all free to enter. All of the world’s best musicals feature on the West End and cost a fraction of the price of a show on Broadway.

And then there’s the gay scene. It’s massive! Yes, we see more and more businesses close shop due to gentrification, but the city still retains its pink shine, with an abundance of queer hangouts spread out all over this mega city.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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The 25 Boutique Bed & Breakfast – Torquay Gay B&B

The 25 Boutique Bed & Breakfast - Torquay Gay B&B

Torquay Gay B&B – Officially the Best B&B in the World!

The 25 Boutique B&B was created from scratch by hands-on owners Andy & Julian Banner-Price in 2015. They literally went back to the brick and now have a fabulous bed and breakfast in Devon on the south west coastline of England with five individually designed boutique bedrooms.

Each room at this Torquay gay B&B, whilst very different in design and layout, comes with an array of luxury features and extras like Elemis toiletries, a large comfy bed, Nespresso coffee maker, bathroom TV, Smart room controls via Alexa, daily home baked treats, fluffy robes and slippers, air conditioning and many more.

As a gay couple, Andy & Julian know how difficult it can be to find somewhere you feel comfortable and relaxed. Whilst the majority of their guests are straight, many are regular guests and it’s a friendly atmosphere. You’ll be greeted on arrival by Andy and Julian who have no staff and do everything themselves and be offered a welcome drink along with Andy’s famous chocolate brownies. As the English Riviera is famed for its temperate climate, you’ll hopefully be able to enjoy these on the sun terrace, but if not there’s a drawing room for guest use too which also houses the honesty bar.

See The 25 Boutique Bed & Breakfast – Torquay Gay B&B Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Easy London for Gay Families – 2TravelDads

East London for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

“London, Baby!” Yes, years later and you can still have a London itinerary Joey Tribiani style. Solo travel in “the big smoke” is all about fun, history, famous sights and visiting with locals. This plan is easy to adapt to your interests and is good in any weather, and believe me, you’ll no doubt have lots of interesting weather.

Easy London for Gay Families

Enjoy this easy London for gay families itinerary and let us know if you have any questions about our suggestions. This itinerary is so easy because it puts our best things to do in the city into an easy plan for four days. It’s a fun city to explore, and there are familiar sights around every corner it seems.

Head straight for the River Thames. Most of the iconic buildings and movie scenes you’ll recognize in town take place along the Thames. This also will give you the chance to get a physical understanding of everything’s location and sort update your plans accordingly.

Full Story at 2TravelDads

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Hanging Out in Gay Edinburgh – The Nomadic Boys

Hanging Out in Gay Edinburgh - The Nomadic Boys

Here is our fabulous gay guide to Edinburgh, with the best places to sleep, eat, drink, party, and more.
We hold our hands up…we are kilty of falling in love with Edinburgh!

From the ever-present visual of the castle that looms over the city to the faint sound of bagpipes you can hear on most street corners, we couldn’t help but look around in love and say aloud to ourselves “thistle do nicely.”

We spent hours wandering about the bustling Royal Mile, down the winding Victoria Street (which famously inspired JK Rowling in creating Diagon Alley), and into the thriving Grassmarket courtyard, where we found a bountiful selection of pubs and cafes. But it was the electric and kind spirit of the Scottish people that loch-ed in our deep love.

This was our second trip to Scotland together – last time focusing on the gay scene of Inverness and the gorg beauty of the Scottish Highlands. We really fell in love with the Scottish capital. Edinburgh is a city steeped in history and mysticism, with a stunning photo opportunity on every street corner.

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Lesbian Isle of Man – Our Taste for Life

Lesbian Isle of Man - Our Taste for Life

There’s a ton of cool and exciting things to do in the “lesbian Isle of Man,” and that’s what I’ll be sharing in this blog post. By the end of the article, you’re gonna have a jam-packed itinerary whether you’re visiting the Isle of Man for a weekend, a week, or even a month.

Can you believe I’ve been living in the Isle of Man for almost two years? I thought it was about time that I shared my first blog about it. Better late than never, right.

I know one person who will be pleased. Natalie grew up on the island and has been on my case to write this article for years. So, here we are – finally. I know we are both excited to share the magic of this island with you all.

Visiting the “lesbian Isle of Man”

You could say that this island is one of the few remaining hidden gems of this world. Its beauty and nature are comparable with the likes of Ireland and the Lake District but with only a fraction of the crowds.  

With its secluded beaches and enchanting glens, sweeping forests and captivating landscapes, the Isle of Man is a dream for nature lovers. A fascinating and mysterious history adds to its charm, alongside a ton of interesting facts that I’ll save for another article.

But with all that said, let’s jump into what you came here for. Here are 65 cool and exciting things to do in the Isle of Man.

Full Story at Our Taste for Life

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Lesbian Durdle Door, UK – Our Taste for Life

Lesbian Durdle Door, UK - Our Taste for Life

There are many things to do near Durdle Door other than the famous limestone arch, and that’s what I’ll be covering in this blog post. By the end, you’ll have a jam-packed itinerary, whether you’re visiting the Jurassic Coast for a day, a weekend, or even a week.

Durdle Door is one of the most beautiful and iconic spots in all of the UK. A natural limestone arch formed over 10,000 years ago stood perfectly in pristine waters; it’s truly a sight to behold.

It’s no surprise that hundreds of thousands of visitors travel from far and wide to catch a glimpse of the famous archway every year. However, many don’t realise that Durdle Door is just a tiny part of the colossal Jurassic Coast.

Stretching for 95 miles along the South of England, the Jurassic Coast is the UK’s first natural world heritage site. It’s famous for its diverse, rugged coastline and outstanding geology, revealing over 185 million years of Earth’s history.

While there’s no denying that the lesbian Durdle Door area is an unmissable experience, here I’m going to be sharing some other lesser-known sights that are equally worthy of a visit. So whether you’re camping near Durdle Door or staying somewhere else nearby, be sure to save this article for your trip.

Full Story at Our Taste for Life

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Gay Wales – The Globetrotter Guys

Gay Wales - The Globetrotter Guys

Wales has a special place in our hearts given Sion grew up in North Wales.

For those that have not been, Wales is part of the UK (i.e England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland) and is a beautiful country with incredible landscapes and lots of adventures to be had.

But what about gay Wales?

From Sion’s perspective he did not see the gay side of wales at all growing up, it was non-existent at that time. It was only when he arrived at University in the gay capital of the North, Manchester, that he experienced his first gay bar.

So instead, we connected with fellow gay travel blogger Jack who is from South Wales to tell all about what is on offer to the gay traveller coming to Wales today and how accepting the country is from his personal perspective.

For more about Wales, check out our guide to North Wales (we had so much fun!)

Gay Wales: An interview & travel advice with Jack

Hi Jack! If you could introduce yourself to our readers first that would be great before you tell us about gay Wales..

Hi! My name is Jack and I live in South Wales.

I created a travel Instagram and blog under the name Jack Runs The World, to be able to write about my travels, share travel tips, and share travel content.

It was something I had wanted to do for a while, but wasn’t sure how was best, and in the end I just decided to go for it, and it was one of the best things I’ve done!

I also write novels, mainly murder mystery, I work in TV when I’m not travelling, and I’ve recently started making music! 

By Sion & Ben – Full Story at the Globetrotter Guys

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Lesbian London – Our Taste for Life

Lesbian London - Our Taste for Life

London is one of the most gay and lesbian-friendly cities in all of Europe. I’ve lived and worked in London for almost all of my life. And I’ve always been grateful for its tolerant and open-minded attitude towards the LGBTQ+ community. As not only can you be yourself without fear of discrimination, but the gay and lesbian nightlife in London is some of the best in the world. From pulsating gay nightclubs and exclusive lesbian bars, to the cities world-famous PRIDE events, gay and lesbian London has a lot to offer.

London’s fabulous gay scene aside, the British capital is a thriving metropolis, bursting with culture, history, fashion, architecture, and an eclectic culinary scene. Not only that, but the city boasts an endless realm of attractions and places to visit that will keep you entertained for days on end. So if you’re looking for an action-packed, gay-friendly, city break in Europe, lesbian London is a winning choice.

You can honestly never get bored in London and all it has to offer. And this guide aims to provide you with all the information you need to have an unforgettable time. I’ve listed all of the hottest gay bars and nightclubs; gay-friendly hotels and hostels; the best LGBT+ centred events; as well as all the top things to do around the city. We will also touch on LGBT+ rights and social opinions in the UK, so you come fully prepared.

By Charlotte & Natalie – Full Story at Our Taste for Life

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Gay Manchester – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Manchester - The Nomadic Boys

My coming out story started out in the late 1990s when the British Queer as Folk version first aired on our screens. Back then, a confused and extremely repressed young teenage Stefan watched in awe as 3 gay blokes, Stuart, Vince and Nathan, went about their daily lives in Manchester’s Canal Street Gay Village. 

I was flabbergasted! Stunned!

This was the first time I had ever seen “normal” gay guys popularised on screen. It was also the first time I had ever seen gay urban life dramatised in such a way that it felt so real! Finally, that “feeling” that up until this point I had been forced to suppress by the society around me was, in fact, something totally natural. What a relief! I wasn’t ill or abnormal. I was in fact part of a large LGBTQ family that also felt the same way. As that young teenage Stefan continued to watch Queer As Folk, he also dreamed: maybe, just maybe, I could grow up and be just like Stuart, Vince and Nathan living so freely in the gay streets of Manchester…

Gay Manchester

Fast forward a few decades and I’m galavanting down those same historic gay streets, with Seby to hand, together exploring one of the coolest and most progressive places in Europe. 

I will always love Manchester! 

As well as having a special place in my big gay heart, it has an exciting gay scene, one of the best gay Pride events in the UK and is one of the few places in the world where I feel comfortable walking the streets holding hands with my Seby. It’s also super close to London (just 2 hours by train), which makes it ideal for a weekend trip.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Lesbian Brighton – Our Taste for Life

BLOG - Lesbian Brighton - Our Taste for Life

The quirky seaside town of Brighton is known as the unofficial ‘gay capital’ of the UK. Not only famed for beautiful beaches and sticks of rock but also a liberal and open-minded attitude when it comes to diversity. Brighton has been at the epi-centre of LGBT+ culture since the 1930s, and Gay & Lesbian Brighton continues to thrive. Boasting a wealth of gay bars and clubs, LGBT+ centred events, and gay-friendly hotels, Brighton makes for an ideal gay or lesbian holiday in Europe.

Having grown up in England, Brighton has been in my blood since I was a child. Being only a 1.5 hours drive from London, we would often visit during the Summertime. So visiting Brighton now, as a (young) adult, I can’t help but feel incredibly nostalgic. The great thing is, not much has changed from the Brighton I once knew. From the iconic pier and stripy deckchairs to the beautiful pebbled beach and scent of fish & chips, it’s all pretty much how I remember it. Only, it all seems a little more ‘gay’ now.

You see, Gay Brighton’s welcoming and unbiased attitude is evident throughout the beachside town. You only have to wander the colourful streets, to find there are rainbow murals and references everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean everywhere. By the end of our visit, I felt as if I had rainbows coming out of my a*se! Wait a minute, I probably do. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, you needn’t worry about being accepted in Brighton. Show up as you are and you’ll seamlessly fit in.

So with all this in mind, we have put together this comprehensive travel guide for Gay & Lesbian Brighton. We’ve listed all of the hottest gay bars and nightclubs; gay-friendly hotels and hostels; the best LGBT+ centred events; as well as all the top things to do around the city. We will also touch on LGBT+ rights and social opinions in the UK, so you come fully prepared.

LGBTQ+ Rights in Lesbian Brighton

Like most places around the world, the road to LGBT+ acceptance in the UK has been a volatile one. Historically, being gay clashed with the idea of being a ‘good’ Christian. Which meant acts of homosexuality between men were punishable by death. Women were never subject to the same legal restrictions; however, would often be punished by the law nonetheless. 

By Charlotte & Natalie – Full Story at Our Taste for Life

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