Pikes Peak Paradise Bed & Breakfast – Woodland Park Gay Friendly B&B

Pikes Peak Paradise Bed & Breakfast - Woodland Park Gay Friendly B&B

Woodland Park Gay Friendly B&B – Best Pikes Peak Views

Welcome to Pikes Peak Paradise, a Woodland Park gay friendly B&B with fantastic panoramic views of Pikes Peak and a million acres of Pikes National Forest. We offer the best views in the Pikes Peak area, on over four wooded acres of our own.

Anne Marie and Dane are the brand new owners (Jan 2022) and plan to slowly renovate and upgrade the suites and main areas. The property currently offers five guest suites with in room hot tubs or jacuzzis, private balconies or patios, and private bathrooms. Some rooms include gas fireplace, kitchenettes, mini fridges and microwaves. 

Other luxury amenities at Pikes Peak Paradise include:

* Wifi internet access
* Flat Screen Televisions
* Code Free CD/DVD Players
* A guest library of more than 600 films on DVD

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Treghan Lodge – Kerikeri Gay Friendly B&B in New Zealand

Treghan Luxury Lodge - Kerikeri Gay Friendly B&B

Kerikeri Gay Friendly B&B in New Zealand’s Bay Islands

The Treghan Luxury Lodge sits on a little more than two acres of beautiful private landscaped gardens. Located in northern New Zealand’s Bay of Islands, our Kerikeri gay friendly B&B is a special place to get away from it all. Awaken in your own personal guesthouse, knowing your self contained private space is yours and yours alone. We believe this self contained privacy to be very important in these times.

We’ve carefully considered every last detail, from the oh-so-comfortable bed linens and feather pillows to our famous, fresh-baked organic cookies. Each guesthouse includes a/c and free Wifi internet access for your comfort.

Choose from:

The Owner’s Cottage – a fantastic cottage with its own ensuite bathroom, separate lounge and kitchenette.

Birdsong Retreat or Tranquility Retreat – our luxurious, new 2 bedroom guesthouses, each with two baths and fully-equipped kitchens (with both dishwasher and washing machine).

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The Nest B&B – Boulder Lesbian B&B

The Nest B&B - Boulder Lesbian B&B


Welcome to the Nest B&B in Boulder, Colorado, in the beautiful Front Range of Colorado. Our cottage, The Nest, is a private separate dwelling behind our house, with its own guest access.

Out Boulder lesbian B&B is a converted garage – in an earlier life, it was a pottery studio and a retreat space. Our vacation rental has pine floors, an attached bathroom with tiled shower and a new dual heating and air conditioning unit. There’s also a small patio, yours to use and take in the fresh mountain air. There’s an umbrella festooned with lights and chairs too, making it perfect for eating outdoors, or for enjoying your morning coffee or take-out.

The cottage comes with a television with Netflix, and also includes free Wi-Fi access in your room.

We’re a smoke free property, and we also use fragrance-free and plant-based cleaning products.

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Pacific Northwest Kayaking – 2TravelDads

Pacific Northwest Kayaking

Pacific Northwest Kayaking, and more specifically kayaking in Washington State, is a fun and sustainable summer activity. Yeah, you could plan paddling in the Puget Sound area in the fall or spring too, but summer is the best time to experience the beautiful waters of Washington. We’ve picked our favorite places in Washington for kayaking, and we know you’ll love them.

The Seattle area is best seen from the water: sailing, on a ferry, or on a kayak. Just short drives from the city are countless islands and bays to explore. Across the Puget Sound are the Kitsap and Olympic Peninsulas, which are dotted with lakes and waterways, ready to be paddled. Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest is amazing.

The Best Places for Pacific Northwest Kayaking

When you visit the Seattle area, or even better, when you do a road trip around the Puget Sound region or to the south, you’ll be tempted to explore beyond the basic tourist sites and you should do it. Getting into a kayak is really the best way to experience the nature and views we’ve got. Kayaking in the Pacific Northwest will have you plotting to return again and again.

By Chris and Rob – Full Story at the 2TravelDads

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The World’s Best Gay Beaches – wolfyy

The world’s best gay beaches span the globe, and some might not be in the places you’d expect! The list below includes all sorts of gay beaches, from the most popular and densely packed party spots near the biggest international gay destinations to lesser-known and secluded hangouts that only locals know about.

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There’s no doubt that the gay beach in Rio de Janeiro’s hotspot of Ipanema is the world’s most talked-about gay beach. Tons of sexy Brazilian men (along with the tourists) are always taking photos with the iconic Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers) mountains in the backdrop.

gay beach in rio

The exact center of Rio’s gay beach is between Posto 8 and Posto 9. You can’t miss the enormous crowd of gay men!

Will Rogers Gay Beach – Los Angeles

Will Rogers is the most popular gay beach in greater Los Angeles. It’s another one of the most well-known gay beaches, at least among Americans. The gay area of Will Rogers is near lifeguard tower 18, There’s so much to do here, from playing volleyball (or watching other guys play volleyball) to drooling over the gorgeous lifeguards.

The Will Rogers gay beach is informally known as “Ginger Rogers Beach” and has a ton of history. The LGBT crowd has been coming here since the 40s!

See The Full List

Coastal Spanish cities, Italian islands, the coast of Croatia, all the best gay beaches in the United States and dozens more are all on wolfyy’s ultimate guide to gay beaches worldwide.

Discover all the Best Gay Beaches Around the World on wolfyy

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Sexy Underwear for Gay Men – wolfyy

mens sexy gay underwear

There are so many different styles, cuts, and brands of gay men’s underwear out there. Today, you have more options than ever before. But before you buy just any pair of sexy gay men’s underwear, you have to do a little research! That is…if you want to really stand out from the crowd.

As far as regular men’s underwear, you’ve got briefs, trunks, and boxer briefs, all of which come in a variety of colors and materials. Then you venture into the thong/g-string and other types of ultra sexy underwear, like briefs with cutouts in the back, those made of mesh or see-through material, or a good old jockstrap.

Sexy Gay Underwear Suggestions

If you’re curious about different styles fits of gay underwear brands available to gay men, definitely check out gay travel website wolfyy.com’s guide to the best sexy men’s underwear.

gay underwear brands by wolfyy

You’ll more than just the most well-known and popular gay men’s underwear favorites. There are all kinds of suggestions from lesser-known products as well as super inexpensive underwear products that will work for anyone’s budget.

Top Sexy Gay Underwear for Men, on wolfyy – by Louis Lafata

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Best Cancun Mayan Ruins – 2TravelDads

Best Cancun Mayan Ruins - 2TravelDads

Some of the best Mayan ruins near Cancun are also the easiest to access. We’ve picked the best Cancun Mayan ruins to visit on the Eastern Yucatan Peninsula, to add to a fun, interesting Caribbean Mexico vacation.

One of the most cool and unique aspects of touring the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is the abundance of Mayan ruins. The Mayans were spread all across the Yucatan and down into Belize, Guatemala and beyond. They left behind thousands of small and large structures on the beaches and in the jungles. Having spent many days exploring the Yucatan Peninsula, these archaeological sites are some of the most fascinating things to do near Cancun.

Photographing Cancun Mayan Ruins

Spending a whole day going from ruin to ruin is tiring, so it’s best to plan your days visiting just one per day. This is where you have the opportunity to plan your itineraries to get the best lighting at each of the archaeological sites. Low light, meaning light coming from a lower point in the sky, will give the best shadows and prevent each of the Yucatan Mayan ruins sites from being completely washed out in your photographs.

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Discover Gay Manila With a Local – Nomadic Boys

Discover Gay Manila With a Local - Nomadic Boys

The Philippines is one of the most gay friendly places in Asia.

It may sound bold, but we say that for good reason. The Philippines is a country we really fell in love with. Yes, it’s got some of the most beautiful beaches in the world as well as lots of natural beauty, but the real gem of this gorgeous place is the people.


The Filipinos are extremely warm-hearted. They are super friendly. They want to welcome you. They want you to love their country. And bloody hell they nail it! But most importantly of all, they’ll love you whether you’re straight or gay.

As a gay couple travelling in the Philippines we felt the Pinoy love. We never felt like we were being judged. We felt completely welcome everywhere we went and never experienced any issues. This is also surprising (and quite refreshing) when you realise this is a staunchly religious country with around 80 million practising Catholics.

Discover Gay Manila

Whilst the Philippines was good to us as foreigners, we wanted to get the lowdown of what life is really like for LGBTQ locals. We were able to discover gay Manila with local journalist Rione who agreed to give us this interview about what it was like for him growing up gay in the Philippines and his take on how LGBTQ friendly the Philippines really is!

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Our California Coast Road Trip – 2TravelDads

California Coast Road Trip - 2TravelDads

There is nothing like a California Coast road trip. That California life is so awesome with all that nature and sunshine. What better way to experience it than by doing a coastal trip along the Pacific Coast Highway? This road trip itinerary begins at the northern border, but reverse this travel plan and you’ll have just as amazing of a time by starting in San Diego.

These are our best ideas for a CA road trip. Lots of things to do along the coastal drive including California lighthouses, hikes in state parks, beach stops along Highway 1 and even awesome foodie finds along the way.

So you’ve just crossed the border from Oregon into California on the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH), aka Highway 1 (and sometimes 101). Get ready because your journey is going to be totally different than what you experienced in Washington and Oregon. This road trip itinerary visits Big Sur and Monterey as you drive from San Francisco to LA. You’ll visit the Redwoods, missions and more along the PCH.

California Coast Road Trip – Up or Down?

Is it better to drive up or down the coast? Your starting point for this journey also determines your ending point. So if you want to do the Pacific Coast Highway from San Diego and enjoy the LA to San Francisco drive, you could do a 7 day trip itinerary and end in SF without doing the northern route.

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Hiking Palm Springs, California – 2TravelDads

Hiking Palm Springs - 2TravelDads

We love to find places that everybody talks about but nobody knows the cool stuff you can do there.  One such place is Palm Springs, California.  I mean, everybody goes there for a nice weekend or a relaxing vacation, but besides golf, gay bars and swimming pools, what is there?  The ACTUAL Palm Springs!! Agua Caliente Indian Canyons is the reason for the name, and hiking here is awesome!

Have you been to Palm Springs and done the oasis hikes at Indian Canyons or out at the Coachella Preserve and know what we’re talking about?  Been thinking about a visit maybe but didn’t know what to do beyond golf and shopping?  Well, let us give you some motivation to make a weekend trip out of it or at least get you away from the pool for a few hours – try hiking Palm Springs!

Visiting Palm Springs and the Indian Canyons

A two hour drive from Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego, PS lies to the east of the coastal cities.  You’ll have to pass through Riverside or Ontario, so plan for city traffic on your drive… or you can just take a short flight from any of the Southern California airports.  Actually, most West Coast airports have direct flights into town.

Once you’re in town, drive right through to the end and follow the signs for Agua Caliente Indian Canyons. After about ten minutes you’ll be at the park entrance. Pay your fee and pick where you’d like to begin, then enjoy hiking Palm Springs and all its glory.

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