Best Gay Pride Outfits for Summer – Nomadic Boys

Author: , July 5th, 2019

Gay Pride outfits - The Nomadic Boys

We sure do! Whether it’s for Halloween, or transforming into a geisha in Japan, or even into beautiful mermen in the Philippines…

Pride is one of our favourite events for dressing up. There are always so many different fabulous and sexy options to try out. Most importantly of all, dressing up for Pride gives us the chance to publicly celebrate our LGBTQ community’s hard-earned right to live freely, to love who we want, whilst having a great deal of fun at the same time!

What began as a protest march for basic human rights in 1978, has today morphed into a positive celebration of being queer, and not feeling ashamed of it. Sadly, there are still many parts of the world where being gay can get you arrested, or even murdered! Even for us, when walking the streets of say, London or Toronto, before we dare any public displays of affection, first we look around and carry out a full risk assessment.

For these reasons alone, Pride matters today more than ever, and we embrace each one with buckets of enthusiasm and love.

You don’t have to dress up for Pride if you don’t want to of course. There is no strict dress code, and everyone is welcome. But this is the perfect time of year to really let loose and go wild with feather boas, glitter, angel wings and lots and lots of rainbow accessories. So for those of us who love a bit of dress up, here are our 10 best Pride outfits to feel sexy and fabulous.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at The Nomadic Boys


Nude At The Bottom of the Grand Canyon – Nude Raft Trips

Author: , December 19th, 2016

Nude At The Bottom of the Grand Canyon – Nude Raft Trips

By Beverly B. Price for GayTravelersMagazine

Grand – and magnificent, splendid, glorious, superb, impressive, awe-inspiring, majestic.   It is impossible to be in the depths of the Grand Canyon and believe that the word “grand” says it all. 

I have traveled with other nude passengers all 280 miles of Colorado River from Lee’s Ferry to Lake Mead.  I have been in the majority of the stunning (and all different) side canyons.  I have also made shorter trips to be hauled out by chopper at Whitmore Wash.  Each trip is unique.

The rafts splash through numerous rapids.  The water is cold and deep and swift.  Or they float along in serenely where only the descending call of the canyon wren can be heard.  Or they pull up to a campsite for the night next to the warm water of a side stream.

The canyon bighorn sheep are unafraid of the rafts. The stars are endless.  It is a spiritual experience and one that should not be adulterated.

Teddy Roosevelt perhaps said it best on January 11, 1908, when he stated, “Let this great wonder of nature remain as it now is. You cannot improve on it. But what you can do is keep it for your children, your children’s children, and all who come after you, as the one great sight which every American should see.”

If you would like to experience the great wonder of nature – and do so naturally – there are nude raft trips planned.  Simply send a message to  and ask for information.  Please put “Grand Canyon Raft Trip” in the subject line.

More information:

We have visited multiple AANR member locations including Cypress Cove Nudist Resort, and Lake Como Family Nudist Resort and Community and we have enjoyed Florida’s Haulover Beach for years. As a gay, married couple, we have always felt accepted. There truly is something liberating, tranquil and very social about nudism and naturism.

To search for American Association for Nude Recreation clubs, visit

To learn more about the American Association for Nude Recreation clubs, visit
Beverly B. Price is the President of the American Association for Nude Recreation.

Article and photos provided by Beverly B. Price for Gay Travelers Magazine
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Gay History of England, Sights to See

Author: , March 10th, 2016

England is a great country for the traveler interested in gay history and culture. London is one of the great gay cities, and there are also places of gay historical interest spread around the country, from Sissinghurst in the south to Castle Howard in the north. The great thing about the gay history of England is that there are a number of famous and relatively well-documented people in English history who loved people of their own sex. These include at least one king, James I, a number of aristocrats of note, and many authors, such as Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, and Virginia Woolf. Read more…

Some Warm Winter Getaways (And the Gorgeous Men You’ll Find There)

Author: , February 22nd, 2015

Thailand BeachReady for some warm weather? While the U.S. is going through its most severe cold snap, polar vortex hell of the winter, we’d like to try to heat you up a bit.

TripAdvisor announced its ‘Top 25 Beaches’ chosen by its users all over the world this week. Since we’re not going to be able to visit all of them (or any of them, for that matter) this weekend, we paid a visit to each one on Instagram, and found a few men who have been there to act as our visual tour guides.

By Andy Towle – Full Story at Towleroad

The Top Gay Friendly Pools in the US

Author: , January 30th, 2015

London West Hollywood

Considering gay travel is an annual $200 billion industry, hotels are vying for our “pink dollars” with dedicated marketing initiatives, partnering with gay travel organizations like IGLTA, and reaching out to the community with gay-themed events and packages. Ultimately, travelers are often guided by a property’s LGBT reputation, whether a gay stamp (like a TAG-approved hotel), affiliation (sponsor in the local gay pride), or amenities offered, like a separate gay concierge.

There are some factors that are not LGBT specific, but they still convince thousands of gay travelers to book a room. One of these, although it’s seldom used as sole selling point, is having a gay-friendly pool, which has become important for the LGBT community in deciding which hotel to book.

Gay-owned hotels obviously wave a large rainbow flag (literally and figuratively) for their hotel pool, but several non-gay-owned hotels flaunt a pool that’s welcoming, social, and sexy. A gay-friendly pool is an indication that the hotel will be a fun and inviting place for LGBT travelers. “I always love it when I discover a hotel pool with a great, gay-friendly vibe,” says Andy Keown, director of communications for Visit West Hollywood. “I travel a lot for work and my fantasy getaway involves a pool scene with attractive people, good music, tropical drinks, and, of course, a pool where I feel welcome. It’s how I really decide on what hotel to book when I travel for business or pleasure.”

By Jimmy Im – Full Story at Passport Magazine

Lesbian Travel: Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Author: , August 31st, 2014

beachPrepare to unwind, create your own fun and sink into your sun-drenched vacation far away from the masses. Pink Sands Beach will move you to a complete state of chic relaxation and, although it comes at a steep cost, this beach should be on the bucket list of any avid world traveler. Visit the beach at sunrise and sunset and the sand seems even pinker than during daylight hours. Spacious and unspoiled, we think it’s the perfect place to rediscover yourself (or your lover) again.

Love to scuba dive? With wrecks of all kinds to be discovered, tropical fish, lobsters and sea turtles in your sights for snorkeling, you’ll want to gear up quickly. Explore nearby Eleuthera Island or scuba dive through one the world’s top dive sites between Eleuthera and Current Island called “Current Cut Dive” – drift through the 2/3 mile distance in just ten minutes. Not a scuba diver? Kayak with a friend or sink into a snooze on the scenic Pink Sands Beach. No judgment here.

By Angela Braun – Full Story at Go Girlfriend | Bahamas Gay Travel Resources

Lesbian Travel: Florida’s Playalinda Beach

Author: , August 22nd, 2014

Playalinda Beach - Apple MapsMove over wooden bangles and dangly earrings, we’re shedding it all when we visit Playalinda Beach, a barrier island on Canaveral National Seashore. Yes, we understand nudism is illegal in Florida, but this is one beach you can shed your clothes and no one will notice – or care.

The most northern parking area of the beach is so secluded that nudism laws aren’t enforced. You’ll find a wide variety of visitors here from heterosexual couples to gay men to true naturists. If this describes you, Playalinda Beach should be on your (nude) vacation radar. If you’re not into public displays of your body, Playalinda has a more conservative section along the parking lots leading up to spot 13.

Playalinda is renowned for the best surfing spots in Florida. Year-round guided tours are held by Canaveral National Seashore, teaching important lessons about the fragile eco-system and wildlife.

Full Story at Go Girlfriend | East Central Florida Gay Travel Resources

Packing for the Summertime

Author: , August 15th, 2014

I don’t know about you, but even though it’s August, it still feels very much like Adam Groffmansummertime. (And technically it is!) I’ve got several weekend city breaks around Europe planned for the remainder of my summer, so thought I’d share some of the favorite things I’ve been running around with. It’s a bit of a funny list but that’s probably because I’ve had a strange summer with trips everywhere from Thailand to Poland.

What makes summer such a good time to travel anyways? Maybe it’s the sunshine. Or the good weather. But for me, summer is just such an easy time to pick up and go away. With many thanks to childhood, summertime is essentially the ultimate symbol for freedom.

Travel and freedom are seemingly strange bedfellows, but when you stop to think about it, it makes lots of sense. Those lucky enough to travel far and wide have a special sort of freedom — the ability to wander, to get lost, to see new things, to experience the world. It’s an amazing feeling and one that aligns well with summertime — a time for many freedoms.

Authored by Adam Groffman. See the Full Story at Travels of Adam here.

See Adam’s full blog here.

Amsterdam Gay Travel Resources | Other Gay Travel Events

Things to Do in Gay Fort Lauderdale This Summer

Author: , June 12th, 2014

Fort LauderdaleLauderdale is much more than just a beach destination, even in the steamy days of summer. New museums, nightlife, and events give locals and tourists alike plenty to do in addition to sunbathing on the sand or by the pool. There are new events being added every day to the GayCities calendar, so we’ve assembled more than a few suggestions for places to go, people to meet.

Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors – June 21 – There are two Pride festivals each year in Fort Lauderdale, two months apart. The first festival, Pride South Florida, happend in March and it was lots of fun. Sheena Easton, Judy Tenuta, and Tiffany performed. Missed it?

Fret not, because coming up is the second pride festival, Stonewall Pride Wilton Manors, Saturday, June 21. An outdoor stage and a street festival run along the main strip, Wilton Drive, all day. Come to the main stage and see the Mr. and Miss Stonewall Pageant.

By Dan Renzi – Full Story at Gay Cities | LOCATION Gay Travel Resources in Fort Lauderdale | Other Gay Travel Events

Five Beautiful Crete Beaches

Author: , May 19th, 2014

Crete Beaches - Apple Maps

Apple Maps

As the largest island of Greece and the second largest in Europe, you’re right to expect that Crete boasts beaches aplenty. Though the main transportation hubs of Chania and Heraklion have their own beaches nearby, you can do better.

Instead of stopping there, head for some of these beautiful beaches that are further afield, and far less crowded. All of them offer basic facilities in the high season (July-September) and many will be totally deserted outside of those months. If you want sun, sand, and the bathwater-warm Mediterranean, plus some towering mountains, Crete is your Greek island.

Less than an hour north of Chania, the small village of Stavros on the Akrotiri Peninsula has a beautiful white sand beach at the foot of a towering mountain. With restaurants, guesthouses, and bars nearby, you could head straight here from nearby Chania airport. If you do want to explore the city, public buses leave twice a day for just a few Euros.

By Stephen Lioy – Shermans Travel | Greece Gay Travel Resources