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gay Bologna - Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay Bologna, Italy’s Foodie Capital

‘The foodie paradise of Italy!’

That’s what everyone said to us about gay Bologna and the surrounding region of Emilia Romagna. After a week’s fill of freshly made tortellini, ragu, lasagne, tagliatelle, tortelloni, passatelli, cannelloni, lasagne… we can totally see why!

Bologna is also famous for its long corridors of porticos, the result of a large student population over centuries.

It all began in 1088 when the University of Bologna was founded. The city quickly attracted thousands of students who still today descend on the city each year.

As the student population continued to grow in Bologna over the last 10 centuries, business owners realized they could extend the upper floors of their properties outwards to accommodate more of them.

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Visiting Gay Milan, A First Timer’s Guide – The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay Milan, A First Timer's Guide - The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay Milan, A First Timer’s Guide

Followers of UK/Canada Drag Race will relate…one of our favorites drag queens always inspired a sort of spiritual gay wanderlust to the Italian fashion capital.

And for good reason. Gay Milan is world famous for its fashion. It’s a global capital when it comes to its runways and catwalks. What we didn’t know is that Milan also has a pretty epic gay scene – the largest and best in all of Italy and one of our favorites gay friendly cities in Europe.

Hop off at the Puerto Venezia metro stop, dolled up with rainbows, and head up to the streets around Lecco – gayness is everywhere! On weekends these streets come alive as the LGBTQ community comes together and creates a fabulous street party. That’s why we love it. Few gay scenes we’ve experienced have such a vibe outside of Pride.

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Gay Life in Italy – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Life in Italy - Marco from Puglia - The Nomadic Boys

Marco From Puglia on Gay Life in Italy

Whenever we come to Italy, our gaydar is always in a state of flummox! Every other guy here is ripped to perfection and dressed immaculately. Personal space isn’t an issue with Italians – it’s easy to misconstrue innocent friendly warm gestures. Not that we’re complaining!

We always welcome a trip to the bel paese. We love it and always leave wanting to return – from our first year anniversary in Venice, our gay road trip in Puglia, the glorious Amalfi coast, exploring historical Rome, and partying in the exciting gay scene of Milan. The Italian cities and countryside simply tick every box.

But, when it comes to LGBTQ rights here, it is lagging behind its West European neighbors. For example, Italy has not yet introduced LGBTQ+ equality (although civil unions were introduced in 2016) and anti-discrimination laws have not been applied nationwide. This is not to say that this beautiful country is in any way a dangerous place for queer travelers – quite the contrary! This place offers so much for LGBTQ travelers and welcomes them with open arms. So what is gay life in Italy really like?

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Exploring Gay Rome – The Nomadic Boys

Exploring Gay Rome - The Nomadic Boys

Come Visit and Explore Gay Rome In All Its Glory

Everywhere you step you stumble over an ancient artifact that dates back millennia… We’ve never been so spellbound and intrigued by a city before. It completely captivated us.

We had such a romantic time together in gay Rome. The rich history is just made for that – I arrived in the city one day earlier than Seby (due to family commitments) so went to meet him at the airport – he arrived on a late flight over. I brought him to our Airbnb in downtown Rome, dropped our bags, and went for our first stroll in the city at around midnight to the famous Trevi Fountain. Even at that time, this world-famous fountain is busy, but the atmosphere around it is truly magical.

When we say Rome is romantic, we really mean it. It’s a great place to explore with a loved one. However, if you’re looking for gay parties and nightlife, this city is rather limited. There are a few places to go out which we highlight below.

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BelSentiero – Tuscany Gay B&B in Val d’Orcia


Tuscany Gay B&B Halfway Between Rome & Florence

BelSentiero, our Tuscany gay B&B, is located in the Val d’Orcia a UNESCO World Heritage area halfway between Rome and Florence. It is the quintessential Tuscany of rolling hills, grain fields, vineyards, olive groves and cypress lined avenues.

BelSentiero is a traditional Tuscan farmhouse that has been lovingly restored, preserving the stone walls, oak beams and terracotta roof but while ensuring that all the mod cons such as air-conditioning, high speed Wifi and large flat screen TVs are available. Amenities include our spacious veranda, hot-tub and fantastic infinity pool with views over the valley onto the historic town of Pienza. 

However, we are so much more that just a beautiful property in a tranquil and relaxed setting. We only have a few guest rooms and as such are the perfect destination for couples and friends to enjoy good times and engage in all the activities that the area has to offer.

See the BelSentiero Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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The World’s Best Gay Beaches – wolfyy

The world’s best gay beaches span the globe, and some might not be in the places you’d expect! The list below includes all sorts of gay beaches, from the most popular and densely packed party spots near the biggest international gay destinations to lesser-known and secluded hangouts that only locals know about.

Ipanema – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There’s no doubt that the gay beach in Rio de Janeiro’s hotspot of Ipanema is the world’s most talked-about gay beach. Tons of sexy Brazilian men (along with the tourists) are always taking photos with the iconic Dois Irmaos (Two Brothers) mountains in the backdrop.

gay beach in rio

The exact center of Rio’s gay beach is between Posto 8 and Posto 9. You can’t miss the enormous crowd of gay men!

Will Rogers Gay Beach – Los Angeles

Will Rogers is the most popular gay beach in greater Los Angeles. It’s another one of the most well-known gay beaches, at least among Americans. The gay area of Will Rogers is near lifeguard tower 18, There’s so much to do here, from playing volleyball (or watching other guys play volleyball) to drooling over the gorgeous lifeguards.

The Will Rogers gay beach is informally known as “Ginger Rogers Beach” and has a ton of history. The LGBT crowd has been coming here since the 40s!

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Coastal Spanish cities, Italian islands, the coast of Croatia, all the best gay beaches in the United States and dozens more are all on wolfyy’s ultimate guide to gay beaches worldwide.

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Checking Out Gay Florence – The Nomadic Boys

Checking Out Gay Florence - The Nomadic Boys

Did you know in Germany they used the word ‘Florenzer’ for a gay guy? It certainly piqued our interest enough to take a trip to Florence. But how did it come to be?

Well, the year was 1476 – and the city of Florence was awash with scandal. Four men were accused of having an affair with a male rent boy – and one of those men…. was Leonardo di Vinci! Oh, y’all wanted a twist? Yup, the world-famous artist could have gone to jail for “being caught in the action“! But Florentians turned a blind eye.

Artists like Michelangelo, Donatello, Sandro Botticelli. and Benvenuto Cellini, were well-known gay guys, and due to the renewed interest in Plato’s writings, homosexuality was viewed as just another part of life in gay Florence. And, thus, the slang term was born!

Visiting Gay Florence

To this day, this beautiful Italian city still attracts the creative type – making it the perfect gay destination. Now is also the perfect time to visit, because, until December 31st, there is a promotion called Destination Florence Plus offering discounted hotel rates and an extra discount on experiences once the room is booked. This portal is the official tourism platform of the town, totally non-profit and we love it because they only select local providers offering authentic experiences.

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Lesbian Venice, A One Day Itinerary – Once Upon a Journey

Lesbian Venice - Once Upon a Journey

Venice, the city of many canals, beautiful bridges, narrow streets, amazing architecture, and cute balconies. And don’t forget the romantic gondola rides. Plus, the oh so delicious Italian food. Get ready for this one-day itinerary!

This picturesque city was already on my travel bucket list for a long time, and I’m so happy that I could finally see it with my own eyes. Yes, Italy has plenty of beautiful and romantic cities, but Venice is for sure one of the Italian cities you have to visit at least once. No place on earth is like this!

Spend a Day in Lesbian Venice

In this one day in lesbian Venice itinerary, we will you all about the top things to do here. One day is enough time to see the highlights this picturesque city has to offer.

But if you have more time, there are also many other stunning places, like the islands Burano and Murano, that are great to visit. We will tell you all about it. Plus about the transportation in Venice, where to stay in Venice, the best time to go, where to eat, and much more.

Before you go, it’s good to know the city is located on over 110 small islands, which is why there are many canals and bridges!

The city is a pedestrian-only city, so you won’t find any cars, busses, or other motorcycles. The way to get around is by foot or boat.

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Checking Out Rome Gay Bars – The Globetrotter Guys

Rome Gay Bars - Apple Maps

Searching for Rome gay bars? There are a few small bars in Rome along Via di S Gionvanni in Laterano (next to the Colosseum). If you are looking for larger venues, then it’s more often the case that you will find a gay club night hosted at a club (rather than that club being an official gay club).

Rome Gay Bars: Coming Out Bar

We visited Coming Out bar during Roma Pride and found that it was a great option to hang out during the day for drinks and food. The food menu stood out with Paninis categorised into ‘Jock’, ‘Wolf’, ‘Daddy’, ‘Twink’ and so on. This put a smile on our face. Of course, there are plenty of pasta and pizza options on offer as well. For drinks, this place is incredibly reasonable for Rome (this city is expensive!).

Drinks range from €5 for an Aperol Spritz, a must have, to €6 for standard cocktails and €8 for something a bit more fancy. In comparison, head into the posh tourist bars and you are looking at €10-20 for an Aperol Spritz.

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Gay Puglia – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Puglia - The Nomadic Boys

Our gaydar went absolutely crazy on the beaches in Puglia. Everywhere we looked, these metrosexual studs were posing and just looking absolutely ripped…Italian men sure know how to take care of themselves!

Puglia is located in the southeastern region of Italy – the heel of the country’s boot. It’s a popular holiday retreat and a prime hotspot for gay travellers, particularly Gallipoli. It’s also stunning, full of UNESCO sites like Alberobello, pretty cities like Lecce, lush landscapes like the Grotta della Poesia, and some of the best food of the entire country…orecchiete anyone?

To get a flavour of gay Puglia, we recommend watching the 2010 Italian movie, Loose Cannons (“Mine Vaganti”) about a bourgeoise family in Lecce coming to terms with their two gay sons… You’ll laugh your socks off, but will also get some fantastic inspiration about the region. We also help to inspire you with our detailed gay guide to Puglia setting out our first-hand experience of the gay scene out here, the best gay hotels to stay, beaches, events and more.

Is Gay Puglia safe for LGBTQ+ travellers?

Yes it is! Whilst Italy is a conservative country with regards to LGBTQ rights, over the years, Puglia has become a bohemian playground for gay travellers. There are a handful of gay beaches across the region, as well as many gay hangouts in the main cities, particularly Gallipoli.

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