Sababu Safaris – Tanzania Gay Friendly Safaris

Sababu Safaris - Tanzania Gay Friendly Safaris

Tanzania Gay Friendly Safaris – Into the Wilderness

Sababu is an owner-run boutique company running Tanzania gay friendly safaris, with a small international team committed to creating unique journeys in this beautiful country that change hearts and minds, and leave a long-lasting impact on both guests and local communities alike. 

Where most African tour companies pledge to pour resources back into the community, Sababu allows guests to see the difference – and in most cases, make the difference themselves.

We unite conservation, communities and sustainable travel, creating unique, impactful experiences giving you the opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the culture. Our all-inclusive, private, transformational luxury tours take you deep into the isolated wilderness, connecting you with people that call Tanzania home.

The goal is to give visitors the opportunity to travel with purpose, hence the name Sababu – the Swahili word for “purpose”.

If you’re looking for a friendly African tour company, contact Sababu for the journey of a lifetime.

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African Queens Travel – Africa Lesbian Tours

African Queens Travel - Africa Lesbian Tours

Africa Lesbian Tours and Safaris

Looking for Africa lesbian tours?

African Queens Travel is a Lesbian-owned tour company offering all-inclusive adventure travels for the LGBTQ community to Victoria Falls, Cape Town, Chobe, and the Okavango Delta.

We offer all-women tours, all-men yours, and mixed LGBTQ+ tours.

All of our African tours include international roundtrip airfare from New York City or London, all transportation, meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) all activities, and all accommodations.

Come see the wonders of this magnificent continent with family!

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Visiting Gay Johannesburg – The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay Johannesburg - The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay Johannesburg With the Nomadic Boys

In our guide to gay Johannesburg, we’re sharing the best of the best of the gay scene, safe places to stay and top things to do.

“Guys don’t go to Johannesburg…you’ll get mugged or shot at!”

…so said many of our friends across our social media channels. We touched down at Tambo airport feeling quite tentative about our trip here. But as with many big cities we’ve been to on our travels with big “warning signs” from fellow travelers (Rio, Delhi, Buenos Aires, to name a few), we were absolutely fine.

Jo’burg is like any big major city. Of course, it has its problems, and you should avoid certain areas, lock up your valuables in your hotel room’s safe, and keep your phone in your pocket out of harm’s reach. But with basic common sense, your trip will be worry-free. This was our experience, despite being on our guard from the moment we arrived.

Johannesburg is a fascinating city to explore, and a complete contrast to Cape Town. It’s gritty, edgy, raw, tough, full of green spaces.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Gay Friendly Seychelles – The Gay UK

Gay Friendly Seychelles - pixabay

When you think of dream beach getaways and idyllic honeymoon destinations there are a few locations that spring to mind. You might consider the Caribbean, plan to bounce over to Bermuda, or maybe even the Maldives. Unfortunately, the sad truth is all those countries still class being gay as a criminal act. So there’s one clear winner when it comes to the best place to go for a gay beach vacation, the Seychelles aka the GAYchelles!

In May 2016, the Seychelles Parliament voted to amend Section 151 of their Penal Code that named sodomy a felony that was punishable with up to 14 years in prison. While the news wasn’t especially well-received by religious leaders, it was a landmark decision that gives gay travel enthusiasts added confidence in visiting the stunning 115-island country off the East African coast, making it one of the few African countries to decriminalize the gays.

With male-male intercourse now legal (lesbian sex was always fine apparently), the gay friendly Seychelles have even legalised same-sex marriage, and gay residents are able to legally adopt children as a couple. That being said, the predominantly Catholic country is still fairly conservative, operating a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy to all visitors, but with any hostility directed more towards locals than tourists.

By Nick Baker – Full Story at The Gay UK


Cape Town Gay Pride – The Globetrotter Guys

Cape Town Gay Pride - The Globetrotter Guys

Gay Pride in Cape Town was not what we expected at all! It really is quite unique compared to many of the other gay pride events we have been to and we highly recommend you add it to your pride bucket-list.

We found Cape Town Pride to be so unique because of the people. We have never seen such a diverse and inclusive crowd of people at a pride festival! Most pride festivals we have been to have been 95% men (which of course is nice for us!), however this is not the case for Cape Town gay pride at all.

There is an even spread across all genders, age, sexuality and race – everyone is well represented which of course is what pride is about. We spoke with the Festival Director of Pride, Matthew Van As and he explained that there is a common misconception that Cape Town Pride is going to be just a festival full of the stereotypical white male crowd – the reality is completely different and as a result Cape Town Pride had a very diverse and local feel to it!

Lets take a look at all you need to know about Cape Town Gay Pride and let us convince you to get yourself booked for next year!

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Magical Morocco – Once Upon a Journey

Magical Morocco - Once Upon a Journey

Morocco might be the most photogenic country we’ve visited so far. Okay, many countries come close (such as Mongolia and Myanmar – maybe it’s countries that start with an M-kinda thing?), but Morocco is incredibly magical (another M-word!).

Sorting out a collection for this photo gallery was incredibly hard, which is why we selected more than just a few.

By Maartje Hensen – Full Story at Once Upon a Journey

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Mesmerizing Meknes – Keep Calm and Wander

Meknes - Keep Calm and Wander

Meknes is an ancient place in Morocco that most tourists would pass by, in favour of the nearby Fez. Most tourists who go here are day trippers from Fez. They combine their day trip to Meknes with Moulay Idriss and Volubilis, an ancient Roman city. And that’s exactly what I did. I joined a 4-person tour organized by my hostel in Fez. Meknes was our last stop of the day – and we explored the city for 4 hours!

Why Meknes?

a. It is by far cheaper than the neighboring Fez

b. I loved the serenity and less-frenetic ambiance of the city

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1. Bab al-Mansour

Bab in Arabic means “gate”. I must say, I hadn’t seen a gate so colossal and grand like this one. I have a feeling that it could be the largest gate in the whole of the continent. No, I’m not over-exaggerating, it is! In fact, experts deem this gate as one of the few gigantic structures that have survived in North Africa.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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Gay Morocco – A Gay Man’s Guide

Morocco - Pixabay

Before I left for #Morocco, I had received multiple concerns from family and friends about travelling to an Arab country. Their concern came from my sexuality and the idea that Arab countries threaten the lives of LGBT+ individuals. I am not saying that isn’t true, countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a history of this, but I was traveling to Morocco.

The first step into Gay Morocco

I had traveled to Morocco with friends and a professor who had grown up in the area. I definitely recommend flying from New York to Casablanca. Casablanca, Morocco reminded me of California when I had visited, and I think that is a good way to transition from American lifestyle to Morocco.

It eases you into this new country with not as big of a cultural shock. Especially since the Casablanca is the setting of the 1942 film, “Casablanca”. There is a sense of familiarity to it.

The Sahara desert and its beauty

My first weekend in Morocco, we had travelled to the #Sahara desert and camped out there for a night. We had left for our camping spot during the middle of a sandstorm. It was one of those adventurous scenes you would see into a movie, leading to the discovery of an ancient tomb and magnificent riches. Sadly, we didn’t find any riches but instead reached our camping spot. This is still one of the most memorable moments in my life. Dancing with everyone around a fire while our hosts were playing instruments, staring at the stars that shinned in the night sky, and going to sleep with the sound of the wind and the moving sand.

By Jonathan Kerrins – Full Story at Blasting news

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Two Weeks in Morocco – Keep Calm and Wander

Morocco Tangier - Keep Calm and Wander

Two weeks in Morocco is just the right time to explore the places you wanna see and go. However, this is not enough to get to know the whole country. On this trip, I skipped the Sahara desert safari because I’ve been and have lived in the desert for months. So, I don’t need to be reminded of how beautiful the sand dunes are at sunset or sunrise.

Transport in Morocco

In between cities, the train is the most convenient transport for backpackers. Though trains are kinda slow, but it will get you there. It arrives almost always on-time. Taxis are also common in cities, but most of them (or the ones I had) don’t really have fare meters. You have to agree on the fare first before getting on the cab.

Day Trips in Morocco

Taking day trips via tours save time and inconvenience. If you’re in Marrakech or in Fez, there are tours that would take you to amazing tourist destinations.

Day 1 – Casablanca

Airport to downtown Casablanca is connected via a railway. The train departs every hour and it costs $3 for forty minutes ride. Get off at the last station where McDonald’s and Starbucks greet you at the exit.

I arrived at my hotel around 4 in the afternoon. Then thirty minutes later, I went out and started walking on the corniche all the way to Hassan II Mosque. It is Casablanca’s most visited tourist attraction. I’ve got to witness the beauty of this grand mosque in late afternoon, at sunset and at night.

In the evening, I met up with the local couchsurfers who had iftar by the beach. Then, we all went to a cafe downtown where we had tea and beer.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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The Saqqara Pyramids – Keep Calm and Wander

Saqqara Pyramids

The Saqqara Pyramids in the City of the Dead are the burial grounds of Memphis, Egypt’s ancient capital. This place is also known and spelled as Sakkara or Saccara. Unlike the Great Pyramids of Giza, the ones you see here are smaller but older than the former.

Off-the-beaten track

While tourists mostly flock to the three great pyramids, only few come here for a visit. There was only one big tour bus I saw in my two hours of exploration here. Most of the visitors were on private tours, like me.

How much to get here?

I hired a driver to get me here because I didn’t want to be with a huge group. I paid around $30. He took me here first and then to Dashur where the Red Pyramid, the world’s first true pyramid, is located. The whole trip lasted 5 hours.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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