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Before I left for #Morocco, I had received multiple concerns from family and friends about travelling to an Arab country. Their concern came from my sexuality and the idea that Arab countries threaten the lives of LGBT+ individuals. I am not saying that isn’t true, countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia have a history of this, but I was traveling to Morocco.

The first step into Gay Morocco

I had traveled to Morocco with friends and a professor who had grown up in the area. I definitely recommend flying from New York to Casablanca. Casablanca, Morocco reminded me of California when I had visited, and I think that is a good way to transition from American lifestyle to Morocco.

It eases you into this new country with not as big of a cultural shock. Especially since the Casablanca is the setting of the 1942 film, “Casablanca”. There is a sense of familiarity to it.

The Sahara desert and its beauty

My first weekend in Morocco, we had travelled to the #Sahara desert and camped out there for a night. We had left for our camping spot during the middle of a sandstorm. It was one of those adventurous scenes you would see into a movie, leading to the discovery of an ancient tomb and magnificent riches. Sadly, we didn’t find any riches but instead reached our camping spot. This is still one of the most memorable moments in my life. Dancing with everyone around a fire while our hosts were playing instruments, staring at the stars that shinned in the night sky, and going to sleep with the sound of the wind and the moving sand.

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