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Saqqara Pyramids

The Saqqara Pyramids in the City of the Dead are the burial grounds of Memphis, Egypt’s ancient capital. This place is also known and spelled as Sakkara or Saccara. Unlike the Great Pyramids of Giza, the ones you see here are smaller but older than the former.

Off-the-beaten track

While tourists mostly flock to the three great pyramids, only few come here for a visit. There was only one big tour bus I saw in my two hours of exploration here. Most of the visitors were on private tours, like me.

How much to get here?

I hired a driver to get me here because I didn’t want to be with a huge group. I paid around $30. He took me here first and then to Dashur where the Red Pyramid, the world’s first true pyramid, is located. The whole trip lasted 5 hours.

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