Two Weeks in Morocco – Keep Calm and Wander

Morocco Tangier - Keep Calm and Wander

Two weeks in Morocco is just the right time to explore the places you wanna see and go. However, this is not enough to get to know the whole country. On this trip, I skipped the Sahara desert safari because I’ve been and have lived in the desert for months. So, I don’t need to be reminded of how beautiful the sand dunes are at sunset or sunrise.

Transport in Morocco

In between cities, the train is the most convenient transport for backpackers. Though trains are kinda slow, but it will get you there. It arrives almost always on-time. Taxis are also common in cities, but most of them (or the ones I had) don’t really have fare meters. You have to agree on the fare first before getting on the cab.

Day Trips in Morocco

Taking day trips via tours save time and inconvenience. If you’re in Marrakech or in Fez, there are tours that would take you to amazing tourist destinations.

Day 1 – Casablanca

Airport to downtown Casablanca is connected via a railway. The train departs every hour and it costs $3 for forty minutes ride. Get off at the last station where McDonald’s and Starbucks greet you at the exit.

I arrived at my hotel around 4 in the afternoon. Then thirty minutes later, I went out and started walking on the corniche all the way to Hassan II Mosque. It is Casablanca’s most visited tourist attraction. I’ve got to witness the beauty of this grand mosque in late afternoon, at sunset and at night.

In the evening, I met up with the local couchsurfers who had iftar by the beach. Then, we all went to a cafe downtown where we had tea and beer.

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