Best Sydney Gay Bars, Clubs and Nightlife – The Nomadic Boys

Best Sydney Gay Bars, Clubs and Nightlife - The Nomadic Boys

On our Sydney trip, we dove straight into the gay scene around Oxford Street where the only thing sharper than the contour lines is the wit of the queens!

In a city where even the seagulls have perfected the art of a well-executed death drop, choosing the best drag shows is like picking your favorite child – impossible, but you secretly have one. So, grab your sequined cape, because Seby and I are about to guide you through the rhinestone-studded labyrinth of performances that had us clapping so hard, we almost spilled our cosmos!

Best Sydney Gay Bars, Clubs and Nightlife

From dazzling queens that could outshine the Sydney Opera House to performances so fierce they could make a kangaroo blush, we’ve left no rhinestone unturned in our quest to tell you about the best drag shows in Sydney…it’s also why we rate Sydney as one of the most gay friendly cities in the world. So buckle up, darlings as we take you to the best Sydney gay bars, on a journey more extravagant than a drag queen’s wardrobe…

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Take a Trip to Gay Belfast, Ireland – The Globetrotter Guys

Take a Trip to Gay Belfast, Ireland - The Globetrotter Guys

The Globetrotter Guys Do Gay Belfast

Gay Belfast, Ireland Travel Guide: What a beautiful city Belfast is! A city that we found very welcoming as gay travellers, it was reassuring to see many other LGBTQ+ couples exploring the city hand in hand.

Full of incredible restaurants, traditional pubs, bars, and thrilling history, we could easily have spent longer exploring Northern Irelands capital city.

In terms of gay Belfast, it has a lot to offer including some of Irelands most popular gay bars and clubs (read on to find out about all the best bars and clubs),

But in a whirlwind 48 hours with Tourism Ireland – here are a few of the exciting things we got up to and would highly recommend.

There is a gay area in Belfast. This is where you will find the bars in Belfast as well as some gay clubs (and in general is the main Belfast queer scene).

By Sion & Ben – Full Story at the Globetrotter Guys

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Curacao Gay Bars: The Best & Only Gay Bar  – The Globetrotter Guys

Curacao Gay Bars - Gaze

Looking for Curacao Gay Bars

Is there a gay bar in Curaçao? Yes! There is just one at the moment.

However you will be pleased to know that Curaçao is one of the most popular Caribbean islands for gay travellers and whilst you won’t find a huge selection of gay bars in Curaçao (or clubs either) you are sure to have a great time wherever you go for the evening.

Note a lot of other sites mention other places to go, but at the time of writing this blog this is the only official one on the island. If you’re looking for Curacao gay bars, this is it.

The benefit of there being just one bar is that this is where the majority of LGBTQ locals and tourists alike will go if they are looking for a gay night out at the weekend – this is an island and not a big city after all!

By Sion & Ben – Full Story at the Globetrotter Guys

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Finding the Dubrovnik Gay Bars – Globetrotter Guys

Finding Dubrovnik Gay Bars - Globetrotter Guys

Where are the Dubrovnic Gay Bars?

As of 2022, Dubrovnik finally has its very first official gay bar called MILK. Croatia as a whole is not known for being particularly queer friendly, however in tourists hotspots like Dubrovnik you can feel safe and comfortable so it was about time they opened the some Dubrovnik gay bars.

MILK is the first and only official gay bar in Dubrovnik and during our annual sailing trip to Croatia (click to join us next year) we took our entire sailing group to check out this bar.

The bar itself is within the old town, and like many bars a restuarants is a relatively small space with a lot of character. As you can see, entire the ceiling is covered with plants, the walls lined with mirrors and the bar stocked with everything you can imagine from floor to ceiling. Early on in the evening you can expect to chill with some cocktails and then as the evening goes on the bar gets packed with people dancing.

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Visiting Gay Cyprus – The Nomadic Boys

Visiting Gay Cyprus - The Nomadic Boys

What’s the best part of Cyprus? Us! Cypr-“us”… get it? Ok, sorry, that was bad…

As the humble Greek/Cypriot part of your favorite duo, it gives me immense pleasure to gush all about the marvels of traveling this island. It’s a land of superb beaches, old buildings, seaside restaurants, delicious food, tons of mythological sites, and gorgeous people – if I may say so myself! 

About Gay Cyprus

Gay life has been quite a challenge for local Cypriots, but it is slowly evolving, becoming more and more vivacious with each passing generation. When it comes to gay parties and festivals, Gay Cyprus is no Tel Aviv or Mykonos, but it’s still a huge draw for LGBTQ travelers and couples.

It’s is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, located south of Turkey, and close to Greece. It has a politically chequered past, with the nation being divided between the occupied North and the Republic of Cyprus in the South following a military coup by Turkey in 1974.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Ten Biggest Gay Clubs in the World – The Nomadic Boys

Ten Biggest Gay Clubs in the World - The Nomadic Boys

We’ve partied at the biggest gay clubs in the world, falling in love with these huge bars one by one. Here’s our top 10!

What’s your favourite way of… doing it? We like it hard… and big… and… loud… and crazy! We like to scream, to experience total euphoria, and to feel unbridled pleasure. Lady Gaga once said “baby loves to dance in the dark”, and boy, do we concur! We’re, of course, talking about going out clubbing… what else could we have meant?

We Nomadic Boys have made no secret of our love for the dancefloor. And we’re generally not fussy. Clubhouses, bars, hotel ballrooms, even an art gallery have sufficed for us in the past. But we decided to put the age-old question to the test, asking ourselves:

Does size really matter?

The Ten Biggest Gay Clubs

Turns out, it does! We’ve partied at some of the biggest gay clubs in the world, falling in love with them one by one. Bigger gay clubs have a lot more room to contain things like world-class sound systems, epic lighting effects, internationally renowned DJs, cute bar staff, cool, likeminded clientele, and a playlist of songs to suit all tastes.

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Stockholm Gay Bars – The Globetrotter Guys

Stockholm Gay Bar - The Globetrotter Guys

Stockholm is an incredible destination for gay travellers with so much to offer – it is a very liberal and welcoming city. As a result, the bars (and scene) here are quite unique.

Given Stockholm is such a progressive city, you will find yourself welcome as a traveller in bars all across the city. However, whilst this is great to see, we were very keen to check out as many ‘actual’ Stockholm gay bars as possible during our visit.

Best Stockholm Gay Bars: Club Backdoor

Club Backdoor markets itself as ‘the best gay club north of Ibiza’. Backdoor is open till 5am Friday/Saturday and naturally becomes the final stop for everyone on a night out in town. On Fridays it plays hits, hip hop, RnB and 90s, Saturdays plays dark house and techno (check Facebook for updates). This club can tend to attract more of the circuit crowd and can be found just outside the city centre.

By Sion & Ben – Full Story at the Globetrotter Guys

Gay New York City – The Globetrotter Guys

Gay New York City - The Globetrotter Guys

When it comes to LGBTQ+ friendly cities, New York is one of the greatest to visit with its thriving queer scene, a deep-rooted history and some of the most iconic sights and buildings in the world. Each of our visits to gay New York City has been a truly magical experience.

We have always been wowed by its grandeur and palpable buzz, kept incredibly busy and each time left wanting more – it really is the city that never sleeps. NYC should be on everyone’s travel bucket list without a doubt.

In our ‘Gay New York City Travel Guide’ we will cover everything from where to find the queer areas here, to the best gay bars, hotels, the top things to do and many other helpful travel tips.

Why is New York so Gay Friendly?

We found the city to be very gay friendly and it should come as no surprise.

The Big Apple is considered to have one of the most well established, largest, out and proud LGBTQ communities in the world and home to one of the biggest pride celebrations.

This is likely to stem from the fact that New York is well known for being the birthplace of the gay rights movement – aka the Stonewall Riots.

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Miami Gay Bars – The Nomadic Boys

Miami Gay Bars - The Nomadic Boys

Most people call Miami the Magic City on account of its rapid growth and expansion throughout the mid-’90s. Me? I call it the Magic City because it’s the place where all the Miami gay bars make my gay party dreams come true!

The city has been home to queer nightlife as early as the 1930s. Cut to present day and the city now prides itself on having one of the largest LGBTQ communities in the world as well as being a major tourist location for over one million gay visitors every year. To prove their commitment to serving the community, they have gone as far as founding an LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce to help the locals safely and comfortably navigate life in their city.

Whether you call Miami your home or your favorite vacation spot in the US, you likely understand the extent to which diversity is an essential pillar that upholds the success of Miami gay bars and nightlife. The bars and clubs throughout the entire city echo their patrons, each one more wild and eclectic than the last!

With so many unique Miami gay bars scattered across the map, we want to walk you through the scene and show you exactly which businesses deserve your attention, which is why we have compiled our list of the best queer bars and clubs in the city.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Chicago Gay Bars – The Globetrotter Guys

Chicago Gay Bars - The Globetrotter Guys

Our Favorite Chicago Gay Bars

Chicago is one of our favourite places in the US. We arrived with no expectations and were completely blown away.

Not only does this city have a huge and vibrant gay scene, it is a beautiful city with incredibly friendly people and so much to do.

For this mini guide, we are focusing on the best Chicago gay bars, broken down into the bars in Northalsted and those in Andersonville.

Northalsted and Andersonville (affectionately coined MANdersonville) are the main areas in town and therefore where the majority of nightlife can be found.

Sidetrack – Boystown

Sidetrack was a finalist in Logo Tvs ‘Best Gay Bar in the World’ and we can see why! It has plenty of rooms to explore depending whether you want to chill, chat, or dance the night away! For us we were mainly on the dance floor which has a huge screen playing music videos to go alongside the music. Sidetrack plays a lot of pop, retro and throws the occasional show tune in there to!

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