Old Town Cologne – Keep Calm and Wander

Author: , October 18th, 2019

Old Town Cologne - Keep Calm and Wander

The historic Old Town of Cologne is, I think, the best place to drink and eat in the city. Especially in the summer- when the searing temperature is on, and everyone is thirsty.

Based on historical records, 72% of the city was destroyed by World war II. However, much of the structures of the Old Town Cologne was rebuilt, but still true to its original form.

Before my friend showed me the Old Town center, we walked along the Rhine River. We passed by the Deutches Sports and Olympia Museum. Then, we dropped by the Cologne Chocolate Factory Museum (Schcoladen) where we had Lindt.

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Best London Drag Clubs – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , August 29th, 2019

Best London Drag Clubs - The Nomadic Boys

What makes a good drag club, you ask?

Well, we feel that if you leave a drag show feeling confident, self-assured, and completely in love with yourself…then we’re sorry, but the drag queens did NOT do their job.

“At a good drag show, you are going to be insulted. You are going to be offended. You are going to question your self-worth – and you’re going to lap it all up.”

In all seriousness, drag shows are a lot of fun – and we’ve rarely come across a bad drag act, due to the fact that you can’t define drag as just one thing. There are so many different kinds of drag acts, such as drag queens, drag kings, bioqueens, genderf**k drag acts, and celebrity impersonators! There are fishy queens, butch queens, glamour queens, fashion queens, campy queens, and honey, that barely scratches the surface!

London is bursting with drag talent – and we’ve had the good fortune of seeing a lot of it. There is such a diverse and cultured drag scene, so if you see one drag show that wasn’t your cup of tea, then sweetie, try a different pot because there is something out there that is right for you.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best drag bars/shows in the city, and we hope it will give you the inspiration to go out and see a show!

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The Ultimate Guide to the Gay Florida Keys – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , February 13th, 2019

Gay Florida Keys - The Nomadic Boys

The best sunsets EVER!

We’ve travelled the world extensively, and can hands down say that when it comes to stunning sunsets, the Keys of south Florida is the best place to come. There are of course many other reasons to visit the Keys: the terrific gay scene of Key West, the diving in the many coral reefs, beautiful beaches, and of course the star culinary highlight, the Key Lime pie! But for us, those magnificent sunsets stole the show.

The Florida Keys are a string of thousands of tropical islands stretching about 120 miles (193km) off the southern tip of Florida, between the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The word “Keys” comes from the Spanish word “cayo”, which means ‘small island’.

The Keys begin at the southeastern coast of the Florida peninsula, about 15 miles (24 km) south of Miami. They then extend from Key Largo, all the way to Key West, which is the westernmost of the inhabited islands.

In this gay guide, we’ve set out the best gay hotels to stay, favourite gay hangouts and best things to do.

Travel in the Gay Florida Keys

Key West is not only the most touristic part of the Florida Keys but also the main gay hotspot of the region. Whilst there are no official gay clubs/bars in the rest of the Florida Keys, there are still plenty of fascinating places to check out.

For the best gay bars, clubs, parties and events, be sure to check out our detailed gay guide to Key West.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at The Nomadic Boys

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Key West Gay Bars – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , January 23rd, 2019

Key West Gay Bars - The Nomadic Boys

Key West is a gay island mecca at the southern tip of Florida, famous for its relaxed, friendly and Bohemian atmosphere.

We loved it here so much that we stayed here for a large chunk of our road trip in Florida. There are so many things to do in Key West for gay travellers, along with a terrific gay scene. The majority of the gay bars and clubs of Key West are located in the same spot along the busy Duval Street, between Angela and Petronia Streets. There is a permanent Rainbow Crosswalk here so you can’t miss it!

This is our gay guide to the best gay bars in Key West, along with dancing venues, drag show bars, beaches, events and best things to do. For accommodation options, be sure to check out our guide to the best gay resorts in Key West.

Gay Bars in Key West

These are the main gay bars in Key West to check out, including popular weekly parties:

801 Bourbon Bar: 801 is a large building standing proud next to the Rainbow Crosswalk. The bar is downstairs and upstairs is the club (see more below). The bar is a good place to come for a few cocktails to start the night. Also check out their Sunday karaoke nights between 4-8pm. 801 Bourbon is located at 801 Duval and is open everyday until 4am.

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WeHo Gay Nightlife – WeHoVille

Author: , November 17th, 2017

WeHo Gay Nightlife

West Hollywood’s best dive bar? WeHo’s best sushi restaurant? Our city’s best barbershop, pet boarding place, Pilates studio? These are among the many categories we included on WEHOville’s Best Of ballot in August. The online voting turnout was great (and monitored by us geeks to make sure we weren’t being trolled — i.e. Putin didn’t vote, only you did).

We published the results in West Hollywood Magazine, our quarterly print publication, which was out last week and which you can find in news racks, restaurants and shops around the city.

Best of WeHo Night Life
Best Dive Bar

No. 1
Mother Lode
8944 Santa Monica Boulevard
West Hollywood
(310) 659-9700

The word “mother lode” means something of great value. In West Hollywood, where good ole fashioned dive bars are scarce, Mother Lode is that.

Tucked between the very precious P.U.M.P., owned by reality TV celeb Lisa Vanderpump, and the forever-under-construction space where the restaurant Bottega Louie is opening (some day), is this bar that offers cheap drinks, a chance to play pool and some outdoor areas for smoking. The interior is, uh, rough. And dark. And very charming for those of us into that sort of venue.

And if you’re looking for an early drink, or a late one, Mother Lode is the place, with operating hours from 3 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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Gay Santiago: The Best Bars, Clubs and Hotels – Nomadic Boys

Author: , July 5th, 2017

Gay Santiago

Chile is well known as being one of the most economically developed countries in Latin America, but its society is still very conservative.

However, gay Santiago, the capital city has a huge gay scene, mainly around the Bellavista neighbourhood, with many gay bars, clubs and parties happening almost every day of the week.

After spending several months in Santiago and using it as a home base, it became one of our favourite places in South America. From our experience in Chile’s big capital city, we’ve put together this gay guide to Santiago, featuring our favourite gay bars, clubs, hotels and things to do in the city.

Gay Santiago Bars

Bombero Nuñez is the street in the Bellavista neighbourhood where you’ll find the majority of the gay bars and clubs of Santiago. Although most gay bars don’t get busy until after 10/11pm, there are a few gay restobars you can visit if you want to go somewhere beforehand.

Station Bar: Station restobar is one of the largest gay hangouts in Santiago, which gets busy after 6pm. We love coming here for early evening cocktails. Due to the licensing laws, you’re required to order food with your drinks, so it maybe worth having your dinner here as well. Station is open everyday except Sundays and is located at Antonia Lopez de Bello 064 in Bella Vista.

Bar 105: popular gay bar in Santiago and despite being quite small, always attracts a large crowd. For us Bar 105 was our favourite gay bar to warm up the evening with a few pisco sours before heading out to the nearby clubs. Bar 105 is open from Thursday to Sunday from 10pm till late and is located at Bombero Nuñez 105.

Burdel: this place gets busy because of its 2 for 1 drinks promotions and occasional drag shows. Burdel is open from Monday to Saturday from 10pm till late and is located at Ernesto pinto Lagarrigue 282.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Gay Denver Hot Spots

Author: , May 13th, 2017

Gay Denver

As the largest city in a 600-mile radius, LGBTI men and women from all over the West have flocked to gay Denver.

Take a trip with Eli as he finds out why people love being LGBTI in gay Denver, Colorado and showcases some of the top gay hotspots.

The 30-something local, who works as a creative director in pharmaceuticals, knows the Mile High City’s gay scene inside out, and will also be introducing readers to some of his hot friends. To find out more about the scene, visit the LGBTI portal on the Visit Denver website.

By David Calderon – Full Story at Gay Star News

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Gay London: Clubs, Bars, Cabaret and Culture

Author: , October 16th, 2015

John Sizzle

London is one of the world’s most welcoming cities when it comes to LGBTQ visitors. From cosy gay pubs to mind-boggling drag shows and representation in most of the major galleries and arts spaces, there is enough LGBTQ culture to keep you occupied day and night.

Despite being “cleaned up” by developers in recent years, Soho remains London’s gay nucleus. Its main drag, Brewer Street to Old Compton Street, still boasts a few sex shops, such as Prowler, and bars like the iconic G-A-Y, not to mention a number of cafes that double as cruising grounds. Soho is quaint, if only in the sense that Molly Moggs is one of the few places you’ll see a drag queen get totally ignored, but it is also thrilling, with gay saunas such as Sweatbox just a stone’s throw from more upmarket spots like the Oscar Wilde-themed bar, the Green Carnation.

London has seen gay clubbing events spread out from the centre over the last decade. Hackney, for example, is taking on increasing importance as a new kind of gaybourhood: where LGBT establishments aren’t ghettoised but dispersed among other businesses. In the basement of one of Hackney’s trendiest hotels (Ace Hotel, Shoreditch) is the club night Hard Cock Life – a mostly-male hip-hop night. Also in Hackney, the National Trust property Sutton House is the venue for an immersive, LGBT-friendly cinema event Amy Grimehouse, and just down the road, dingy club Vogue Fabrics hosts both straight and gay club nights throughout the week.

By Amelia Abraham – Full Story at The Guardian | London Gay Travel Resources

The Washington Blade Profiles DC’s Best Gay Restaurants and Bars

Author: , November 12th, 2013

Freddie’s Beach Bar

Washington Blade photo by Michael Key

It’s time for The Washington Blade’s annual Best of DC issue.

The paper profiles some of DC’s best gay restaurants:

Best new restaurant & Best date restaurant: Le Diplomate
1601 14th St., N.W.

Feel like you’re dining at a restaurant in Paris without leaving the District. Authentic French food like escargot and a selection of cheeses make for a rich meal. Pair with an extensive wine list of whites and reds for the full Parisian experience. (MC)

As well as the best of DC nightlife:

Best outside-D.C. bar: Freddie’s Beach Bar
555 23rd Street
South Arlington, Va.

See these and many more at the links above.

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Welcoming Montreal – The Gay Village

Author: , June 7th, 2013

Montreal - The Village

Montreal - The VillageThe Village is Montreal’s gay district, and includes a long stretch of St.Catherine’s street, where you’ll find most of the shopping, and a sizable residential area that wraps around it.

To get here, take either the Green or Orange Line and get off at the Berri Uqam station and look for the exit to St. Catherine Street. Turn left, and you’re there.

Priape Poster - Montreal Gay VillageSt. Catherine is the largest gay shopping district in North America, and it goes on for block after block after block. In the summertime, most of the street in the Village is closed to auto traffic (but be careful because cross streets are not closed) and thousands of pink balls are hung on strings up and down the street, giving it as very festive and gay look.

The street is filled with restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars; there are a few fetish stores and clothing shops too, but shopping here is limited. Just past the Berri-Uqam Metro station, there’s a Jean Coteau drug store – these are ubiquitous in Montreal, and are a good place to stop for basics.

Pizzetta - Montreal - The VillageWe only at once here – at Piazzeta, a cute little pizzeria at the corner of St. Catherines and Amhearst – they have a nice deck in the middle of the district, and their pizzas are very thin crusted and light.

Bar Stock - The Village, MontrealWe came back to see the Village at night – it’s a whole different place, as it starts to fill up with the gays and, surprisingly, a number fo straight folks and couples too.

We started at Bar Stock, a strip club at the corner of St. Catherine and Montcalm, that opens at 8 PM, and offers ongoing strip shows with a number of guys.

A lot of the guys are the gorilla type – big, muscular, and likely straight. And here’s where the leg rubbing comes in. Two of the guys spotted us and came over to talk… they say down next to us and leaned in close, and one of them rubbed my leg while telling me how nice it was to talk with me.

The shows also include a bit of full frontal – including one of the guys who strutted up and down the stage without anything on, removing the “tease” from strip tease. There’s also apparently a back room for private dances, as we saw several guys being ed back there by some of the dancers.

Mado - Montreal - The VillageIt was a bit disconcerting to have an apparently straight guy come on to me so forwardly right in front of my husband. Guess we made ourselves fair game by going there in the first place!

Next we went to Mado, the local drag club – Mado has drag shows at 11:15 PM nightly. But get there 45 minutes early if you want a good seat.

Mado Performer - Drag Queen - Montreal, The VillageThe shows are mostly in French, although some songs are US pop hits – and the level of talent was high – some of these girls are ready for RuPaul’s Drag Race.

One of my favorites was a drag queen who looked like a librarian gone bad, singing a song with a German song called “He Vas My Boyfriend”.

The show was a lot of fun, even with a language barrier. The host asked (in English) if there were any tourists there, and we said yes.

She asked what we were there for, and Mark said “Business”.

She gave us a funny look and said “Christmas?????”

Sky Pub Bar - The Village, MontrealThere was even a bachelorette party there, and one of the girls came up to us afterwards and offered to translate. Very nice people in Montreal.

For a nightcap, we went to the terrasse (terrace) at Sky Pub at St. Catherine and Alexandre de Seve. The Montrealers are big on their terrasses – after a cold, hard winter, they want to be out in the sunshine as much as possible.

The View From Sky Pub - The Village, MontrealThe terrasse at Sky Pub is a large one, spanning most of the roof – with a view over St. Catherine’s (at right).

There are two bars up there, and the waitress was pretty quick to come and take our order. We spent about half an hour up here enjoying the vibe – it was a beautiful night, and lots of folks were out. They were serving tequilas and something blue b y the pitcher – the table next to us was halfway into their second pitcher by the time we left.

Apollon Bar, The Village, MontrealAppalon, at the corner of St, Catherine and Rue Plessis, is more of a disco, and draws a younger crowd. There are so many other bars and venues along here – you could spend a week checking out the Village’s gay nightlife.

Memory Gaps Art - The Village, MontrealThere’s also a really cool public art project here called Memory Gaps – a series of black walls covered in white writing and images – that “invites you to take a walk down memory lane that is no longer part of you.” The walls have a series of steadily smaller holes that you can look through, as well as hidden messages to decipher, some that are only apparent from certain angles.

We visited five gay-owned accommodations in the Village. All were unique, and they spanned the length and breadth of the Village.

We’ll start at the east end of The Village.

Le Cartier
1219 Cartier

Le Cartier B&B - Montreal

Le Cartier B&B - MontrealLe Cartier is a gay-owned bed and breakfast just a block off the end of the Village, on a quiet side street behind the Stud, one of the gay bars in the village.

Le Cartier B&B - MontrealThe rooms have a warm, modern decor, and are all individually decorated. Some have writing desks and a sitting area.

Like many of the houses here, there’s also a beautiful courtyard in the back for guest use, with a table where you can hang out or eat a little something.

There’s a kitchen area too, with cold cereals, a coffee maker, toaster, and oven.

We also visited two gay owned bed and breakfasts in the center of the Village, just a couple blocks north of St. Catherine’s:

Studio Living
1831 Montcalm

Studio Living - Montreal

Studio Living - MontrealStudio Living is a beautiful, sleek, modern bed and breakfast just five blocks north of St. Catherines – a quiet location with three guest suites, two with private entrances off the street.

Your host, Michele, is a really nice guy – a thirty year area resident who used to be a banker but gave it up to run the B&B.

Studio Living - MontrealHe serves a continental breakfast every day. There’s a microwave and toaster for guest use in each suite, and if you stay for a month or more, you can have use of the full kitchen.

He knows all about the Gay Village, and can direct you to all the bars and other attractions along St. Catherine’s. He also lists local events on his Facebook page.

The B&B also has a wide courtyard with a long table that’s perfect for eating outdoors or socializing with friends or other guests.

Studio Living’s a great, gay-owned Village accommodation option with lots of space and natural light.

La Loggia
1637 Amherst

La Loggia - Montreal

La Loggia - MontrealJust a block away from Studio Living, we visited La Loggia Art & Breakfast – filled with local art, as well as neoclassical sculptures by one of the owners, Joel A. Prevost. They offer five guest rooms, including a large suite on the ground floor.

La Loggia - MontrealAll of the art is available for sale – if you like something, just inquire if you like one of the pieces.

Upstairs you’ll find a dining room and common area where you can meet with other guests. The B&B is very quiet, with soundproofed windows. There’s also a sun deck at the back of the house.

La Loggia has many repeat guests, and they love making connections with their guests.

Gingerbread Manor
3445 Avenue Laval

Gingerbread Manor B&B - Montreal

Gingerbread Manor B&B - MontrealGingerbread Manor is a gay-owned B&B just over the district boundary in the Plateau area, a block past St. Denis Ave. It’s in a beautiful mansion, built in 1885, along a quiet, upscale street. The property is gay owned, and while the clientele is mostly straight, they do have a number of gay and lesbian guests, often couples.

The B&B is close to the Theatre District too – perfect if you want to catch a play. The street is in a traditional Montreal neighborhood, just a twenty minute walk from the Old Port and half an hour from The Mountain.

Gingerbread Manor B&B - Montreal - The VillageThe smallest room has a balcony that overlooks the street where you can people watch, and another room has a fold-out bed and can hold four guests. If you’re addicted to a/c, the top floor is air conditioned.

Gingerbread Manor is known for its breakfast – they serve 14 distinct meals, rotated every two weeks, and the owner loves to innovate – specialties like lemon poppyseed pancakes with raspberry syrup.

The B&B also has a back patio, but it was closed during our visit, while the owner was having some work done on the exterior of the building.

If you’re looking for a place a little closer to downtown, Gingerbread Mansion may be for you.

La Conciergerie
1019 St-Hubert Street

La Conciergerie B&B - Montreal

La Conciergerie B&B - MontrealThe final B&B on our tour is also gay owned – a beautiful boutique hotel with 17 rooms in two lovely attached homes, just a couple blocks south of St. Catherine. La Conciergerie is a clean, beautiful, professionally-run property that’s been in business for twenty eight years.

The homes were built around 1875, and were connected inside and upgraded by the owners, Michael and Luc. Just inside the entrance, you’ll find a lovely sitting room and fireplace, the room where the innkeepers greet you when you arrive, and where you can relax and chat with other guests, if you’d like.

The clientele is mostly gay, and is decorated with a masculine sensibility. The artwork is all available for sale, if you are interested in anything. The owners have impeccable taste.

La Conciergerie B&B - MontrealThe guest rooms on one side share bathrooms; the other was gutted and renovated, and the rooms there have private baths. La Conciergerie also offers several two-bed guest rooms for families or couples traveling together. Double-paned windows ensure peace and quiet in your room.

Several rooms open out onto common decks – the property has four patios – one beautifully landscaped in pave stone at the base of the house, two decks partway up, and a roof-top deck that’s ideal for private sunbathing, but looks out onto some spectacular city views. The middle terraces look down onto a pretty green belt behind the home.

Breakfast is an expanded continental, and is served between 8 and 12 every morning. The property is suited for adults, but is not handicap-friendly – as with many Montreal buildings, there are lots of stairs.

La Conciergerie is quiet, professional, and close to St. Catherine without all the crowds.

Click here for gay travel resources in Quebec.

Thank you so much to Tanya Churchmuch and Tourisme Montreal for all the information and museum passes – check out their gay section here.