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Author: , May 19th, 2018

Business Class Flights - The Nomadic Boys

This is a guest post by London based gay blogger, David Wides – The Travelling Mo:

After taking advantage of a great business class deal a few years ago, I have found it increasingly difficult to turn right on a long haul flight. So I now carefully craft my travelling plans based on getting good long haul business class flight deals, cos let’s face it- once you’ve put your feet up and sipped that first glass of champagne, you’re hooked! But nobody wants to pay top dollar for the privilege…

Friends and family are often envious of the deals I’ve bagged over the years, but it really isn’t that hard to do! These are my 5 top tips for getting the best business class flight deals.

This is where you have to do a little bit of reading. Many people don’t know much about the different points membership programmes available. You need to understand how these work in order to take best advantage of any deals and to secure the frequent flier status that will get you access to the best lounges, even when you’re flying economy.

Airline frequent flier programmes usually have a concept of an airline mile (earned based on the distance you travel and augmented by your class of travel or status) and status points (also earned based on where you travel augmented by class of travel). Status points determine your status with that airline (and with their alliance partners- more on that below) and that decides what benefits you get from the airline, which can include lounge access, upgrade vouchers and more. These can only be earned by flying with an airline (or their partners). Miles on the other hand can be earned by flying with an airline (or their partners) or by other ways of spending.

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What Should You Pack When Studying Abroad?

Author: , January 31st, 2014

What to Pack - Adam GroffmanBALCIHWEWE! That’s the sound I make when packing. I don’t know about you, but I always leave packing as one of the last things I do before a trip. I usually scribble a short list down in the few days before leaving reminding me to bring certain things (glasses, baseball cap, PASSPORT!) but I inevitably leave the packing for the last hours before running off to the airport.

While packing for my current trip — my one month studying Spanish in Spain — I actually prepared quite a bit in advance. This was my first “big” trip in a while, and because I knew I’d be living in an apartment in Seville (booked through my study abroad program), I knew I’d need to bring certain things. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from all the times I’ve studied abroad (this is sort-of my third time studying abroad, but it must be my gazillionth time living abroad), it’s the importance of bringing things with you to remind you of home. So for me that’s always meant a bit more planning in my study abroad packing lists.

Packing Tips for Study Abroad Students

Here’s my guide on what to pack when you study abroad, based on all the things I’ve brought with me to Spain while studying abroad at Clic.

Authored by Adam Groffman. See the Full Story at Travels of Adam here.

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Staying Sane While Traveling

Author: , June 30th, 2011

Gay TravelAs I write this, I’m sitting in a crowded terminal in Boston’s Logan Airport waiting for my flight to France. Though there’s a lot of madness around me, I try not to get caught up in it. I like to think of myself as the eye of the storm–calm amongst the chaos.

Being balanced, serene and centered while traveling is something of an art. But it’s worth the effort and practice–traveling is a lot more enjoyable when you’re present and calm.

To that end, here are a few tips to get your Zen on:

1. Exercise. You might be on vacation, but your body is not. Exercise in your room, in your hotel’s gym, outside (i.e., running along the beach) or find a gym nearby–most offer guest passes. Investing just an hour of gym time in yourself can help reduce stress, improve sleep and increase energy. It’s definitely worthwhile.

2. Choose the right attitude. Most people approach traveling with the attitude of, “Uhh! I hate flights.” If that’s the case, you’ve already decided it’s going to be a terrible experience. Instead, make the decision to enjoy the journey. Find a good book or download some interesting movies on you iPad. A long flight can be hell–or 6 hours of scheduled “me” time. The choice is yours!

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