Naked Snorkeling – Everything to Sea

Naked Snorkeling - Everything to Sea

Sometimes we’re asked if cruises provide naked snorkeling options. We are EVERYTHING TO SEA, so it’d be crazy if we didn’t! Especially because we’re sailing in part of the famous Coral Triangle, dubbed “The Amazon of the Seas”. Picture a beautiful landscape under the sea, rich with marine plants, gorgeous coral, and the greatest diversity of coral reef fishes in the world.

Naked Snorkeling in the Coral Triangle

We highly recommend snorkeling during our trips to our travelers. Not only is it “The Best Place on Earth” to do so. It’s also really easy to do. And, the water temperature and clarity are truly ideal. You should expect breathtaking views – including some other naked snorkelers! Although whales may be hard to spot, you’ll probably see some “free willies” flopping around.

If you haven’t snorkeled before – or if you haven’t done it in a while – rest assured that in the Coral Triangle, it’s easy to do so in a safe manner. And on every trip, we’re able to give special attention to up to two guys who might want extra guidance. This means every time you’re in the water, you’d have the direct attention of one of our staff as your own personal snorkeling buddy. First-timer? No problem – we’ll begin by showing you how to snorkel in a spot where you can stand, just off the beach.

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Snorkeling Gay El Nido in the Philippines – The Nomadic Boys

Snorkeling Gay El Nido in the Philippines - The Nomadic Boys

Is this Paradise? Yes, it is. We’ve found it. Right here at the northern tip of Palawan Island in the Philippines: El Nido!

We came to gay El Nido during our big trip in the Philippines and ended up staying for a few weeks. It turned into a big underwater adventure – we went one time and wanted more and more. It is an underwater lover’s wet dream. It has many healthy coral reefs, underwater landscapes and an abundance of marine life with over 800 fish species. Almost every time we dipped our head into these turquoise waters it was like we were entering a whole new world – so many colors, fish and even a few turtles and rays passing by!

Snorkeling Gay El Nido

Joining one of the four famous snorkeling tours in El Nido (A, B, C or D) is the most accessible way to get a flavor of this magical underwater world: no diving experience is required, it’s fully guided and very secure.

In this article, we’ve summarised our experience with each of these four snorkeling tours of El Nido to help you pick the best one for you.

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Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling – 2TravelDads

Cabo San Lucas Snorkleing

As heartbreaking as it is to realize that your kids are growing up it’s also amazing.  We are able to do so many more fun things and share even more new experiences with them.  One that is really exciting is snorkeling! Snorkeling in and around Cabo San Lucas is surprisingly great and if you’re in the right spot, it’s mellow enough for kids. Our Cabo snorkeling guide highlights just that: best Cabo snorkeling spots!

Have you been snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas?  Have you been to Cabo when you WEREN’T on spring break as a college kid?  Well, Cabo San Lucas is one of our favorite family travel destinations and now with growing kids we’re excited for our many future visits.  When it comes to snorkeling, there are a variety of fish-type experiences we enjoy doing, both with and without the kids.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkeling: Boats vs. Beaches

We have done a wide variety of snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas over the years, and when we say “variety” we’re not just talking about the beaches we’re at, but the method of approach and overall wildlife. You know that we love to get out on the water, so that’s one approach we take, but then we also will venture out in a car or even on foot to find good snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas and all the way up to La Paz. The best Cabo snorkeling spots are in surprising places.

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Pink Condos on Sunset Beach – Lesbian Owned Accommodations in St. Croix, USVI

Pink Condos on Sunset Beach

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Truly paradise, The Pink Condos have it all, beach, sunsets, snorkeling, relaxation and privacy!!!

Featuring four 1BR, 1 Bath condos and a 2 BR, 2 bath unit on one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

Wake up every morning to the beautiful blue water and watch the post card sunsets in the evenings from your private spacious balcony.

See the Pink Condos on Sunset Beach Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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