Utah’s Zion National Park Gay Friendly Stays – 2TravelDads

Zion National Park Gay Friendly Stays - 2TravelDads

There’s no doubt that you’ll find lots of choices for where to stay at Zion National Park, but how do you choose which one to book? Should you look for availability at a National Park lodge or book glamping outside the park? We’ll help with all of that, including where to eat at Zion.

Zion National Park Gay Friendly Stays from 2TravelDads

Depending on your travel style, you may approach visiting a National Park differently than other families. We range from camping to to hotels nearby to National Park Lodges. And our dining matches this: picnicking, easy lunches, local cuisine and fine dining.

Everybody’s budget is different when they travel. Even when we’re traveling for work on somebody else’s dime, we are careful to make budget-friendly choices and to keep with the means that we’ve always operated in. Also, we love to travel using points so that often will color the decision about where we stay. Luckily, our ideas for Zion National Park gay friendly stays include the gambit of lodging styles, including national brand options.

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Visiting Yosemite Country – 2TravelDads

Yosemite Country - 2TravelDads

Five Truly Unique Yosemite Country Activities

As you plan your visit to Yosemite National Park, consider these suggestions for ways to see Yosemite Country from a different perspective. Whether it’s the history of the area or getting into nature with nobody else around, I think you’ll find these picks great additions to a totally unique getaway. Yosemite Country is more than what’s within the National Park, and it’s a lot of fun to explore. From great restaurants in Oakhurst to unique fishing and kayaking opportunities.

EBiking and Hiking Adventure

We love getting out into the forest, and especially in California’s Sierras. Renting E-bikes with off-road tires, we were able to cover a lot of ground really quickly as we headed out from the Tenaya Lodge. E-Bikes are unique in that you can pedal yourself just like a normal bike, but then you also have a small electric motor to boost you on your way.

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Florida’s Rainbow Springs – 2TravelDads

Florida's Rainbow Springs - 2TravelDads

Rainbow Springs State Park is just like it sounds: rainbowy and beautiful. One of the lesser known state parks due to its off-the-beaten-path location, it’s worth planning an adventure to visit. We love hitting up our favorite Florida springs for manatees and swimming in the summer, and this beautiful place is at the top of that list.

Visiting Florida’s Rainbow Springs

So much of what we share is National Park-centric, but we’ve really come to love Florida’s state parks, and some, like this, contain some of the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen. Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida is the type of place you’ve seen in fantasy movies or whimsical paintings. Seriously pretty beyond pretty. And it’s so much fun for a visit too!

When you do a Florida Gulf Coast road trip you’ll see some pretty incredible sights, from manatees in Crystal River to fiddler crab colonies in Fort Myers Beach, but nothing is quite like this place. Being the headwaters of the Rainbow River, you know it’s bound to be beautiful and a bit magical.

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Ba Vi National Park – Keep Calm and Wander

Ba Vi National Park - Keep Calm and Wander

Ba Vi National Park is a protected park just outside Hanoi. In what supposed to be an hour drive, it took us almost two and a half hours because of the unpredictable weather. It was a fight between the sun, clouds, and fog.

On our way up to the mountain, we would see the sun for a while, then the clouds covered it up – and suddenly a fog would envelop us. We didn’t really plan on what to do there. And worse, we even had no idea what to do and see up there. We just followed our GPS and stopped at a few places that caught our attention.

The road to the mountaintop was not an easy one. You’ve got to drive carefully because of its narrow zigzag-y road where one side is a dangerous cliff. Adding to that is a foggy road that we had to turn on the headlights a few times. As we got closer to the main attraction of Ba Vi National Park, the temperature also changed.

Lesbian Travel: Exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park – Free Wheel Drive

Lesbian Travel: Exploring Carlsbad Caverns National Park - Free Wheel Drive

On to Carlsbad Caverns National Park! It’s so close to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park that we were able to stay at the same campground just inside of New Mexico from Texas. Carlsbad Caverns National Monument was created in 1923 by President Calvin Coolidge and then it was made into a national park in 1930.

We love a good national park visitor center. They are like little free museums. A great place to learn about the history of the area.

To get into the cave you take a path around the visitor center to the Natural Entrance. Unfortunately, at the beginning of February, the bats have all migrated to Mexico for the winter so we didn’t get to see them fly out.

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Prana Rainforest Retreat – Gay Manuel Antonio Retreat

Prana Rainforest Retreat

Welcome to Costa Rica’s Prana Rainforest Retreat, a luxurious bali-style villa in Manuel Antonio, made just for you and your partner. Come stay with us and experience expert massage therapy, yoga and exotic gourmet meals.

You can spend your whole day here, if you want, lounging together on your romantic day bed, suspended over a private tropical pool. Practice yoga on the deck by our peaceful waterfall, surrounded by a tropical forest filled with monkeys and toucans.

Our Costa Rica retreat sits on the border of Manuel Antonio National Park, just minutes away from world-famous white sand beaches.

Your hosts Mark and Jon, built the Prana Rainforest Retreat as an extension of their business, Prana Spa, in Key West. We offer our retreat as a bed and breakfast – a full breakfast is served each morning, including items such as:

  • Omelets filled with fresh homemade goat cheese and herbs from our greenhouse, made with eggs from our own chickens
  • Fresh homemade granola and yogurt served with organic fruit from our own trees
  • Almond pancakes topped with maple syrup infused with homegrown ginger and cardamom
  • Fruit smoothies, fresh squeezed juices, and organic Costa Rican coffee.

The retreat’s Guest Villa offers 1,400 square feet of living space, and includes a king-sized bed, large living room, and a step-through “rain shower” room opening up onto the pool deck. You can look up from your shower and see a flock of toucans in the trees above!

Our Manuel Antonio villa is furnished with museum-quality furnishings collected from India, Indonesia and Thailand, and the open air design allows cool jungle breezes to pass through, or if you prefer, you can fully air condition the rooms.

Prana Rainforest Retreat was made for relaxation – lay in a hammock on your private covered deck by the waterfall, read a book on the cushioned Bali Bed suspended over your private pool, have a glass of wine in your living room, or take a nap on your comfortable antique king-sized bed.

Each of these spaces has a wonderful view into the surrounding rainforest, and there are also have trails traversing the property which you can explore while you are here.

The Prana Rainforest Retreat is a wonderful, private getaway which you’ll have all to yourself. It’s also a great base for exploring the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica – head off after breakfast each day to experience the beautiful beaches and adventure excursions that make Manuel Antonio a world-class resort destination.

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