Florida’s Rainbow Springs – 2TravelDads

Florida's Rainbow Springs - 2TravelDads

Rainbow Springs State Park is just like it sounds: rainbowy and beautiful. One of the lesser known state parks due to its off-the-beaten-path location, it’s worth planning an adventure to visit. We love hitting up our favorite Florida springs for manatees and swimming in the summer, and this beautiful place is at the top of that list.

Visiting Florida’s Rainbow Springs

So much of what we share is National Park-centric, but we’ve really come to love Florida’s state parks, and some, like this, contain some of the most beautiful sights we’ve ever seen. Rainbow Springs State Park in Dunnellon, Florida is the type of place you’ve seen in fantasy movies or whimsical paintings. Seriously pretty beyond pretty. And it’s so much fun for a visit too!

When you do a Florida Gulf Coast road trip you’ll see some pretty incredible sights, from manatees in Crystal River to fiddler crab colonies in Fort Myers Beach, but nothing is quite like this place. Being the headwaters of the Rainbow River, you know it’s bound to be beautiful and a bit magical.

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