Early Morning in the Medina in Fes – Keep Calm and Wander

Alain - Medina in Fes The moment I entered the medina in Fes, I was met with a lot of annoyances. A simple “thank you” with a smile didn’t work, so I ignored the scammers and hawkers. The first scammer told me that the hostel I’ve booked had already been closed a week ago. He then recommended me a very nice one for a cheaper price. The second scammer pretended to be helpful by showing me the way to my hostel, but I was very quick to tell him nicely that I’d be fine to find the hostel on my own. We had a little argument until he realized that I wasn’t going to let him win. He looked at me like he could crush me in one blow. The medinas in Morocco almost have the same thing to offer. They awaken your five senses in all corners along potholed alleys and narrow main streets.

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