Gay Lyon, France – The Nomadic Boys

Gay Lyon, France - The Nomadic Boys

We love Lyon because it has a mix of everything. As well as a fun gay scene, it is also famous for being the foodie capital of France and for having many UNESCO listed buildings.

The majority of the gay nightlife of Lyon is located in the Presqu’île. This is the area where the two rivers, the Rhône and Saône meet, forming an island-like peninsula. The southern section of the Presqu’île is the confluence point of the 2 rivers, and is more residential. The northern end of the Presqu’île is where the majority of the gay scene is, particularly between Place des Terreaux and Cordeliers. In this area, it is not uncommon to see same sex couples walking the streets holding hands.

Following our many trips to France’s gastronomical capital, we’ve put together our gay guide to Lyon including the best bars, clubs, cruising clubs, saunas, events and places to stay.

Gay Bars in Lyon

Regardless of the season, the gay bars of Lyon are always a lot of fun, particularly as there is a large student population in the city. In the summer, the gay crowds spill into the streets outside. In the winter months, it’s super cozy with everyone buried inside the bars, clutching a cup of mulled wine. These are some of our favourite gay bars in Lyon:

La Ruche: one of the staple gay bars of Lyon. We love coming here for a few drinks to start the night, especially in the terrace area. La Ruche is located at 22 rue Gentil, 69002 and is open everyday from 5pm to late.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at The Nomadic Boys

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Lyon’s Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière – Keep Calm and Wander

Lyon's Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière - Keep Calm and Wander

If Rio de Janeiro has the statue of Christ the Redeemer looking after the city, Lyon has Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière. Yes, it’s not a statue with open arms but a basilica sitting on top of a mountain. You can’t miss it – and every local knows where it is. It may look far when you’re on the plains but it’s worth a visit – even if you’re not religious.

The Basilica’s Fame. When Black Death swept Europe in the 17th middle of century, Lyon was saved from it. The locals built this church to honour the Virgin Mary to whom they believe safeguarded the city from the deadly plague.

Day of Immaculate Conception. Every year, On December 8, the city has the “Festival of Lights.” This is the night when locals light a candle for the Virgin Mary who is also attributed for saving Lyon during the Prussian Invasion (1870) and the cholera epidemic (1832).

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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Lyon’s Coolest Mural – Keep Calm and Wander

Lyon's Coolest Mural - Keep Calm and Wander

From afar, this building looks like an ordinary building with people hanging out on their balconies. But, viola, as you go nearer, you’ll realize that this building is coated with mural paintings of famous people from Lyon. They look real at first glance. These people, I was told, are coming from all walks of life, experts in their own chosen endeavours.

Yes, they’re well-known personalities who hail from and make Lyon proud. There are journalists, chefs, artists, actors, professors, sportsmen, historians, poets, architects, botanists, scientists, and many more.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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