San Diego for Gay Families – A 3 Day Itinerary

San Diego for Gay Families - 3 Day Itinerary

San Diego is worth both a leisurely vacation and a quick trip. Any amount of time will be fun, but never quite enough. This plan for 3 days in San Diego for gay families is absolutely ideal if you’re visiting with kids or on your own. With a blend of outdoors, culture and history you’ll love this three day itinerary for the best of SD!

3 Day Itinerary – San Diego for Gay Families

So, what do you include in a three day visit to San Diego? How can you possibly choose what to leave out? We’ve got you covered, and even though it’s not everything this amazing city has to offer, it’s the perfect mix.

Day 1: the San Diego Coastline

Let’s start by exploring the coastline of San Diego. Did you know that there are more than beaches to enjoy when you visit SD? It’s true! You’ll find 70 miles of golden coastline, cliffs and tidepools, and even a National Park Service gem!

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Visiting Gay Playa del Carmen – 2TravelDads

Visiting Gay Playa del Carmen - 2TravelDads

We know how to do a beach day. I mean, we live at the beach, but what do you do when you’re in a beach destination without kids? And what if it’s a beach destination that also has non-beach stuff that is pulling you away from the surf? Playa del Carmen is just that. Here’s how to plan an amazing trip to gay Playa del Carmen and do more than the beach.

If you’re unfamiliar, Playa del Carmen is on Mexico’s east coast, on the Caribbean, and part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It’s very different from the west coast or Baja California. Playa del Carmen still has the huge hotels (and it’s close to Cancun, so yeah), but it’s also very chill. It is an awesome Caribbean destination for getting close to nature AND having beach fun.

Travel to Gay Playa del Carmen

Many people who head to the Yucatan Peninsula are venturing to Cancun, but just south of Cancun are Tulum and Playa del Carmen, and to the north is Isla Holbox. You need to fly into Cancun (CUN) to start your trip to Playa del Carmen. You can also fly into Cozumel and then ferry over to Playa del Carmen, but that’s extra time and a lot of extra money (most likely, flights aren’t cheap).

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Visiting Gay Brighton, England – The Globetrotter Guys

Visiting Gay Brighton

What to See When Visiting Gay Brighton, England

Heading to Gay Brighton (England) for the first time, we knew we were in for a treat.

When it comes to gay destinations in the UK, the iconic and vibrant seaside town of Gay Brighton easily ranks in the top 3 places for LGBTQ travellers to head to – its reputation as a gay destination precedes itself being known as the unofficial gay capital of the UK rivalling the likes of Manchester, the gay capital of the North.

This seaside resort town has a lot to offer for LGBTQ travellers and quite frankly any traveller alike. Whether you are looking to experience one of the largest Pride celebrations in the UK which hosts some seriously big names (Britney, Christina and Kylie have performed), experience the nightlife in Brighton, relax on the gay beach or simply explore the lively town, surrounding coast or picturesque countryside, Brighton has something for everyone.

Just an hour by train from London, anyone visiting the UK should definitely add Brighton to their travel list. Here is everything you might need to know.

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Maine’s Acadia National Park – 2TravelDads

Acadia National Park

Have you ever been to Acadia National Park? If the answer is no, then you’re among the majority of Americans. Located Down East in Maine, This gorgeous outdoor area is pretty big and complicated to plan for. From where to stay near Acadia to hiking and water activities, there’s a lot to consider before your visit.

The 2TravelDads’ Guide to
Visiting Maine’s Acadia National Park

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! If you have questions about Acadia National Park that we don’t answer, please let us know so we can help you. Leave a comment or send us a note and we’ll get back to you ASAP so you can plan your Acadia trip!

Located in coastal Maine, the park is very different from other NPS sites you might visit. Unlike Yellowstone National Park, Acadia is broken into sections with roads, towns and harbors between them. It’s more similar to Olympic National Park or John Day Fossil Beds (the Painted Hills) in that there are multiple park units.

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Super Cool Geology in Mammoth, California – 2TravelDads

Super Cool Geology in Mammoth, California - 2TravelDads

Check Out Some Super Cool
Geology in Mammoth With the 2TravelDads

Mammoth Lakes, California has so much cool geology to experience. It’s a great ski and hiking destination, but there are lots of hot springs and earth phenomena that make the region itself a fascinating place to visit. A trip to Mammoth Lakes is a lesson in geologic time and science!

I love being a geology nerd. Geology rocks! We incorporate as many scientific activities and sights in our travels as possible. It’s one of the ways we make sure the learning continues, either during summer break or when we pull the kids from school for travel. The geology in Mammoth Lakes are AWESOME for either sightseeing or learning. Here are eleven spots to experience earth science at Mammoth.

My mind is blown when I think about geologic time, and one of the coolest things about visiting Mammoth Lakes is how visible it is there. Geologic sites abound and you can literally see moments in time and the progression of geologic history. California’s mountain towns, like Mammoth, are built very near some of the most active parts of the earth’s crust. I love it!

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Exploring Gay Williamsburg With Kids – 2TravelDads

Gay Williamsburg With Kids - 2TravelDads

Exploring Gay Williamsburg, Virginia With Kids

Living history is something we LOVE experiencing together and Colonial Williamsburg is THE spot for it. A part of what’s called the Historic Triangle, This historic village is basically a snapshot in time, just before the start of the Revolutionary War. Visiting gay Williamsburg with kids is wonderful because it gives them a real life understanding of America 300 years ago, and visiting as adults is both educational and just a beautiful, relaxing time.

While it might not seem like it initially, Williamsburg is actually a big vacation destination / resort area. From glamping in a yurt at the KOA to staying at the Historic Williamsburg Lodge, you’ll find the full gamut of hotels and accommodations.

If you plan it properly, you can even arrange to stay within the historic preservation area. At the Brick House Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg, you can rent rooms, just like in its tavern days of the 18th century!

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A Weekend Getaway to Gay Portland – 2TravelDads

A Weekend Getaway to Gay Portland - 2TravelDads

Portland, Oregon has tons of things to do for visitors of all sorts. It’s known for being a hipster city, but it’s so much more. There is great food, lots of art, spas, parks and it’s the gateway to the Willamette Valley wine region. Gay Portland can be a home base for a week long Oregon vacation or just a weekend getaway.

These are our top picks for planning a chill and fun weekend in Portland. If you have additional recommendations or questions, leave a comment or send us a note. We’re always happy to help!

Why Choose Gay Portland for A Weekend Trip?

Have you ever been in search of the city that you really feel like could be your second home but you don’t want to go where everybody else is and yet you want to be around all kinds of awesome people but you want small/local options but you want awesome food but… Well, that’s Portland. It’s set in an incredibly beautiful area right on the Willamette River in Oregon. Depending on where you are, you’ve got a gorgeous view of Mt Hood and you’re set up for day trips to a variety of interesting places.

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Utah’s Zion National Park Gay Friendly Stays – 2TravelDads

Zion National Park Gay Friendly Stays - 2TravelDads

There’s no doubt that you’ll find lots of choices for where to stay at Zion National Park, but how do you choose which one to book? Should you look for availability at a National Park lodge or book glamping outside the park? We’ll help with all of that, including where to eat at Zion.

Zion National Park Gay Friendly Stays from 2TravelDads

Depending on your travel style, you may approach visiting a National Park differently than other families. We range from camping to to hotels nearby to National Park Lodges. And our dining matches this: picnicking, easy lunches, local cuisine and fine dining.

Everybody’s budget is different when they travel. Even when we’re traveling for work on somebody else’s dime, we are careful to make budget-friendly choices and to keep with the means that we’ve always operated in. Also, we love to travel using points so that often will color the decision about where we stay. Luckily, our ideas for Zion National Park gay friendly stays include the gambit of lodging styles, including national brand options.

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Best Mammoth Lakes Restaurants – 2TravelDads

Best Mammoth Lakes Restaurants - 2TravelDads

Our List of the Best Mammoth Lakes Restaurants

We were very surprised by all the great places to eat in Mammoth Lakes, California. Often times it seems like winter destinations don’t have stand-our restaurants for summer dining, but this four season destination proved that theory wrong. From standard American to fancy French cuisine, we found it all there.

Mammoth is a great place if you’re into good food and hiking, so just add it to your California travel list now. Also, we don’t often write about food when we’re reviewing our travels, but this great town had so many great eats that it required its own article. I hope you enjoy (and get some meal inspiration too) i=our list of the best Mammoth Lakes restaurants!

Whether you’re wondering where to eat before heading out skiing or you’re visiting in summer and need hiking nourishment, there are quite a few great places to eat around town. Grab breakfast before you immerse yourself in the cool geologic sites in Mammoth Lakes!

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Exploring Glacier National Park by Boat Tour – 2TravelDads

Exploring Glacier National Park by Boat Tour - 2TravelDads

Exploring Glacier National Park in Montana

Glacier National Park boat tours are one of the more unique National Park activities in the USA. The setting is picturesque, and the actual mode of transportation opens up views and access in the park for people who might not normally get to experience as much of it. In Glacier NP, it’s a vintage experience that opens up a trip into more than hiking.

We still haven’t visited Switzerland. It’s been on our list for some time and somehow we haven’t gone. We have been to the Rockies in the USA though, and I think that’s sated us. True, the Rocky Mountains don’t have historic quaint villages, but they do have the beautifully jagged mountains, the pristine lakes, the Swiss-style buildings and folks in costume playing alpenhorns. And there are small, quiet little boats. Exploring Glacier National Park by boat tour is a surprisingly wonderful way to experience the Park.

On previous trips we’d seen the boats on Swiftcurrent Lake, and down on St Mary and Lake McDonald, but I’d never given them a second thought. “There are so many hikes to do. Why would we go on a boat?” Enter children and being trapped in a location.

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