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Salento Gallipoli If you have already been to Salento Gallipoli is for sure very familiar to you! Gallipoli in ancient Greek means The Beautiful City: and yes it is a beautiful city indeed! The ancient Greeks knew Gallipoli very well! Nowadays well known as the pearl of the Ionian Sea, and somehow the capital of Salento Gallipoli was one of the main ports of the so called Magna Graecia: it was a very important due to its strategic position by the sea. The beautiful city of Gallipoli has seen many different population on its soil: Vandals, Goths, Bizantines, Messapic, Normans, all lived in different periods in this area, but for sure were the Greeks to leave the biggest footprint. By the way, where the hell is Gallipoli? In Puglia, of course! To be more precise in Salento Gallipoli is located about 30 Kilometers South West of Lecce. It is a pretty big town, featuring an amazing old town, connected through the main street, Corso Roma, to the modern part of the town. Corso Roma is the promenade, where the locals and tourists usually go for an evening stroll (in italian we call it struscio), meet friends for an aperitif, or go for some shopping: it is the main center of the city, where during summer you can find also plenty of buskers entertaining the visitors.

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