These Meteora Monasteries Seem to Hover In the Air

Meteora monasteries

These Meteora monasteries are hovering in the air. On our way to see these monasteries, our jaws dropped as we passed by the towering rock formations. They are amazing geological formations that will never fail to make you wonder how they came into existence.

While these are marvels of nature, the monasteries on top of these rock pillars are themselves, marvels of human ingenuity. I declare that these natural and human-made wonders are one of the attractions that you have to see, to believe.

Who Built these Monasteries?

Meteora’s first Christian monks set up their monastic life here back in the 14th century. They constructed monasteries on top of these gigantic rock cliffs that must have been very difficult to climb. But, I guess, that was the point of putting these monasteries up there – to get away from worldly temptations and possessions.

And by looking at them, I have no doubt that the monks succeeded in their mission to practice their faith without much distractions from the outside world. They would do everything to live in unreachable places just to experience (or, maybe see?) God in their lifetime.

By Alain, Keep Calm and Wander

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Gay Santorini – Gay Star News

Gay Santorini - Pixabay

Are you soon to be married or civil partnered, or are you part of a recently-married or civil partnered couple? If so, you are most probably searching for the ideal destination to host the most exciting trip of your life. Even if you have already found that ‘one’ destination, you may still in doubt that you have made the right choice.

You have most probably considered visiting Greece, but have you really given it the thought that it deserves? Greece is one of the most popular countries for honeymoons and romantic holidays, with cosmopolitan destinations where you can transform your honeymoon into a party as well as alternative villages and seaside towns where you can devote your vacations only to yourselves.

Among all the Greek destinations, there is one particular island that is so beautiful, that looks like it came out of a wedding magazine. Santorini is ranked among the most popular romantic destinations in the world, with a reputation that rapidly grows among gay travelers as well. Is it its elegant atmosphere? Its gay-friendly attitude? Or its stunning landscapes, that make Santorini a beloved destination for gay couples in love? Let’s find out!

There are so many activities to do in Santorini with your partner that you are never going to get bored. You can go full romantic and devote your holidays exclusively to each other by watching the sunset together or by sharing a passionate kiss on top of the Caldera. Or, you could explore the island’s peculiar white, red and black sand beaches in a thrilling excursion.

These are the top three romantic activities for gay honeymooners to do when in Santorini, as well as some excellent LGBTI-friendly Santorinian hotels to further upgrade the most important trip of your life!

By Paraskevas Sklavos – Full Story at Gay Star News

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Gay Greece Holiday Trends

gay Greece Greece has been, without a doubt, one of the biggest trends in global gay travel for the past three years. The mind-blowing beauty of the country, in combination with welcoming Greek hospitality, has made Greece a beloved destination for the global LGBTI community. Not only for its mainstream destinations, but for its alternative choices as well. Here, Destsetters, in collaboration with Gay Star News, gives exclusive advice for your most memorable gay holidays in Greece. Unofficial Gay Beaches Are the Top Attraction Beach and sun are by far the main characteristics of Greece that spring to mind for all travelers — and naturally for gay men as well. But what could be a better combination than an idyllic beach with sexy Greek men to flirt with? All around Greece, you will find unique, local, unofficial gay beaches; these are usually unorganized beaches (mostly nudist) which have become gay hotspots for locals and tourists. The island of Crete is without question the king of gay beaches in Greece. It features more than two or three in each one of its regions, giving you the chance to meet and flirt with more and more gay people.

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Gay Greece: An Endless Summer

Gay Greece - Flickr - Pedro Flickr – Pedro[/caption] A staggering 26.5 million people visited Greece in 2015 – making it the ninth most-visited country in Europe. And in 2016, the Cradle of Civilisation looks set to beat its own record. Not bad for a country that’s suffered a lot of negative press in recent years. And while thriving tourism provides the Hellenic Republic a wonderful beating pulse, it’s not its only blessing. Staggering landscapes, fascinating history and hospitable locals aside, let’s be very British a moment. We need to talk about the weather. Because Greece really does enjoy the best of both worlds. Sun abounds throughout the year – but temperatures fluctuate enough to make each season feel unique.

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Gay Greece: 11 Places to Go

Greece Gay holidays in Greece can mean a lot of things. Long nights in the amazing gay bars of Athens, sunbathing at Elia Beach in Mykonos (one of the most famous gay beaches in the world), romantic honeymoons on alternative islands, gastronomic experiences and adventurous walks in some of the most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes of the Mediterranean. But Greece has something even more important to offer to gay travelers: a distinctive and unique gay scene and mentality, which is different to every other country around the world. In this guide, we will help you discover some classic information about gay travel in Greece while also revealing a few hidden secrets that will upgrade your trip into a fascinating vacation.

Gay Greece – Mykonos

The gay life of Mykonos is widely popular, since this small Greek island is ranked among the best gay destinations in the world, especially for summer holidays. In Mykonos, you won’t have to go to a gay place to meet other guys, since the island is full of gay travelers like you, who are enjoying this spectacular place.

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