Visit Tempe for Gay Families – 2TravelDads

TeTempe for Gay Families - 2TravelDads

It’s rare that just one of us dads gets to escape for a trip with just one of the kids. It happened though!! It really did! Oliver (our oldest) and I (Rob) got to take an adventure down to Tempe, Arizona and it was the perfect bonding trip that we needed. This central AZ town was the ideal spot for us with nonstop outdoors and kid-focused activities. Tempe for gay families = best idea ever. Tempe engaged us to go explore and share our experience and huzzah we loved it!

It might seem strange to go to a small city,, but it’s actually smart travel. When you hit up a spot like San Francisco or Miami you’re going to be faced with lots of skyscrapers and fancy food. Tempe with kids fit us just right for keeping things mellow and fun (and still great food). Check it out!

Tempe for Gay Families

A lot of people fly through Phoenix (PHX) for work or as a general travel hub, and if you’ve got a long layover or want to add an easy adventure to a work trip, This Phoenix suburb is super easy for that. Located about fifteen minutes east of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport you are really close to whatever else you’ve got planned.