Gay Friendly Aruba

Gay Friendly Aruba Carl Quant and Endy Croes got married Nov. 4 in Bonaire, the Caribbean island that, together with Aruba and Curaçao, forms the ABC islands. They were both living and working in Aruba earlier this year when I visited, but Quant has since transferred within the hospitality industry to Bonaire, where same-sex weddings are allowed. Aruba is a ‘very gay-friendly’ island But still, Aruba is very gay-friendly. “I’ve had no issues whatsoever being gay (in Aruba); we don’t do anything different than any other person,” based on our sexual-orientation, said Croes. For instance, they danced together at Croes’ Christmas party last December, with about 250 attending. “We can go to any restaurant in Aruba and not feel any different just because we’re gay. We’re very open, very out (about our sexuality), and have even been featured in local media,” Croes said. “Aruba is just very gay-friendly,” Quant added. “There are gay bars (in Aruba) and gay-friendly (straight) bars. We’ve had no issues at restaurants either. Coming from a hospitality background, I pay close attention (to customer service), and we’ve never had any problems, none whatsoever. We get the same service as anyone.”

By Ross Forman – Full Story at GoPride

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