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Author: , September 3rd, 2018

Aruba - pixabay

Three popular “A, B, C islands” make up the southern string of islands just off the north coast of Venezuela. As part of the Dutch Antilles, these Caribbean island gems are extensions of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Drier than it’s northern Antilles rain-forested cousins, the A, B, C islands beauty is in it’s beaches, it’s mangroves and it’s consistent warm dry conditions. Being only about 12’ north of the equator, the sun can be very intense – but the offsetting trade winds keep a consistent breeze blowing to have movement of air (sometimes quite gusty in May and June) that helps the scorching heat. A secondary side benefit of the east-west trade winds is that it is kept out of the hurricane pathway that most often veers northward once it reaches the Gulf of Mexico – thus keeping the islands out of harms way.

As equal opportunity lovers of the humid rain forested Caribbean islands, GoGirlfriend also has a love on for the drier, warmer, windy A, B, C islands. There’s lots to do with rich snorkeling, diving, land-sailing and beachy adventures just not found in the other Caribbean islands.

Aruba “One Happy Island”

With more sunny days than any other island, and beaches fronting all sides, Aruba is big enough to offer some diverse activities, yet small enough to rent a scooter and explore it all. Most activities are centered on the leeward west coast with resorts and hotels abundant north and west of the capital Oranjestad, and the natural beauty of the Natural Bridge and Arikok National Park face the eastern windward side.

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Gay Friendly Aruba

Author: , January 7th, 2017

Gay Friendly Aruba

Carl Quant and Endy Croes got married Nov. 4 in Bonaire, the Caribbean island that, together with Aruba and Curaçao, forms the ABC islands. They were both living and working in Aruba earlier this year when I visited, but Quant has since transferred within the hospitality industry to Bonaire, where same-sex weddings are allowed.

Aruba is a ‘very gay-friendly’ island But still, Aruba is very gay-friendly. “I’ve had no issues whatsoever being gay (in Aruba); we don’t do anything different than any other person,” based on our sexual-orientation, said Croes.

For instance, they danced together at Croes’ Christmas party last December, with about 250 attending. “We can go to any restaurant in Aruba and not feel any different just because we’re gay. We’re very open, very out (about our sexuality), and have even been featured in local media,” Croes said.

“Aruba is just very gay-friendly,” Quant added. “There are gay bars (in Aruba) and gay-friendly (straight) bars. We’ve had no issues at restaurants either. Coming from a hospitality background, I pay close attention (to customer service), and we’ve never had any problems, none whatsoever. We get the same service as anyone.”

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Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Perle d’Or, Noord, Aruba

Author: , May 3rd, 2015

Perle d'Or

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Perle d’Or is a low budget feature apartment complex with student and hotel facilities. It is situated centrally on the island with the beaches only 3 km away. The complex is spacious, with several facilities including laundry, wifi, restaurant, a cozy bar and of course a big swimming pool.

See the Perle d’Or Expanded Listing on Purple Roofs Here

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Visiting Gay Aruba

Author: , February 10th, 2015

David Berra and his partner are just back from a trip to Aruba:


Recently airline companies added flights to Aruba from the United States at discount rates, so we decided to take a trip to Aruba which is one of the three ABC Islands just north of Venezuela. Bonaire, and Curacao are known for sun, scuba diving, and snorkeling but we decided to try Aruba first and took a chance that there would be decent diving and snorkeling there as well.

Southwest Airlines was offering a great price to try their new route to Aruba so we decided to skip the gay cruise this year, and head to the Equator. This is a Dutch island, so we expected fewer Americans and we found that spending a vacation with many europeans might be fun. As we soon found out, our visit to the chosen guesthouse did include a couple from Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, and the US. They were all very nice, and enjoying the warm weather.

We saw incredible views, as we glided down to the small Island, and after we strolled through the obligatory customs gauntlet we were on our way. The recommended cheap car rental we used was “Top Drive” and we had only a short wait to get to their shop. A man from “Jay’s Auto rental” tried to rent us a car and offered to take us to Top Drive even if we didn’t want one of their cars.

IMG_2094We took him up on his offer, since Top Drive was late, and tipped him for the short ride, but as we found out later Jay’s had to fix a guesthouse residents’ car 3 times while they stayed at our guesthouse. The driving in Aruba is a bit aggressive, and takes some getting used to. The streets are without signs for the most part. This makes if very difficult to get around and find anything.

You need a navigator and a driver to get where you want to go. Aruban’s’ drivers very aggressive, and the locals often “bluff” you into stopping by revving their cars right up to every intersection. You will also have a “V” on our license plate which means a “Victim” or a tourist …your choice. After learning the subtle differences in roads and driving we did our island tours on our own. You will have to grasp an understanding the language before you get going, which is a mix of Spanish, Dutch, English and Papiamento, but you will find that most locals understand some english.

We started our search with Purple Roofs and the internet for a gay guesthouse in Aruba. We saw many gay -friendly resorts but only one “Gay owned Guesthouse” which is called “Little David’s” owned and run by Noud & Fran. They billed the guesthouse as “Gay, but strait friendly” so we took the chance, and hoped for a gay clientele. Little David’s has a web site, and a presence on Facebook. They have reasonable rates, and clean the room daily. The pool is fabulous, and contains a garden that Noud has developed over 15 years. He is very happy to offer tours and insights into the tropical fruits and flowers he has planted.

They have a outdoor kitchen many of the visitors used, but we stuck to the complimentary coffee that they made early every morning. We loved the place, as well as their dogs, cat, and parrot. Being Americans we would have liked to see warmer water via a solar heater for the showers and possible more green practices on the island. Most buildings are on septic systems and many of the remote beaches had a lot of ocean trash that could be cleaned up, otherwise a great time was had by all! Our hosts were absolutely the nicest people we have met!

Noud sat us down at Little Davids and gave us three recommended daily tours. One to the Southwest, one to the Northwest, and one to the Southeast. It took us a while to find the best snorkeling, which is off Boca Catalina where you can park on the bank of the ocean, put out your chairs on the limestone shelves, and spend the day sunning and watching a wide variety of fish and other sea creatures.

We made friends from different countries everywhere we went, but most of the tourists were from the US. We also went south of the power plant to a similar area of reefs and mangroves to snorkel. Is you go there in the southwest, you must go to Zee Rover restaurant. This is not fancy, or for the faint of heart, but here is how you get your meal; Go to the front counter and pick your fish and shrimp, they weigh it and give you a number.

After that go to the backside of the counter where the bars is and get your drinks, (buckets of beer work nicely) then go out on the deck over the ocean and wait for your meal to be cooked and delivered. They best fish we had on the island! They catch it and clean it there before delivering the filets or steaks to the front of the restaurant. It has a beautiful view, and a great inexpensive meal.

The other places we went to were also fabulous. We like the flank steaks with Yucca you can pick up almost anywhere in small restaurants away from the city for $10. Que Pasa is in the town of Oranjestad and is a great “Nice” restaurant to go to. The steak, pasta and seafood dishes are high end without the prices. Speaking of money, they take dollars everywhere but the local currency is Florin Abbreviated on cash registers as AWG. You can also see the amount in dollars on most cash registers while your purchase is being rung up.

Downtown is a bit hectic as the cruise ships dock there almost daily. We avoided downtown accept on the evenings when we went out to the restaurants, or to Jimmy’s Place which is a gay bar. Getting groceries is very easy as they are conveniently located all around the island. Surprisingly most are Chinese owned and carry strange names like “Bo Wah” (near the Little David Guesthouse) and Hong Kong Supermarket. The best one we liked was “Super Food” which is Dutch owned. They had the best selection and was the cleanest store. We fell in love with our hosts Noud & Fran and made some really great friends at Little David’s, and will cherish the experience the rest of our lives!

David Berra is a regular Purple Roofs reader.

Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Modern World, Palm Beach, Aruba

Author: , October 31st, 2014

Modern World

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

We’re located just three minutes from palm beach. Adults only, and just a ten minute walk from the strip and night life – just a great location!

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