Lesbian Tel Aviv – Go Girlfriend

Author: , March 10th, 2019

Lesbian Tel Aviv - Go Girlfriend

If Tel Aviv isn’t on your radar as a destination you need to visit, think again. The city is buzzing. It’s vibrant and artsy. It also has great shopping and a growing culinary scene. It’s happens to be Israel’s fastest growing city and its second largest after Jerusalem. Plus, over the past decade, Israel in general has become much safer in terms of security and you can travel without worry.

We consider Tel Aviv to be one of those gateway cities where flights are frequent and plentiful. Like Iceland is a stopover opportunity for many trans-atlantic flights, adding Tel Aviv as a stopover to a Mediterranean vacation can introduce you to a new cultural experience pretty easily.

Tel Aviv may seem far from where you live, but with a bit of planning and foresight, you can plan a trip there quite easily and go for a few days, or even a week, if you have the time. Tel Aviv makes for a great girl’s getaway with your girlfriends or sisters. Or go on a multi-generational trip with one, or both, of your parents and children. While it’s in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is more like New York City than Cairo. It’s modern, with skyscrapers and large buildings, plenty of hotels, and so much to see and do.

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Best View of Tel Aviv – Globetrotter Girls

Author: , February 17th, 2017

Tel Aviv View - Globetrotter Girls

I spent the bigger part of the past week in Israel before returning to Berlin, where I was greeted with snow. It couldn’t have been a greater contrast: On Thursday, I went running in a tank top on the beach, and on Friday I went running across icy & snowy Tempelhof airfield.

After a couple of days in Jerusalem we took the bus to Tel Aviv and spent my final days in Israel in what is one of my favorite cities in the world. It was the perfect way to end my trip – after a few chilly days, the weather was sunny and warm, and we splurged on fancy hotel right by the beach, using a discount code for Hotels.com.

We did all the things I love doing in Tel Aviv: morning runs along the beach promenade, strolls through Carmel market and Jaffa flea market, eating lots of sabich sandwiches (I fit in two visits to the legendary sabich sandwich place on the corner of Frishman and Dizengoff Str). Luckily we took advantage of Tel Aviv’s bike sharing system, which I discovered during my last visit, and cycled off some of the calories.

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Globetrotter Girls – Tel Aviv On A Shoestring

Author: , November 4th, 2015

Tel Aviv - Dani

When I went to Tel Aviv this month on a budget challenge, I thought I could easily stay within my $77 / [euro]69 budget per day – I even wanted to challenge myself and stick to $50 a day! Well, it turned out that it was more of a challenge than I had anticipated. Tel Aviv is much more expensive than one might think, but the good news is that not everything is expensive, and if you spend your money wisely, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the city without breaking the bank.

I took down all my expenses in Tel Aviv and was on the lookout for inexpensive things to do and places to eat the entire time so that I can share them with you. So without further ado, here are my tips on how to visit Tel Aviv on a shoestring:

Your biggest expense in Tel Aviv will be your accommodation, unless you couchsurf. Because of the strengtening shekel anda number of other reasons (as reported in this article) accommodation in Tel Aviv is much more expensive than in London or even Iceland! But the good news is that there are several hostels and AirBnB has become more and more popular in Israel, allowing cash-strapped travelholics (like me!) to rent out their places while they’re traveling, or rent out rooms in their apartments allowing them to save up money to travel.

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Globetrotter Girls – Breathtaking Tel Aviv Sunset

Author: , October 18th, 2015

Dani - Tel Aviv Sunset

You might remember that I really wanted to spend a month or longer in Tel Aviv after visiting the city last year, which is why I was stoked when the opportunity arose to return this month, finally, about twelve months after my first visit. I was a bit nervous, not sure if I’d still love the city as much as I did last year, but I didn’t have anything to worry about. The minute I stepped off the plane and felt the warm Mediterranean air, I knew I’d have a great time. After checking into my apartment I went straight to the beach to watch the sunrise, followed by a delicious Israeli breakfast. It felt amazing coming from chilly Germany to summery Tel Aviv, where temperatures were still in the 80s and the Med was warm enough to go for swims in the sea.

Being in Tel Aviv on a budget challenge was an interesting experience – on the one hand I realized that Tel Aviv is indeed quite pricey, but on the other hand I found a ton of free stuff to do (I’ll be sharing my budget tips for Tel Aviv shortly). My favorite free activity? The beaches, no question! Every day in Tel Aviv has to involve a visit to the beach – ideally during sunset, or a long run along the promenade. The agenda for my second visit? I wanted to revisit old favorites but also experience a few things I didn’t get around to doing last year.

I strolled through the narrow alleys of Jaffa again, took in the vistas over the city from there, had what is supposedly the best hummus in all of Israel (and I can now confirm that it really is the best hummus in Israel!) and visited the amazing Ilana Goor art museum (a first for me, and so worth it). I also made time for a visit to Carmel market, a walk down the beautiful Rothschild Boulevard, and for some gift and souvenir shopping in Jaffa Flea Market.

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Globetrotter Girls – Tel Aviv on a Budget

Author: , October 12th, 2015

Dani Globetrotter Girls Tel Aviv

What makes Tel Aviv such an awesome destination?

You might remember that when I visited Tel Aviv for the first time last year, I completely (and unexpectedly!) fell for the city. I loved the vibrant coffee shop scene, the nightlife, the beaches right in the city, the old port town of Jaffa on the southern end of the city, and how people were enjoying life there.

I spent my days strolling through El Carmel market, running along the promenade, watching the sunset with hundreds of people on the beach every night before checking out some of the many fancy bars. I searched (and found) the street art I’d heard so much about, and I ate my way around town, or through all of Israel to be precise, because Tel Aviv has some of the best food I’ve had anywhere in the world – I am still talking about the delicious dishes I had there all the time, and just the thought of all the good food I’ll eat when I get back to Tel Aviv makes my mouth water.

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Globetrotter Girls – My Short Love Affair With Tel Aviv

Author: , April 27th, 2015

Tel Aviv - Dany, Globetrotter Girls

My love affair with Tel Aviv was short, yet passionate. It was like the perfect summer fling; an intense few days – intense because you know it will come to an end soon and you want to savor every precious moment to the max.

However, when I arrived in Tel Aviv, I didn’t think I would end up leaving this city with a heavy heart. I like pretty cities – when a city is obviously beautiful like Antigua, Paris or Buenos Aires, I tend to fall in love quickly. With cities that aren’t as pretty at first sight, like Berlin or Bangkok, it usually takes me a while.

Tel Aviv belonged to the second category, visually not especially appealing at first, even feeling a little gritty in some parts.jaffa doorsIt took me a few days of wandering the streets, but then, completely unexpected, the city put a spell on me and grabbed me hard, pulled me into its fascinating mix of old-fashioned markets and trendy coffee shops, coexisting cultures of trendy hipsters, Jewish families and Arab Muslims; a city with a delicious food scene, buzzing nightlife and gorgeous beaches right at your doorstep.

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Two Week Pink Winter Festival Launches in Tel Aviv in December

Author: , November 26th, 2014

Visit Tel AvivTel Aviv has announced a two-week ‘Pink Winter’ Festival for the festive period, taking place between 24 December and 7 January. The event will encompass non-stop street parties and beach parties (including a chill-out party at Hilton Beach), as well as a queer film festival.

Christmas tree and Hanukkah candle lightings will also take place on Christmas Eve, to mark the official launch of the festival.

The festival’s headquarters will be based at the Tel Aviv Gay Center at 22Tchermichovsky S. in Park Mei’r, where LGBTIs can also attend lectures, support groups and counselling sessions.

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Gay Tel Aviv: Beaches, Boys and Beyond

Author: , July 22nd, 2014

Tel Aviv - Apple Maps
Once named the “gayest city in the world” by GayCities.com travelers, Tel Aviv continues to position itself as one of the premier destinations for gay travel across the world. With 16 beaches, exciting nightlife, delicious places to eat, and exquisite gay-owned accommodations, there are many reasons travelers flock to the city each year. And this doesn’t even begin to mention the absolutely gorgeous men and women that call Tel Aviv home.

When I first had the opportunity to visit Tel Aviv and surrounding areas, I was not sure what to expect. I had travelled extensively throughout Europe and other countries, but never the Middle East. From the time I touched down and was walking through Ben Gurion airport, however, all concerns were out the window. The airport process is smooth and transportation abundant to be whisked away to your lodging of choice. About 12 miles from the city, you have the opportunity to take in the beauty of Israel as you drive into Tel Aviv. Once in the city, you will find transportation very easy, with many neighborhoods being walkable and an extensive public bus system called Dan.

Having spent two weeks there recently, I was able to really explore the city and all its cultural beauties in addition to the abundant nightlife and beach scene. Here are some of the places I would be sure not to miss as you book your Tel Aviv gaycation.

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Going Gay Tel Aviv

Author: , June 18th, 2014

Gay Tel Aviv - Chad Kaydo

via Chad Kaydo

Maybe it’s the fine white sand of the beaches. Or the calm, warm Mediterranean. It could be all the Bauhaus architecture, the white boxes with their rounded corners. Or the weather, and how the dry heat of the daytime cools to that perfect after-dark temperature, so that you feel comfortable in however much or little you choose to wear at night. Or perhaps it’s the strapping Israeli men.

Whatever the reason, Tel Aviv has become a top gay destination, popping up on gay travel lists and drawing people from around the world for its Pride festivities the second weekend in June. (This year’s parade is June 13.)

A few days before the big parade, considered the largest Pride gathering in Asia, you might walk out of your hotel and spot four cute twentysomething guys on the sidewalk. Where are they headed? To Drek, a pop music party in a club near Dizengoff Square. Maybe you’ll check it out later, after hitting the city’s two most popular gay bars–Evita, the oldest, and Shpagat, a hipper spot–where you’ll easily fall into conversations with visitors from London, Copenhagen, St. Petersburg, Panama City, and Berlin. (Indeed, if you do make it to Drek, you’ll learn, regardless of the boys’ homelands, that they all know the language of pop divas.)

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Tel Aviv Gay Film Festival to Celebrate Ninth Year

Author: , May 19th, 2014

Tel Aviv Gay Film FestivalNow in its 9th year, the Tel-Aviv International LGBT Film Festival (TLVFest) is one of the most important cultural LGBT events in Israel and will take place from June 7-16 at the Tel-Aviv Cinematheque, coinciding with Pride week. The above promotional video stars the famous Israeli drag queen Nona Chalant and the Israeli actress, model and DJ Narkis Tepler.

Opening night, the Tel Aviv gay film festival will be screening the world premiere of the new Israeli feature GuttmanX5; five short films which have been inspired by the life and films of the first openly gay Israeli film maker Amos Guttman.

Amos Guttman was born in Transylvania, Romania and immigrated to Israel at the age of 7. He studied film at Beit Zvi and directed between 1977 and 1982 the three short films Drifting, A Safe Place and Returning Premiers. He created a rich, stylish cinematic language and his films were notable because of his attention to the visual and distinct content. Guttman also directed the feature films Drifting, Bar 51, Himmo king of Jerusalem and Amazing Grace; all movies that will be screened at TLVFest 2014 for free. In 1993 Amos Guttman died of AIDS.

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