Sirikwa Travel

Sirikwa Travel


--, Moshi, Kilimanjaro, 25107, Tanzania
Contact(s): Oinoth Sirikwa
Phone: +255713792926
Cell: +255753894908

Gay Friendly Tour Operator
Bisexual, Gay Men, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender

PR Discount: $10 off for Gay couples
General Discount: $10 off for combining tour packages

Gay Friendly [moobdir_type value_only='yes'] in Moshi, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania - Sirikwa Travel
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Sirikwa Travel is a locally owned and operated tour company, authorized by the Ministry of Tourism under the Government of Tanzania. Our company excels at planning and executing your adventure holidays. We pride ourselves on being flexible to meet your specialized needs, including last minute arrangements.

Payment: Cash, Debit Card, Visa

Other Info Accessible Travel, Corporate Travel, Student Travel, Travel With Pets * Affiliations: KIATO * Destinations: Tanzania, Zanzibar * Services Offered: Guided Tours, Lodging Reservations, Vacation Planning

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