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What is it about Salem that captures our imagination? Is it the witch trials and the execution of 20 innocent people, is it the magical mysticism of witchcraft that seems to permeate the area, or is it that it’s a nearly 400 year old historic seaside town in early American colonial history that was one of the most influential seaports on the eastern seaboard?

No matter which of these are your draw to Salem, it’s a wonderful community that weaves these stories together with it’s central historic district, it’s waterfront restaurants and marketplace, and it’s historic markers linking back to the witch trials and it’s centuries old roots.

And no matter your purpose of visiting Salem – the 1692 Witchcraft Trials, modern witchcraft, Salem as a colonial commercial seaport, its ghost tours, or as a Halloween enthusiast – we recommend taking a tour to hear the stories to help bring the history of this seaside community alive. We had a fantastic 2-hour Salem History Walking Tour with Kenneth that we highly recommend, but Salem.org offers all manner of tours to help you better understand Salem.

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