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There are few locales in the world where a week spent on vacation includes glacier hikes and ice caves one day, hot springs and lava fields the next. But the natural beauty of Iceland — that breathtaking blend of ice and fire — is but one of the many reasons why the island nation draws visitors from around the world.

From the allure of geothermal spa days and crossing Aurora Borealis off your bucket list to celebrating Pride and Iceland’s love of live music festivals, there’s no shortage of reasons to head north come 2019. We lay out some of the most tempting reasons to visit Iceland below.

For those who have never been to Iceland or are dying to get back, IGLTA — the International Gay and Lesbian Travel Association, a network of tourism businesses that provides free travel resources and promotes equality worldwide — is giving away a four-night trip for two to Iceland. (More details at the end of this article!)

Here are 15 reasons to travel to Iceland, the land of fire and ice, in 2019:

1. Pink Iceland is at your disposal for planning the queer trip of your dreams.

If only every international destination had a tour operator-slash-travel agency like Pink Iceland! Dedicated solely to the queer community, Pink Iceland works with nearly every LGBTQ (and allied) hotel, restaurant and business in the country. Twice a week it organizes a city walk and happy hour through Reykjavik. (Because what goes better with a little gay history than a cocktail?) Twice every month Pink Iceland also organizes a “Gay Golden Circle Tour.” (That ends with cocktails, too.)

And if you’re thinking about getting married in Iceland — it’s the new hot spot for gay weddings, in case you didn’t know — Pink Iceland is a must. Their planners will help out with everything from finding the perfect location to securing your flowers, cake and an officiant for the big day.

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Gay Iceland – The Magic Island of Fire and Ice

Gay Iceland

A visit to gay Iceland wouldn’t be complete without immersing yourself in the milky waters of the iconic Blue Lagoon.

It’s just one of the wonderfully weird must-sees in this place that feels incredibly remote, but is just three hours flight-time from London and only five from New York.

Because the sapphire waters of the lagoon are just a short bus ride from capital Reykjavik’s main airport, they are a first or last experience in the country for most.

Tourists and locals alike come to bathe in the geo-thermally heated pool of the Blue Lagoon. Whether there’s snow on the ground or the summer sun beating down, you’ll be beautifully warm once in the lagoon and the mineral-rich waters really do condition and tone your skin.

By Gareth Johnson – Full Story at Gay Star News

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Gay Iceland

gay Iceland The Land of Fire and Ice according to gay pilot Oegmundur Gislason – from the minimal gay scene to the most unearthly landscapes It’s the magical Nordic island of lunar landscapes, wild weather conditions and volcanoes, glaciers and geysers aplenty. But gay Iceland is also known for its trailblazing LGBTI rights record; it was the ninth country to legalize same-sex marriage in 2010, and ex-PM Johanna Siguroardottir was the world’s first openly gay head of state. Icelandic carrier WOW air even revealed it was naming a vessel TF-GAY earlier this year in honour of its LGBTI passengers – and last week, it came to light that the man behind the name was openly gay pilot Oegmundur Gislason. Here, Oegmundur speaks to Gay Star Travel to give a personal insight into the unique country he calls home… What’s it like being LGBTI in Iceland? I can’t imagine a better place to be LGBTI. People are so openminded here. Most people don’t care what your preferences are. Here, you can just be yourself and everybody welcomes you. Are there are downsides to being LGBTI in the country? I don’t know if I can call it a ‘downside’, but the thing I fear is that we, LGBTI people in Iceland, don’t realise how privileged we are. We live in a very protected and accepting environment, but that’s not the case for many LGBTIs around the world. We have to remember to appreciate what we’ve got.

By Jamie Tabberer – Full Story at Gay Star News

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