Cape Town’s Gay Beach – Globetrotter Guys

Author: , June 13th, 2019

Cape Town's Gay Beach - Globetrotter Guys

Cape Town has so much to offer including some absolutely stunning beaches. In fact, some of the beaches in Cape Town have been ranked among the best in the world!

With so many beaches to choose from, and with Cape Town being a very popular gay travel destination (check out our complete gay guide to Cape Town here), it’s no surprise that there are now a couple of unofficial ‘gay beaches’ in Cape Town!

We say unofficial, because unlike the gay beach in Miami, you won’t find huge pride flags lining the beach. There is nothing too obvious to let you know you have found one of the gay beaches. Here you need to know in advance where the gay beaches are in Cape Town else you would never spot them!

A lot of people ask why have a ‘gay beach’, what’s the point? But for us we view it the same as a gay bar. Because it is labelled as a ‘gay beach’ it’s a place where you can feel reassured and comfortable to be affectionate with your partner, wear those tiny speedos that you might feel self-conscious in elsewhere and just be a little more at ease.

There are two gay beaches in Cape Town, Clifton 3 and Sandy Bay. Here is everything you need to know including how to find these gay beaches!

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At the Gay Beach in Cuba

Author: , May 21st, 2016

Cuba gay beach

Mi Cayito, which is Havana’s unofficial gay beach, on Sunday afternoon turned into quite the party. Beachgoers were dancing perreo (an overtly sexual dance to reggaeton music) that leaves very little to the imagination. A group of men were playing volleyball while a lesbian couple cuddled under a makeshift umbrella they set up nearby. A young boy was flying a kite.

It was a relaxing afternoon on my first full day in Cuba, which brought me to this section of Playas del Este that is roughly 15 miles east of Havana. The trip thus far seems a bit less uncertain — and dare I say less complicated — than when I visited the Communist island for the first time in May 2015.

The process through which an American must go in order to travel to Cuba remains unnecessarily complicated, even though the Obama administration has formally restored diplomatic relations with the country. The cost of a 45 minute charter flight from Miami to Havana is simply absurd. The need to check into it four hours before its scheduled departure — which was at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday at Miami International Airport for me — is even worse. With this complaining aside, the little things appear to have been made a bit less complicated on this side of the Florida Straits.

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Gay Travel: Some of the Best Gay Clothing Optional Beaches

Author: , September 21st, 2011

Nobody likes tan lines! If you’re looking for a great spot to get your nude on, here’s our list of great spots to enjoy the sun and stares.

10. Tamarama Beach (Sydney, Australia): Tamarama lives up to its nickname, “Glamarama.” Beautiful ocean views and luxurious seaside mansions provide great views, along with the sun-kissed Aussies. After you leave the beach, throw on a Speedo and explore some of the cafes and restaurants nearby.

9. Haulover Beach (Miami, FL): This legendary haven is mostly a hangout for men, but you will also find lesbians and straight revelers camping out too. Rent a chair or umbrella from Boucher Brothers or lay a towel in the sand like the locals do. You’re sure to love the view of the shoreline and the tan, fit hotties that frequent it. No trip to Miami would be complete without checking out this sun-kissed paradise!

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