Walking Tour in Abu Dhabi

Author: , January 25th, 2016

Alain Abu Dhabi

I had my own walking tour in Abu Dhabi. I figured it out using Google Map. My Lonely Planet Guidebook didn’t even have one–which I understand because Abu Dhabi is not a walkable destination. You’ve got to have a car to go places of interests. While they have public bus transport, good luck seeing all the things you plan to see in one day. On a backpacking budget? Sigh. Good luck with that! 🙂

I told my brother to drop me off at the gate of the Presidential Palace early morning on his way to work. No, not that early, really. At 9. Though it’s late November, the sun could still be a bit hot–I’m Asian, remember? We use skin whitener! Hahahahaha… At 21C, I thought it was tolerable.

I started at the gate of the Presidential Palace. No visitors are allowed inside, so, I just stood there and took a photo. As I left and turned my back away from the Presidential Palace, the luxurious 5-star hotel, Emirates Palace is on the left. You can actually go inside but make sure you’re properly dressed–no shorts and sandals. They’ll allow visitors starting at 10 in the morning.

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The Sojourner – The Last Column of the Twin Towers

Author: , July 11th, 2015

911 Museum - The Sojourner

They call this as The Last Column of the Twin Towers. It is called so because it was the last column standing that was removed from the Ground Zero, where the Twin Towers used to stand tall and proud. When the workers and rescuers pulled it out from the ground, they wrote (or vandalized?) it with prayers, words of sympathy, endearment, hope and remembrance for all the victims of the 911 terrorist attack.

When you visit the 911 Memorial Museum, you’ll see “The Last Column” conspicuously standing in a spacious lobby among other ruins of what was left of the Twin Towers.

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Is Sedona the Most Beautiful City in America?

Author: , June 4th, 2015

Sedona - Alain The Sojourner

The Tourism office of Sedona claims the red rock city as the most beautiful city in the world. I’d say, it’s the most beautiful city in America.

I mean, it’s like “Wow, it’s beautiful,” not like “OMG! It’s beautiful!” It doesn’t have the appeal of New York nor the glamour or Paris. But, it does have scenic, panoramic nature that could topple down the skyscrapers of Chicago.

These photos will show you why you shouldn’t skip Sedona in your future trip in Arizona.

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What to expect in SOHO

Author: , February 6th, 2015

SOHO - Alain the Sojourner

Soho New York is synonymous to branded little shops. Or equally synonymous to cobblestoned streets, too. Or more famously synonymous to Sex and the City (SATC), a TV show that mentioned the neighbourhood–almost in every episode for five years! And of course, in Soho, you can find the world’s grandest collection amd highest concentration of iron cast buildings. Soho, nowadays, is one the most expensive neighborhoods in New York. Not to mention the Holloywood stars who live and shop around here.

In my solo stroll around the neighbourhood, here’s what I found out:

Is this building familiar to you? Remember that movie GHOST, starring Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze? Well, in that movie, Demi lives here. It’s also in one of the streets in Soho where patrick’s character was mugged and died. Thus, he becomes a ghost for the rest of the movie. 🙁

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Cruising Vietnam’s Mekong River

Author: , August 19th, 2014

Mekong River - Alain

Cruising the Mekong River in Vietnam gave me view of what life looked like to people living on boats and on stilt houses. There’s so much activities there and people didn’t seem to mind the deep and strong current of the yellow river that passes through six countries: China, Laos, Burma, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Ours was not a luxury cruise. Sixteen of us, foreign tourists, seated on a rattan chair on both sides of the motorized. The cruise lasted 5 hours, stopping along river banks where waiting vendors peddled their products to excited tourists. And because the tour included some walks under the blistering sun, the cone-shaped hats, which Vietnam is famed for, were the most bought item of the day.

Let me start relieving the cruise experience by Mekong River in Vietnam.

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A Gay Tourist in Jordan

Author: , June 21st, 2014

Alain in Jordan

Now, I know the best way for a gay guy to get laid in Jordan–wear brightly-colored fashion and accessories. Even if you don’t have to walk like Ru Paul or like a beauty queen, Jordanian men will know that you are a fabulous specie of the human kind. I say these based on my experience. I was approached not once but four times.

So, here’s the story of a gay tourist in Jordan – how two strangers invited me for fun. In Petra, after a long walk and hike around the wondrous UNESCO Heritage Site, two young guys in their 20’s, honked at me from their car. I just exited the gate and was walking on my way to the hotel when they saw me — in a dark pink cashmere sweater, an orange beanie, blue pants, thin, blue scarf, and a light pink loafer! If a guy wears these, there’s no mistake he’s one damn fabulous mortal!

As I crossed a narrow street, they halted their car right in front of me. They smiled and started a conversation with something I didn’t expect to hear in a face to face encounter for the first time.

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