The San Miguel de Allende Cathedral

Author: , June 6th, 2019

The San Miguel de Allende Cathedral

The San Miguel de Allende Cathedral in Mexico is the most iconic landmark of this colonial city. This postcard-perfect town is located 170 miles north of Mexico City.

San Miguel de Allende was voted by the readers of Travel + Leisure Magazine as the “World’s Best City” in 2017 and 2018!

The old part of this town was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

By Alain – Full Story at Keep Calm and Wander

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Antigua Capilla B&B – Gay Friendly San Miguel de Allende Bed & Breakfast

Author: , November 18th, 2018

Antigua Capilla B&B

Antigua Capilla Bed and Breakfast in San Miguel de Allende offers you world class hospitality, comfort and elegance. Offering fantastic city center outdoor terrace views, our conveniently located B&B is a short downhill walk to the historic town square.

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Gentle Tours – Mexico City, Mexico

Author: , April 3rd, 2017

Gentle ToursPeriodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Guided tours in Mexico City and environs, taking you to beautiful places, tasting different kinds of food, immerse in daily life and enjoy fantastic works of art and architecture.

Aztec & Hispanic Heritage Tour

Discover the wonders of the Aztec Capital City in the Main Temple and the splendor of New Spain in the glitter of Mexico City Cathedral. After visiting Main Square you’ll have four routes to choose to enjoy Colonial Mansions, Artistic highlights and hidden treasures.

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Things You Have to Do in San Miguel de Allende

Author: , October 8th, 2015

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos Melia

After my recent visit to San Miguel de Allende, here is my list of must DO and SEE things, which hopefully will help you plan your trip and maximize your time there. I was there for three nights. Unfortunately I did not have time to visit Guanajuato, but if you can, you should add extra time to your journey to do so. San Miguel de Allende is a city that manages to be both quaint and cosmopolitan at the same time. Once an important stop on the silver route between Zacatecas and Mexico City, its historic center is filled with well-preserved buildings from the 17th and 18th centuries. With its narrow cobblestone streets, leafy courtyards, fine architectural details and sumptuous interiors, San Miguel de Allende is arguably the prettiest town in Mexico.

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos MeliaIn 2008 UNESCO recognized San Miguel de Allende and the neighboring Sanctuary of Jesus de Atotonilco as World Heritage of Humanity sites, citing the town’s religious and civil architecture as a demonstration of the evolution of different trends and styles, from Baroque to late 19th century Neo-Gothic. Walking around San Miguel is quite quaint and charming. An obligated stop is Aldama Street, for great photo opts featuring its iconic cobble stone narrow streets and the Parish Church of San Miguel Arcangel.

Historically, the town is important as being the birthplace of Ignacio Allende, whose surname was added to the town’s name in 1826, as well as the first municipality declared independent of Spanish rule by the nascent insurgent army during the Mexican War of Independence. Most of these heritage can be seen and experience at the Jardin Principal or Jardin Allende and La Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel.

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos MeliaFabrica La Aurora. San Miguel is a preferred destination of art lovers. Whether you’re an aspiring or accomplished artist, or just prefer to admire the creations of others, you’ll be happy here. Studio openings, courses and workshops form a vital part of the thriving arts scene. Galleries, boutiques and shops selling a wide range of art and handicrafts are plentiful so it won’t be hard to find souvenirs to take home with you. The epicenter, perhaps, of this artistic movement can be found at Fabrica La Aurora. A beautiful art and design center housed in a former textile factory from the turn-of-the century.

One of the things that I enjoyed the most, was walking around exploring the streets of San Miguel and people watching. The town is very lively during the day, and once the sun is down, most of the activity centralizes around the Jardin Allende and La Parroquia San Miguel Arcangel, where I would go to enjoy the live music performances of the Mariachis.

The Mercado de Artesanias is a must stop. Local crafts include metalwork, papier mache, hand-blown glass, stained glass pottery and furniture. The many artists who make this city their home fill the city with beautiful details and offer their work for sale. You’ll find the best deals at San Miguel de Allende’s handicrafts market. Located near the Mercado Ignacio Ramirez, along Andador Lucas Balderas between Calle Colegio and Calle Loreto, this market takes up three city blocks and is full of stalls selling regional products. Don’t be shy to bargain, it’s part of the fun!

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos MeliaSan Miguel de Allende has long had a reputation as a haven for visual artists. Since the 1950s, when Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros worked there. You should stop by Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramirez “El Nigromante”, also known as Bellas Artes, to see the unfinished mural by Siqueiros. Located only a few steps away from Jardin Principal. Formerly a cloister, place of prayer and contemplation is now a of Monastery of Art.

The Sanctuary of Atotonilco, located approx. 20 minutes from San Miguel de Allende, is a church complex and a World Heritage Site. The complex was built in the 18th century by Father Luis Felipe Neri de Alfaro. Dubbed the “Sistine Chapel of Mexico”, the main feature of the complex is the rich Mexican Baroque mural work that adorns the main nave and chapels by Antonio Martinez de Pocasangre over a period of thirty years.

Biblioteca Publica is another must stop during your day. Specially to enjoy a coffee or light lunch at their inner courtyard. Mexico’s second largest English language library. There is plenty more to see in San Miguel de Allende, and this destination is perfect to be combined with Mexico City.

By Carlos Melia – Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog | Guanajuato, Mexico Gay Travel Resources

Carlos Melia – Getting to San Miguel de Allende

Author: , September 25th, 2015

San Miguel de Allende

When planning my trip to San Miguel de Allende, I did quite some research on the best way to travel there. San Miguel de Allende sits at an altitude of 6,435 feet above sea level. Located in Central Mexico, it is roughly three hours away from Mexico City. Guests may fly to Mexico City, Queretaro Airport or the Guanajuato-Leon Airport.

Queretaro Airport has direct flights from Houston through United and Aeromar. It is an hour-drive away. Guanajuato-Leon Airport has direct flights from Dallas, Los Angeles, Houston, San Jose and Oakland (California), and Mexico City, and is served by American Airlines, United and Aeromexico. It is a scenic one-and-a-half-hour drive away.

My choice was to fly to Mexico City and onwards. Mexico City Airport is served by most major airlines including Aeromexico, KLM, US Airways, Air Canada, United and Alitalia. The airport is roughly a three-hour drive away.

Once in Mexico City, where BTW I strongly recommend spending at least two nights at the beginning or end of your trip, you have the option to either rent-a-car and drive yourself, or take one of the many luxury bus services available, linking Mexico City from Mexico Norte Bus Terminal, to San Miguel de Allende in approximately three hours, mind traffic. Private cars, each way, go for approx. USD 250. For the luxury buses, the round trip is approx. USD 58.

For the bus companies I recommend are Primera Plus and ETN. The last one has a more polished service. Due to the connection with my United flights, I chose Primera Plus. Tickets on both cases can be purchased online. Seats are very comfortable. Upon boarding you will be handed a bag with some snacks and non-alcoholic beverage of your choice. Each seat has a private LCD screen with at least 20 options of movies, more so music and games. The units look super clean. WIFI is available but very slow and sporadic. Departure was on time.

Mexico Norte Bus Station is located approx. 15 minutes away from the International Airport (mind the traffic). San Miguel de Allende Bus Station is located 10 minutes away from most hotels and resorts.

By Carlos Melia – Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog | Guanajuato Gay Travel Resources

Carlos Melia – Postcards of San Miguel de Allende

Author: , September 18th, 2015

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos Melia

Here a few reasons why, you should visit UNESCO World Heritage San Miguel de Allende. An image speaks for a million words, and here over a dozen postcards photographed by me. Check also my posts on Where to Stay and Where to Eat when in San Miguel de Allende.

By Carlos melia – Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog | Guanajuato Gay Travel Resources

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos Melia

San Miguel de Allende - Carlos Melia

Carlos Melia: Eating Your Way Through San Miguel de Allende

Author: , September 17th, 2015

Carlos Melia - San Miguel de Allende

Eating your way through San Miguel de Allende is very easy and enjoyable task, EAT, and as much as you can. Mexico is such a heaven for foodies, and San Miguel de Allende is no exception. With the creations of Chefs like superstar Mexican Chef Enrique Olvera and former Presidential Chef Jose Bossuet leading the trend, I spent four days at this charming destination, eating my way through. And of course, eating never comes alone, I paired such amazing gourmet experiences, with local wines, artisanal beers and top class Tequilas and Mezcales.

La Posadita rooftop restaurant, has no celebrity Chef behind them, and with a very local traditional Mexican menu, and a lovely location overlooking Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, capture my attention and raised to be my absolute favorite gourmet experience during my recent visit to San Miguel de Allende. Unpretentious, with friendly service and staff, eager to explain you every single dish.

Carlos Melia - San Miguel de AllendeSuch a marvelous night to seat out and enjoy their quiet and quaint atmosphere. Strongly recommend the Grilled Nopal with Ranchero Cheese and the Green Pozole with Chicken – a sort of stew/soup with meat, usually pork, chicken, turkey, pork rinds, chili peppers, and other seasonings and garnish such as cabbage, salsa and limes and/or lemons. This time I paired my choices with a marvelous Tamarindo Margarita.

MOXI by Chef Enrique Olvera at innovative and great small boutique hotel, Hotel Matilda. An obligated stop for any foodie. San Miguel de Allende is a bohemian town, where art and design define the identity and heart of this destination, Hotel Matilda is a great referent that embraces this concept with a very forward thinking. MOXI – meaning craving in Otomi dialect – is the superstar of San Miguel de Allende restaurant scene.

Enrique Olvera is Mexico’s globally celebrated chef who has received numerous awards and whose Mexico City restaurant, Pujol, is #17 on the San Pellegrino list of the world’s 50 best restaurants. At Moxi, he unites traditional Mexican dishes with the latest techniques and cosmopolitan concepts, creating a menu with a Mexican soul and an international palate. Chef Olvera’s Moxi has fired a reputation for Hotel Matilda as a culinary innovator and destination for gourmands and food lovers.

Carlos Melia - San Miguel de AllendeHere I went through a 4-Steps journey paired by Maitre Cristian Aguilera, who carefully curated a selection of local artisanal beers: Cervaza Clara Allende and Baja Black. Fantastic Mexican white wines: Casa Madero Sauvignon Blanc and Monte Xanic Chenin Blanc. And of course a glass of famed Tequila Casa Dragones and Mezcales: Amores and Beneva. Indoor and outdoor seating, welcomes guest for breakfast, lunch and dinner every night. My favorite dish, was the deconstructed Sweet corn tamal with sour cream and farmer cheese. After dinner, make sure to stop by the trendy bar Mui Bar with an obligate photo moment at their bathrooms by renown artist Spencer Tunick.

APERI Restaurant at Dos Casas Boutique Hotel by young Chef Mateo Salas. Aperi, Latin for “open” perfectly describes the restaurant’s vision and concept, featuring a unique culinary experience; food for the senses, prepared with the region’s freshest ingredients and the passion that characterizes chef Salas. A beautiful colonial home converted into a boutique hotel. Here, I enjoyed, a 7-coure lunch paired to perfection with local and international wines, in an intimate space that emerges from the perfect balance of sophistication and warmth, combining the true Mexican essence and the latest trends in design.

The degustation menu, began with a visit to the kitchen to meet the Chef ( for small groups, you may choose to have a upgraded gourmet experience at the Chef’s Table ). Rice Chicharron, Foie Gras with Jamaica Gel and Blue Fin Tuna over grilled watermelon, where some of the highlights, but the Smoked Betabel salad was my absolute favorite captivating all my senses. Special mention for another local wine, goes to the Vina Dolores Sauvignon Blanc from Ezequiel Montes, Queretaro. Who would have thought Mexico hosts and produces such amazing white wines.

Carlos Melia - San Miguel de AllendeA New Comer to be watched and tried is ZUMO Restaurant, which has opened its doors only a month ago, and already, by the hand of young Parisian Chef Gabriel Ferrant. The experience begins from the moment you drive to the restaurant, which is located out of the center of San Miguel de Allende, which will allow you to see the other face of this charming town.

Located on the third floor of mini-Boutique Hotel Casa Kali, its owners Vanessa and Stewart, along with Chef Gabriel Ferrat, welcomed me to a private dinning experience al fresco, enjoying privilege panoramic views of San Miguel de Allende. ZUMO brings to you local, fresh, sustainable and seasonal ingredients, hand selected daily. Menu changes weekly, make each visit and total new experience. Exclusive al fresco dinning room and bar. I was able to discover the culinary magic of Chef Gabriel Ferrant, with your reserved seat at the exhibition kitchen, as you see the sunset take over the stunning colonial backdrop, over a local cocktail or glass of wine. Special thanks to Vanessa, Stewart and of course Gabriel Ferrat, for opening the restaurant exclusively for me, and for being such amazing hosts. Truly an magical gourmet evening.

Traditional Mexican Breakfasts by former Presidential and renown Mexican Chef Jose Bossuet at Cafe Contento. What a fantastic way to begin your day, other than walking across town, by the main square and the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, to the Bellas Artes and onward to Cafe Contento, for an outdoors true Mexican Breakfast. Their concept is Mexican Comfort Food, where you can enjoy a full menu at any given time of the day.

I enjoyed a lovely morning, seating with Chef Bossuet himself, learning about his vast international culinary experience, and his past as President Fox private chef, tasting some classics such us Potaje Sanmiguelense sun dry guajillo chill stew with nopal cactus leaf and chickpeas, served with cheese gordillas ( a type of local stuffed flat bread ). Of course I could not leave, without trying the Chicken Tamal with red Pipian sauce and pumpkin seeds.

Another lovely breakfast stop is Andanza Restaurant at my hotel, the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada, where I enjoyed, my absolute favorite Mexican dish, Chicken Chilaquiles with green sauce.

Street Food as you walk along San Miguel de Allende is a must. And I made sure to try it more than once. Tamales on the go, are heavenly.

Looking for a charming coffee stop as you explore San Miguel de Allende. Well you should visit Biblioteca Publica and their quaint interior patio, where you will find Cafe Santa Ana. Enjoy a meal and a tasty coffee for a good cause. With your purchase you support to continue the educational programs they offer to children for free. Other options you should also try are: El Petit Fours and Cumpanio.

Art and design define San Miguel de Allende, from its Baroque/Neoclassical colonial heritage to avant-garde style. The epicenter of this artistic movement is no the streets, but perhaps centralized at Fabrica La Aurora, a must visit in town. There is a nice outdoor cafe and a restaurant – Food Factory you may enjoy during your visit.

My last night in San Miguel de Allende, I moved to the beautiful Rosewood San Miguel de Allende hotel. Unfortunately I was not able to try their restaurant, 1826 Restaurant, which I will keep as a pending for my next visit, but I did come to their rooftop bar for cocktails with breathtaking views of town. At Luna Rooftop Bar enjoy a cocktail and tapas over magnificent sunsets. Throughout the day and night, this al fresco setting presents breathtaking views of the iconic La Parroquia, spires, bell towers and rooftops across town.

Of course my farewell dinner had to take place at the Belmond Casa de Sierra Nevada. Cocktails at the Blue Bar and Dinner at Andanza Restaurant, with great company. Artfully prepared dishes, Mexican tradition with contemporary flair, served in an elegant, colonial-style setting. Thank you Roseann and Giovanni for such a lovely evening.

As the night came along, my culinary journey to San Miguel Allende came to an end. A few places I was not able to try, but I will mention are: The Restaurant, La Parada Peruvian Restaurant, Nirvana for a Mexican/Thai fusion, Aguamiel and Tacos Don Felix for the so called best tacos in town. As you can see, San Miguel de Allende has a very select gourmet scene, so make sure to plan your stay accordingly to taste as many as you can.

By Carlos Melia – Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog | Guanajuato Gay Travel Resources

Purple Roofs Gay Travel Newsletter 9/14/13

Author: , September 14th, 2013

Mark and ScottWelcome to the Purple Roofs gay travel newsletter.

Our articles section now has four parts – local news,
general interest, travel event news (including upcoming events and reviews and photos of past events), and finally sweepstakes and contests.

We’ve got lots of other great stuff for you this month, too – including a bunch of feature articles on San Miguel de Allende, Maui Pride, Las Vegas, and New Hampshire.

You’ll also find some great accommodation specials and discounts, tons of upcoming gay travel events, and much more.

Cottonwood Inn - Taos, New Mexico

Our Newsletter Sponsor: Cottonwood Inn, Taos, New Mexico

Luxury and Views Amid Southwestern Ambience: Gourmet breakfasts, winter fireplaces and in-the-room spas. Cottonwood Inn is ideally located for outdoor recreation, great dining and the full Taos experience. Room rates are for double occupancy.

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Our Featured Articles This Month:


San Miguel Skyline

MEXICO, GUANAJUATO: Fall Approaching San Miguel de Allende
by Robert Waters
We are seeing an early beginning to Fall this year with a good deal of rain which is always a good thing. Our rain, under normal circumstances, is more tropical, in that it comes fast and furious in the late afternoon or early evening for an hour or so and is done. But these last couple of years we have actually had overcast and drizzle on occasion. In the 10 years plus that I’ve lived here, this is rare.
Full Story

Maui LuauUSA, HAWAII: Maui Pride Weekend is October 4th-6th
by Maui Sunseeker
If summer was way too short, keep the pride going on Maui in early October and plan your trip now while tickets and rooms are still available. Instead of competing with the big cities for Pride in June, the LGBT community on Maui opted to hold their Pride Event on the first weekend of October every year. It all happens on October 4-6, 2013. This year the event looks like it will host just the right size crowd of 1500 kama’aiana and haole’s. Tickets are available at
Maui Pride Weekend Schedule
Full Story


Only in Vegas

by Don & Ray
As we always tell our readers, “talk to everyone” when you are traveling and it usually always does pay off big time! When we were in Las Vegas we of course saw the many shows, the museums, etc. but it is the people that we meet in our travels and meeting new and exciting people thru those people as well. We have known Ole Borreson in Las Vegas for many years and thru him, he has introduced us to many of his friends. This time was the best! Of course it is always very exciting in Las Vegas, the nightlight, the shows, the gambling… everything about Las Vegas is spectacular.
Full Story

New Hampshire mapUSA, NEW HAMPSHIRE: The Perfect Gay Getaway
by Vincent Stokes
The White Mountains of New Hampshire are absolutely gorgeous. The densely packed forests, rippling blue lake water, and towering peaks all look like something from off of a postcard (which is fitting, I suppose, considering that they’re often featured on postcards). If you enjoy hiking, bike riding, skiing, snowshoeing, or just taking a romantic stroll through the trees, then you’ll want to add the White Mountains to your bucket list. Where do I begin? See, my partner has always been an avid hiker. I mean, I enjoy a good walk as much as the next guy, especially when there are beautiful views to enjoy, but he takes it to the extreme. He owns four different pairs of hiking boots, for crying out loud. So when he said he wanted to explore some of the trails, I had a moment of terror, imagining myself struggling – bruised and bloody – hand-over hand up barren rocky precipices.
Full Story

We also scour the web to bring you all the gay travel news we can find. You can see these posts on a daily basis at, or sign up for our RSS feed. Here are some of our favorites from the last month.

Local Stories:

ARGENTINA: Lesbian Travel Argentina (Autostraddle)
Argentina is awesome in many ways – it has a female President, chocolate croissants on every street corner at all hours of the day and the weirdest haircuts I have ever seen.
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CANADA: Three Great Rail Trips in Canada (Shermans Travel)
Canada features more than 3.8 million square miles of diverse landscapes ranging from rolling prairies to pristine glacial lakes.
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COSTA RICA: A Gay Travel Paradise (New Now Next)
Costa Rica feels like paradise because of its lush jungles, spectacular beaches, abundant wildlife, and varied landscape – all for less than you’d pay for a trip anywhere in Europe.
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FRANCE: Cheap Paris – Free and Inexpensive Things to Do in Gay Paris (Shermans Travel)
Between the Michelin-starred restaurants (Paris has a galaxy of stars) and the Goyard bag you’re drooling over in the shop window on Rue Saint-Honore, the City of Light can cost a pretty penny.
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FRANCE: Hot New Restaurants in Paris (Passport)
With the advent of food blogs, social media, and videos posted online, the food scene here has never been more closely watched.
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INDIA: Traveling in India – From Kolkata to Varanasi (Honest Omissions)
The driver lugged my backpack to the entrance of Howarth train station, the entrance was bursting at the seams as travellers fought their way in and out.
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INDIA: Visiting and Working in Kolkata, India (Honest Omissions)
Excited about coming to Incredible India I was greeted with warmth, excitement, humility and respect – as I traveled I unearthed the tarnished India, unrelenting pestering that was beyond irritating, it felt threatening.
Full Story

BORNEO: Borneo on a Budget (Sherman’s Travel)
Malaysia is already considered a budget-friendly destination for many travelers, the cost of traveling to Malaysian Borneo might initially seem like an unnecessary expense if you’re trying to see the country on a budget.
Full Story

FRANCE: Two Days in Gay Paris (Huffington Post)
Full Story

GERMANY: Exploring Hamburg, Germany (Passport)
Hamburg is a city without sights. Or should I write, “sights,” for there’s a lot to see in Germany’s bustling second-biggest city.
Full Story

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES: Curacao Welcomes Gay Travelers (Source)
With exceptional gay friendly hotels and attractions, the Curacao Tourist Board encourages gay and lesbian travelers to visit the island and experience its ‘Live and let live’ atmosphere for themselves.
Full Story

SPAIN: The Sights and Sounds of Spain’s Menorca (
One of the things I adore about Menorca is its many beaches and if you travel outside of peak season, you’ll be able to enjoy a large majority of them uncrowded.
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UK, ENGLAND: A Foggy Day in London (Edge Boston)
After disembarking in Southampton and a week on the open water, I’ve got some serious sea legs. It’s been a decade since I dropped any kind of hallucinogenic drug, but it comes back in a flash as the pavement squishes beneath my faltering equilibrium.
Full Story

USA, ARIZONA: Kayaking Arizona’s Salt River (Carlos Melia Blog)
This morning at 8AM I was picked up by John my expert outback guide by AOA – Arizona Outback Adventures, and we drove for almost 45 minutes East from Phoenix along McDowell and Superstition Mountains and the stream of the Salt River and the Sonoran Desert as the background, to reach Salt River Park, starting point of our Kayaking in Arizona experience.
Full Story

USA ARIZONA: The Grand Canyon – Not Just a Hole in The Ground (Dallas Voice)
The Grand Canyon has been showered with accolades as much as any of America’s many spectacular national parks, yet few who visit this 300-mile-long gorge leave disappointed — it’s one natural attraction that truly lives up to its (considerable) reputation.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: What to Do on a Layover in Los Angeles (Shermans Travel)
The good news is that if you have a layover in Los Angeles, you are probably on your way to (or from) some place fantastic like Hawaii, Australia, or Asia.
Full Story

USA, FLORIDA: Going Gay in Miami (Edge Boston)
When it comes to creating a romantic getaway, nothing beats a tropical vacation, where sea breezes blow gently over white sands while you sip on a fruity concoction. Equally important is finding a place where you and your partner are free to express your feelings without the fear of homophobia.
Full Story

USA, FLORIDA: Discovering Florida’s Suncoast (Edge Boston)
The Southwest Florida Suncoast, consisting of cities such as Port Charlotte, Cape Coral, Fort Myers and Naples, was the last region of Florida to be connected to the rest of the United States by car and railroad, and was the last region to become urbanized.
Full Story

USA, HAWAII: The Scoop on Hawaii’s Big Island (Gay San Diego)
Roughly twice the size of the rest of Hawaii’s islands combined, the Big Island cultivates a loyal following of repeat visitors while delighting first-timers with its eye-popping scenery and welcoming, laid-back personality.
Full Story

USA, LOUISIANA: Southern Decadence Brings Big Money to the Big Easy (Wisconsin Gazette)
The symbol of gay Pride is a rainbow but if the Southern Decadence festival that draws to a close on this Labor Day proves anything it is that the ubiquitous “pride flag” could easily be the color of money.
Full Story

USA, MINNESOTA: St. Paul, Minnesota: A Culinary Capital? (Edge Boston)
Baskin-Robbins has 31 flavors of ice cream. The Nook has 31 types of burgers. They’re ooey-gooey and oh-so-good.
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USA, NEVADA: Krave Massive Las Vegas Closed Down Over Permit Issues (Las Vegas Sun)
Officials with the state of Nevada on Friday closed Krave Massive, billed as the largest gay nightclub in the country, due to unspecified permit issues.
Full Story

USA, NEW YORK: Five Free Walking Tours in New York’s Central Park (Shermans Travel)
Seeing all of Central Park in one trip is impossible – it is six percent of Manhattan’s total acreage, after all.
Full Story

USA, PENNSYLVANIA: Off-The-Beaten-Path Museums in Philadelphia (Shermans Travel)
Philadelphia’s most iconic thoroughfare, Benjamin Franklin Parkway, is populated by important art and cultural centers like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rodin Museum, and the Barnes Foundation.
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USA, TEXAS: Check Out These Mini Suites at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport (Passport)
This is a great idea – little hotel rooms at the airport that you can rent by the hour.
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USA, WASHINGTON: On Washington’s Northern Border – Point Roberts (Sherman’s Travel)
At a glance, the 48 contiguous United States seem pretty well glued together.
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USA, WASHINGTON: Visiting the San Juan Islands (Dallas Voice)
It’s amazing how easily you can feel completely removed from crowds, urbanity and the busy pace of modern life, even when you’re within 50 miles of several major cities.
Full Story

General Gay Travel News:

Looking for Adventure (Edge Boston)
Looking for high adventure, unique architecture and dramatic views? EDGE Contributor Richard Frisbie traveled to four countries on three continents to find enough death-defying stunts to satisfy the most jaded thrill-seekers.
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Ten Great Fall Beach Towns (WZZM 13)
A glorious hush falls over the country’s favorite beach towns in autumn. Crowds disappear and locals exhale.
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Only Three Commercials Targeted to the LGBT Community As of 2013 (Jaunted)
Did you know that only three US municipalities have targeted the LGBT community with destination ads?
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Gay Event Reviews:

ATLANTIC: Across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary 2 (Edge Boston)
“The journey not the arrival matters.” – T. S. Eliot. There are two kinds of travelers. Those who plan, plot and predict; and those who show up and let the journey carry them along. I am the latter.
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: Manchester Pride in Photos (The Advocate)
Manchester, England, pulled out all the stops for a month-long schedule of Pride festivities that culminated in an enormously fun parade Saturday. Even the Fire Department joined in!
Full Story

UK, ENGLAND: Gay Travel Event Review: Manchester Pride 2013 (Gay Star News)
Thousands have turned out to party at Manchester Pride in north-west England, but the revelers’ thoughts are with LGBT people in their twin city, St Petersburg, Russia.
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USA, CALIFORNIA: Lesbian Travel Event Review: Sunkiss Weekend (
SunKiss Weekend couldn’t have come at a better time. My friend Ashley just moved to California from North Carolina, and it was the perfect opportunity to show her the lesbian scene in the gayest state in America.
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USA, NEVADA: Photos from Las Vegas Pride (GayCities)
The thermostat may have almost broken 100, but boy was it a great weekend to be gay in Las Vegas. Every year the Pride Parade, Pride Festival, and a series of epic pool parties come together on one weekend deemed Las Vegas Gay Days.
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USA, NORTH CAROLINA: Charlotte Holds First Gay Pride in Almost 20 Years (Edge Boston)
Thousands of people turned out for Charlotte’s first gay pride parade in nearly 20 years.
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Upcoming Event News:

BELGIUM: Gay Travel Event Review: World OutGames Belgium (
My husband and I had the opportunity to visit Belgium for the 2013 World Outgames (WOGA) this summer.
Full Story

CARIBBEAN: Sea of Love Gay Cruise to Host Commitment Ceremonies (Travel Agent Central)
(Sept 27th-Oct 4th, 2014) Cruise Planners – American Express Travel has announced their Sea of Love cruise, the first of its kind for the company: a one-time only seven-night Caribbean cruise packaged with a group destination ceremony in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, devoted to same-sex couples.
Full Story

CHINA: Hong Kong’s Gay Film Festival To Be Huge (LGBT Weekly)
Sept 18th-Oct 5th) Clocking in at a record 54 submissions, this year’s Hong Kong Lesbian and Gay Film Festival (HKLGFF) will showcase a diverse array of voices including two brand new categories, one for bisexual-themed movies entitled ‘Bi the way’ and ‘Les porn.’
Full Story

CHINA: Hong Kong Pride Takes to the Streets (Rainbow Tourism)
(Nov 9th) Hong Kong Pride is coming in November.
Full Story

SWITZERLAND: Arosa Gay Ski Week Next January (ainbow Tourism)
(Jan 12th-19th) This 12-19 January, journey to the heart of gay Europe’s favourite ski event during Arosa Gay Skiweek! Set in the picturesque Swiss town of Arosa, this event will celebrate its’ ninth year of fun, frivolity and pride in the European Winter.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Cinema Diverse Comes to Palm Springs in September (Rainbow Tourism)
(Sept 19th-22nd) Cinema Diverse – the Palm Springs Lesbian & Gay Film Fest – runs 19-22 September in the iconic Hollywood Hideaway town.
Full Story

USA, CALIFORNIA: Gay Days Anaheim Coming in Three Weeks (Source)
(Oct 4th-6th) Gay Days Anaheim is only three weeks away! You can now purchase tickets for Disneyland and Disney California Adventure at exclusive Gay Days Anaheim rates, as well as VIP Gold and Silver tickets for entry to all the fabulous parties and much more.
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USA, CALIFORNIA: Out on the Mountain Returns to Six Flags San Diego Next Week (LGBT Weekly)
Six Flags Magic Mountain’s annual Out on the Mountain Gay Night returns this year on Friday, Sept. 20. The entire park goes gay for the night, which provides a safe and inclusive environment of fun for the LGBT community, with rides, dance party, and performers.
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USA, CALIFORNIA: Palm Springs International Film Festival to Include Day of LGBT Films (PR)
(Jan 3rd-13th) The Palm Springs International Film Festival (PSIFF), scheduled from January 3 – 13, 2014, will mark its 25thAnniversary this year.
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USA, COLORADO: Telluride Gay Ski Week Announces 2014 Dates (
(Feb 21st-Mar 2nd) Telluride, Colorado’s gay ski week just announced their dates for their 2014 Ski Week.
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USA, ILLINOIS: Chicago’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival Back in November (The Advocate)
(Nov 7th-14th) Reeling: The Chicago Lesbian & Gay International Film Festival is back this November with gay-themed films hoping to make you laugh, cry, and everything in between. From November 7 through 14, audiences will be treated to a variety of films from up-and-coming as well as established filmmakers.
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USA, OHIO: Ohio’s Lesbian Festival Begins September 20th (Gay Web Source)
(Sept 20th-22nd) Want to be a part of the 24th Ohio Lesbian Womyn’s Festival experience?
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USA, OHIO: Gay Games Coming to Cleveland in 2014 – Better Than the Russian Olympics (The Washington Blade)
(Aug 9th-16th) The two quadrennial international sports competitions taking place in 2014 — the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, and the Gay Games in Cleveland — couldn’t be setting more dissimilar tones.
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USA, TEXAS: Fort Worth’s Q Cinema Film Festival Announces Line-Up for Next Month (Dallas Voice)
(Oct 10th-13th) Fort Worth’s Q Cinema has a new month (October) and a new line-up.
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USA, TEXAS: Dallas Pride’s New Dress Code: No Nudity (Joe.My.God . Gay Web Source)
(Sept 15th) Dallas Pride this year will be a more (ahem) formal event – no public nudity allowed.
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USA, TEXAS: Time to Take Back Dallas Pride (Dallas Voice)
(Sept 15th) As the Alan Ross Freedom Parade approaches, I have to wonder why we do it.
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USA, VERMONT: Pride Vermont Festival on September 15th (Gay Web Source)
(Sept 15th) Vermont’s Annual Celebration of LGBTQA Community in Burlington! Save the Date: SUNDAY September 15th, 2013 we will have our annual Pride Parade & Festival in beautiful Burlington, VT!
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USA, VERMONT: Pride Vermont 2013 (PR)
(Sept 15th) Just when you thought it was safe to put your pride flags away, Vermont has different plans for you. While the Pride Festivities of New York, Boston and other Northeast cities are a distant memory, every September, Burlington holds it’s annual Pride Parade, celebrating the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.
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USA, VIRGINIA: Roanoke’s Pride in the Park Coming September 21st (Gay Web Source)
(Sept 21st) To promote acceptance, visibility, and a sense of community in the Southwestern Virginia Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community by organizing educational and social events and providing opportunities for outreach.
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USA, WASHINGTON DC: Bisexual Pride Begins in DC on September 23rd (The Washington Blade)
(Sept 23rd) Organizers of the first Bisexual Pride Day in the District of Columbia have scheduled a single event on Monday, Sept. 23 to commemorate the occasion — a community forum at a downtown hotel to discuss issues of interest to the bi community.
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CANADA, ONTARIO: Win a Trip to Toronto World Pride 2014 (World Pride Toronto)
(Dec 31) Win a once-in-a-lifetime trip for two to Toronto for WorldPride in 2014. Join us in June 2014 for the world’s largest international celebration of LGBTQ culture and human rights.
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USA, MARYLAND: Win Five Nights in Maryland at the Black Walnut Point Inn (PR)
(Oct 1) By any measure, Tilghman Island’s Black Walnut Point is unique. A private gate secures the half-mile drive through fifty seven acres of bird sanctuary before it emerges at our six-acre island of lawn.
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Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Susurro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Author: , August 30th, 2013

Susurro - San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, MexicoPeriodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

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Featured Gay Friendly Accommodations: Casa Carmen B&B, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Author: , July 13th, 2013

Casa Carmen - San Miguel de AllendePeriodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay.

Beautiful B&B Located in the Heart of Town!: The original property was in ruins and rife with archaic architectural features, horse stables, underground chambers, etc. Now remodeled it maintained its original charm. Today Casa Carmen reflects a respect for the history of the town and modern day hospitality.

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Gay Friendly Bed and Breakfasts, Hotels, and Vacation Rentals in Guanajuato, Mexico