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San Marco Basilica - Alain

These mosaics of San Marco Basilica are from 11-th century but they never lose their luster. They’re our windows to Byzantine arts.

Be warned: you can’t take photos inside St. Mark’s Basilica. While there’s no entrance fee, the number of visitors allowed to get inside is controlled, limited. There’s usually a queue outside in the morning and late afternoon. Go inside at lunch time when tourists try to avoid the nasty summer heat. A huge hat or an umbrella can be helpful, too.

One of the most interesting things to ogle at Basilica di San Marco is the presence of mosaics. You can’t miss them. They’re ubiquitous inside and on the facade of this holy place. You’ve got to remember that these mosaics date back from 11th century. Though their colours aren’t as brights as ages ago, they refuse to fade.

Except for the last mosaic (which I took near the entrance), the rest were taken from the facade. The ones that decorate the portals outside are said to be the oldest mosaics of the basilica.

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