Villa Daffodil – Gay Friendly St. Maarten Vacation Rental Villa

Author: , June 15th, 2019

Villa Daffodil

Share a uniquely Caribbean experience in this LGBTQ friendly 6,000 sq. foot modern villa, where your party will be the sole occupant of this spectacular air-conditioned residence, providing privacy absent in hotels.

Villa Daffodil is on the beach in a safe, convenient location to all St Maarten has to offer! Often called one of the finest its kind, Villa Daffodil has been satisfying guests for more than twenty years. It is a truly exceptional home, complete with every possible amenity from gourmet kitchen, cathedral ceilings, spacious bedrooms, modern art, and a thoughtful attention to detail appreciated by scores of guests, many who come annually.

Villa Daffodil is complete in many ways . . . in a high-end section of Pelican Key, ten minutes from the airport, within walking distance to shopping, fine dining, casino, and water sports. It also comes with a detailed guide book, kept current by the owners to assure guests of the best activities and restaurants. Maid service is a few hours per day, as desired.

The beachfront setting looks out over the clear blue Caribbean Sea, whose waves crash directly in front of the villa. Satellite TV and wi-fi internet are provided at no charge.

The island weather is ideal, with abundant sun, occasional afternoon short showers, and the inevitable, reliable sunset every evening.

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Villa Rainbow – Gay B&B in Pic Paradis, St. Maarten

Author: , October 5th, 2016

Villa Rainbow

Periodically we’ll feature one of our properties here to let our readers know about some great gay friendly places to stay:

Gay Bed and Breakfast on top of Peak Paradise on the French side of St. Martin.

Villa Rainbow welcomes you in a charming luxurious, exclusively gay male bed and breakfast, on the French side of St.Martin/Sint Maarten.

You will enjoy spacious and independant rooms, within a wonderful orchids & tropical garden, with clothing-optional mosaic-tiled swimming pool, jacuzzi and private massage deck.

Villa Rainbow is located on Peak Paradise (Pic Paradis), the island’s highest point with stunning views on Caribbean sea and sunset.

Our guest rooms are private, unique and large, with flat screen tv, DVD, Bose Ipod dock station, a/c, personal refrigerator, and extra large king-sized beds.

reakfast is a generous buffet, served on the terrace or under the flowered patio. We offer free wifi internet access in the common areas of the B&B.

We are close to many beaches, gay, nude, vibrant or deserted, between Cupecoy, Marigot, Grand Case, and the beautiful white sands of Orient Bay.

We will give you all tips for a wonderful and personalized stay on the island, in terms of beaches, bars, restaurants, etc.!

Our numerous repeated guests love the tranquillity of the house, our stunning views, and meeting guests from all over the world (39 countries so far!) during our sunset drinks. It is a perfect place for romantic holidays!

Daytrips to nearby islands (Saba, Anguilla, St Barth, Pinel) are very easy.

We are a young gay couple who have lived in the Caribbean for over fifteen years, and we can offer you an unforgettable and personalized stay.

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Lunch Among the Treetops in Saint Martin

Author: , May 4th, 2013

Loterie Farm, Saint MartinHave lunch on the top of the trees, yes literally. That is what they told me, and I was OK… I have seen enough in this life so nothing quite surprise me anymore, but at the same time I always end up being surprised THANK GOD or life will become too boring right. Love to be outdoors connecting with nature? Or are you a daredevil and love extreme sports?

Well there they have them both! Loterie Farm is a secret hideaway nestled in the hillside of Pic Paradis on French Saint Martin where you can wine, dine, climb, hike and glide over the treetop canopy. It is truly an eco-tourism and gastronomical experience you’re not likely to forget or find elsewhere. Shame on me, I only had lunch ha ha ha and a few local drinks.

At the Tree Lounge, the menu consists on several local dishes, of course boasting the best fresh fish and seafood, but also a few international delights. Our choice was to share a few tapas and dishes for the table. Notorious for serving succulent dishes garnished with fruits and vegetables homegrown. Those same natural products find their way to the Tree Lounge where tropical cocktails are concocted, namely Loterie’s signature drink Sex in the Tree, and served in a relaxing social setting.

We shared the: Indonesian sates with peanut sauce, Tomato mozzarella salad with basil oil, Ultra thin crust pizza with 3 cheeses, Brie in puff pastry with mango chutney, Trio dip with Baba ghanoush, feta cheese, roasted red pepper sauce with pita wedges, Coconut lime tuna tartar and the Mini crab cakes (spicy). Sounds like A LOT for only two people right ha ha ha… Our signature drink was the Rhum Runner with Rum, Cointreau, lemon & strawberry.

You would wonder why the name Loterie Farm, right. The sign at the entrance of Loterie Farm says “established in 1721\0x2033. Records suggest that the first owner of Loterie Farm was an Englishman by the name of Richard Bailey who won the rights to establish a sugar plantation at this location in a land loterie. That’s why it’s called Loterie Farm.

Other than eating and drinking, there are several activities you can enjoy at these dense deep forest of 135 acres located at the bottom of Pic Paradis (the highest peak on Saint Martin). At Loterie Farm you can enjoy and relax at the pool area, hike and for the thrill seekers have a three treetop adventure, zip lining among other eco-adventures. I was just in the mood for lunch and to retrieve back to my amazing Villa at La Samanna. So I did.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog

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Saint Martin vs. Sint Maarten

Author: , May 2nd, 2013

Carlos Melia in Saint MartinHi there everyone, it has been a while since my last report around the world. Been traveling extensively and still am, gathering as much information and experiences as possible to share with all of you. This time, about two weeks ago, I flew from New York to Saint Martin to explore the island. I must say right from the beginning that other than St Barth, I have never been a huge fan of The Caribbean, but it is quite exciting to be able to discover this little gem and be proven wrong sometimes. Perfect destination for a quick getaway, to have it combined with St Barth.

For such a small island, St Martin or St Marteen depending on which side of the island you are staying – French or Dutch – has a wonderful mix of cultures and people. Over a total approx. populations of 75,000 inhabitants, you will find over 120 different nationalities. Because of this, the island is unique for its cosmopolitan nature, all living in harmony with each other, and where the word hospitality plays a big role.

One of the smallest landmasses divided by two nations, a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the French Collectivity. The island has two capitals, Philipsburg on the Dutch side, and Marigot on the French side. Although French and Dutch are the official languages, on their respective sides, English and Spanish is widely spoken, among many other languages, including Creole and Papiamento.

The official currency of the island is the Euro in St Martin and the Netherlands Antilles Guilder in St Marteen. Now the great news are, that the local exchange between the Euro and the US Dollar is 1 = 1.

The heritage of the island is marked by the salt industry. Dutch and Spanish were attracted to this shores, driven by the profitable salt ponds in the island. Then the French came along. The legend tells that a Frenchman and a Dutchman, who stood back to back to claim each others territory and borderlines. They walk in opposite directions, and where they met up again was to be the dividing line. Apparently the story tells that the Dutchman got a little lazy, tipsy and lay in the sun for a few hours while the Frenchman got on to it.

That is how nowadays most of the island belongs to the French Collectivity. There is no such and issue to cross from one side to the other, more than a big sign welcoming you to each side. I have only experienced such a feeling before, in Istanbul when crossing the Bosphorus from Europe to Asia.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog

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Eating Local in Saint Martin

Author: , April 22nd, 2013

Carlos Melia - Lolos in Saint MartinIf you want to try the local cuisine of Saint Martin, then you need to behave like one, and usually that means having a meal experience at a classic Lolo. A lolo is basically a rudimentary version of a restaurant, were they serve local traditional dishes, grilled food, at very accessible prices.

You will find Lolos spread all over Saint Martin, but after a serious research among locals, I found out that the two best options are located on the French side, minutes away from the capital of Marigot, along one of the most famous gourmet streets in the Caribbean, as it is Grand Case.

Down and dirty Gourmet experience, that I enjoy so much, CHECKED. !!! Now if you wonder what LOLO stands for, is “Locally Own Locally Operated”. Lolos made my gastronomic option for the perfect lunch option in Saint Martin. The two that I found to be the best value are: The Talk of the Town and Sky is the Limit.

I came along with my tour guide, and pretty much followed his lead, not that I am experienced on this type of activities worldwide, but it is always interesting to learn from the locals.

The menu included, Johnny Cakes, Stuffed Crab Shells and Plantains. So delicious and so cheap. I paid for both of us EUR 20. (and here is another tip, in Saint Martin on the French side they will give you EUR 1 = USD 1) so even a better deal. A must try while in Saint Martin, and then take a short stroll along the beach of Grand Case.

Authored By Carlos Melia – See the Full Story at the Carlos Melia Blog

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At the Beach in Saint Martin

Author: , April 22nd, 2013

Saint Martin - Carlos MeliaIf there is something that made me stay in Saint Martin, other than the lovely La Samanna by Orient-Express, was the incredible white sanded, blue transparent waters over both the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. My favorites were all those on the Caribbean bay, since they are rather quiet, although with a strong current, great temperature and stunning vivid colors. Quite a daunting task, to explore an entire island in just four days, so I did what I know best when it comes to getting a global idea of a new destination, I hired a local guide to take me around and show me his favorite places.

Unfortunately, due to rough winds and sailing conditions, I was not able to visit Pinel Island nor Tintamarre, which are supposed to be the two gems of Saint Martin, but I certainly made up with my daily swim and sunbathing sessions at Baie Longue. Almost all of my favorite beaches are located on the French side of Saint Martin, with exception to Maho Beach, located on the Dutch side.

Maho Beach has a particular appeal, located at the en of the Princess Juliana International Airport runway, is one of the most photographed beaches in the world. Maybe relaxing is not the word for this spot, but certainly unique, being able to almost touch the airplanes as they land. The most impressive are when KLM and Air France land over Sunset Beach and Bar. Check out my post here on Sunset Beach here.

Cupecoy, is a series of small beaches backed by sandstone cliffs. Know to be a clothing optional spot in the island, with very calm waters. Cupecoy is separated from Baie Longue by a tongue of land that comes into the Caribbean Sea. Although I did not spend time at Cupecoy, I could see it everyday from my Villa.

Orient Bay, following with the trend of the nudist beaches, this is another option in the island. To be fully honest, this option to me felt like a nightmare, full of tourist one next to the other, bars and restaurants over the beach. Not my idea of a relaxing getaway. It is one of the most famous beaches in Saint Martin along with Maho Beach. Some of the activities, same as most other spots are: paragliding, jet skiing, snorkeling…

The funny note about this beach is that both the nudist and conventional beaches, coexists, being divided just by one big billboard. Right next to the billboard you have naked people chatting with the rest of the visitors.

Grand Case, know as the Gourmet Capital of the Caribbean, has a beautiful bay, that mostly should be enjoyed pre/during/post lunch or dinner. Over and along Grand Case street, you have some of the best gourmet options of the island, from the fancy and classy as Ocean 82, to the very unique and local Lolos.

Le Galion, Oyster Pond and Coralina Beach, rival most of the options in the island for the breathtaking views. Due to the shallowness and calmness of the water, allows you to walk. Here you can also enjoy surfing once beyond the protection of the ocean reefs. For those looking to master this sport, you will be happy to find the official Quicksilver Surfing School.

But I have to say that my heart and 80% of my time, I spent it at my favorite spot and beach in the island, Baie Longue. A very long beach lined with private properties and site of my beautiful resort La Samanna.

Plenty of water activities at Baie Longue, from Wave Runners exploring the entire island, including Sympson Bay Lagoon, to swimming, snorkeling, private sailing among many other, that if you choose not to lay and relax at your private Cabana in the beach. Even sunsets are stunning, either seen from the comfort of your room, at the Trellis Restaurant or at the Lounge Bar.

The great thing about Saint Martin, is that all beaches are public, therefore anyone can access. Some are rather isolated and with difficult access, and this is the case of Baie Longue for those not staying at La Samanna. The rest of the beaches are only accessible by hiking, and either appear and disappear, according to the tides and seasons. TIP one great spot to see the beach is from Port Louis, in Marigot, but that is for another post. Stay tuned.

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Saint Martin: Pastors Want “Code of Conduct” for Gay/Lesbian Tourists

Author: , March 13th, 2011

Saint MartinA group of pastors on the tiny Caribbean island of Saint Maarten say that the corrupting influence of homosexual tourists must be curtailed. Therefore they want their local Parliament to impose a new “code of conduct” to prevent gay cruise ship visitors from committing public displays of affection. The pastors met yesterday with Parliament’s Committee For Tourism to present their demands.

Pastor Wycliffe Smith, who headed the delegation, said the group was guided by the word of God and had not been politically motivated or manipulated by anyone to champion these issues. He said the churches were following the rule of God by loving the sinner, but hating the sin.

“We are not saying it is right to do it hidden or in the closet,” he said. Smith said homosexuals were coming to the island every day via the airport and the harbour and there also were many who live here. His contention is that these people should not impose their way of life and should curb public displays of affection. “As a Christian nation, we love you [homosexuals], but we don’t love your lifestyle,” he said.

Full Story from Joe.My.God

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