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Pont des Amours - Alain

Pont des Amours or Lover’s Bridge is an iron bridge at the threshold of Lac de Annecy. From the look of it, this is just an ordinary bridge in a charming town in France, called Annecy.

The first bridge was made of wood and it was built to give people a good view of the wonderful Annecy Lake. It was later rebuilt with iron by Charles Galletto. And what a view it is! Boats moored on the banks and arched trees on the side add a romantic setting for whoever passes by. The bridge connects the European Gardens and Paquier Esplanade.

This bridge, however, has a dark past – it used to be a rendezvous for prostitutes. But today, the bridge is a rendezvous for lovers. Legend has it that whoever you kiss in the middle of this bridge, you will stay together for life! Yes, forever!

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