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Author: , August 12th, 2019

moulin rouge - Keep Calm and Wander

“Paris is always a good idea,” said Audrey Hepburn, a Hollywood legend who acted in romantic movies that featured famous landmarks in Paris. With so many great motion pictures made in this European city, it’s no wonder it earns these three nicknames: The City of Love, The City of Romance, and The City of Lights.

Let’s traverse the romantic lanes in Paris and get a glimpse of the landmarks that grace it.

Moulin Rouge

one are the days of French courtesans in the city of Paris, but Moulin Rouge on Boulevard de Clichy is still alive with the “can-can” dance which the nation invented. Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor made this area more popular in the film with the same name. Watch a show or two and relive the past through glamorous cabaret performances.

Le Grand Hotel

There are a handful elegant hotels in Paris where movies where made, but the opulent and avant garde Le Grand Hotel has been truly iconic since 1862. Its luxurious suites are to die for, and its classic interior design brings you back to a bygone era. Your stay here will genuinely be romantic when you book a room facing the Opera. The famed Louvre Museum is nearby. Le Grand’s exterior is prominent in Roman Polanski’s “Frantic” movie with Harrison Ford.

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TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD: We Love Movies and Where They Were Filmed

Author: , July 23rd, 2015

On Golden Pond

Like most people, we love movies and when we are traveling we often visit the places where some of our favorite movies were made. Go to ‘google’ and type in any movie. Usually the first thing to come up is the Internet Movie Database, (IMDb) It is the largest online database of information related to films and television. It will tell you what cities, towns or areas where the film is made as well as a lot of other information about the film.

Bodega BayWe loved the movie, THE BIRDS so when we were in the Russian River in California we visited Bodega Bay and Bodega where it was filmed. Two important landmarks from the The Birds still stand in the town of Bodega (which is not the same town as Bodega Bay and is inland a bit). The Potter School, just east of Bodega, served as the spot where screaming children fled for their lives. St. Theresa’s church, right in town and also on the Bodega Highway, is where they found refuge.

Of course the town takes full advantage of the fact that the movie was filmed there including all kinds of collectibles to purchase including black crows which we purchased. One is ALWAYS looking up to the sky when walking around the town just in case you see any crows you can run fast for cover!

All movies are not filmed where you think. For instance GONE WITH THE FILM was filmed in, yep, California and NOT in Atlanta or anywhere in the South. Many westerns were not filmed in Texas or Arizona or New Mexico but rather in a small town just north of Palm Springs California. The wonderful movie musical OKLAHOMA was filmed in Sonoita, Arizona.

We just happened to be spending a week in Santa Fe, New Mexico when Robert Redford was filming THE MILAGRO BEANFIELD WAR just a few miles to the north in Espanola and Truchas. We even got to meet Mr. Redford. When we were in South Beach (Miami), Florida we visited different areas where THE BIRDCAGE was filmed. Dozens of movies have been filmed in San Francisco and we are always searching everywhere for the areas where movies where shot there. We really enjoy visiting the areas where the movie MILK was filmed.

Philadelphia Museum of Art with the famous "Rocky" steps, Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USAON GOLDEN POND is another favorite movie of ours. When we were in New Hampshire, we visited Squam Lake where it was filmed and we thought we could see the ghosts of Fonda and Hepburn. In Philadelphia where the movie ROCKY was filmed, visiting the statue, running up the steps and taking a picture at the top at the Art Museum is pretty much a must on your first visit to Philadelphia. It’s a rite of passage.

We live in greater Kansas City and we got to watch them film Robert Altman’s movie KANSAS CITY and got to hear in person many of the famous Jazz musicians that he brought to town. Also we got to meet Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward when they were here filming MR. AND MRS. BRIDGE. We even got to enter the house that they used in the movie.

Mt. RushmoreWhen we were in New Orleans we hoping to seeing some of the locations where A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE was filmed however our hopes were doused when we learned that it had been filmed in Los Angeles. The movie NORTH BY NORTHWEST was basically shot in California however a few scenes were shot at Mount Rushmore and we there thinking about how Cary Grant was handling the situation that he was in. THE SOUND OF MUSIC was never even filmed in Indiana but in the Studio back lot.

Just be sure and check out your movie locations before you actually go there so that you will not be disappointed. Movies have been filmed in every State so wherever you are, and if you into movies, find the different locations where some of your favorite movies were filmed.

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married).

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Ten Gayest Travel Movies of All Time

Author: , May 15th, 2011

Top 10 Gay Travel FilmsFrom cross-country drag queens to serial-killer lesbians, there are SO MANY queer travel flicks to choose from. It’s hard to pick just 10. But I did!

10. 127 Hours (2010): Maybe James Franco is just gay or maybe we just want him to be. Either way, he gave an amazing performance in 127 Hours. The film is based on the true story of Aron Ralston, a mountain climber who was trapped by a boulder in Robbers Roost, Utah. Franco gives his best performance to date, portraying an adventurer whose desire to break free from civilization puts him in a life and death struggle, forcing him to cut off his arm to stay alive. The role earned Franco an Oscar nomination and cemented his status as the modern day James Dean and gay icon.

9. Roman Holiday (1953): A princess falls for Gregory Peck while riding a Vespa … gay, gay, gay! Roman Holiday stars Audrey Hepburn as Ann, a royal who meets Joe, a dashing American journalist (Peck) when she wakes up on a park bench after taking a sedative. The couple falls in love while gallivanting through Rome. Eventually, Ann has to return to her thrown and she parts ways with Joe. In 1953, Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress. What could have made this pic more queer? If Liz Taylor got the role.

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