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Author: , September 26th, 2019

Best Gay Theatre Festivals

‘The theatre’s so obsessed
With dramas so depressed
It’s hard to sell a ticket on Broadway
Shows should be more pretty
Shows should be more witty
Shows should be more…
What’s the word?

These words were sung by the character of Roger in the Broadway show, ‘The Producers’, and we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to seeing a show, it needs a dash of campy flair that only gay people can bring.

What is it about the theatre that gay people love? Is it the costumes? The actors? The stories?

With both of us being big drama fanatics (both inside and outside the theatre house), we’ve particularly found theatre to be a much more inclusive and open-minded mode of entertainment than film or TV.

With the pink wave riding across the world, and more countries polishing up their LGBTQ rights records, queer representation is at a crucial point to help push those lawmakers over the rainbow picket line.

This is why we feel that gay theatre festivals are super important for the cause. They help increase visibility for our community, not just for heterosexuals, but for ourselves as well. There are many different kinds of people in the community that have different experiences or have varying privileges. Whilst we, as gay men, undergo certain challenges that our straight peers don’t have to think about, our struggles differ from those who are trans, disabled or queer. Gay theatre festivals bring all of our stories into the light and can be quite a harrowing experience for all who attend.

We’ve put together a list of some of the best gay theatre festivals from across the world.

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The New Conservatory Theatre – San Francisco’s Gay Theatre

Author: , February 5th, 2012

The Story of My LifeWhenever we find ourselves in San Francisco, we try to catch a play at The City’s premier gay theater, The New Conservatory. And this trip was no exception.

Located at the corner of Van Ness and Market, just a block from City Hall and the Opera, the NCT occupies the basement of an office building, and offers three theaters.

On the first Thursday of each play’s run, the NCT offers a “pay what you wish” night – instead of the usual $25 per person, you name your own price – it’s a great way for folks who couldn’t afford a ticket to see a little theater! Details here:

This time, we saw the premiere week of the play “The Story of My Life”. It’s a musical exploring the relationship between a straight man and his gay best friend, who as a kid saw everything differently, often to his own detriment. But although he was bullied mercilessly in school, his unique insights provided the springboard for his straight friend’s writing career.

Told in hindsight from the occasion of the gay friend’s funeral, the play was at times touching, sweet, and nicely constructed, allowing the audience to make leaps from cause to effect as the play progressed. The play runs through February 26th – find more information on this play and the others currently running at the New Conservatory here:

If you’re in The City, catch a gay play at the NCT!

The Advocate’s Guide to New York’s Gay Theater Scene

Author: , November 16th, 2011

New York Gay TheaterOur man on the New York theater scene has alone time with Hugh Jackman, gets caught in a bad bromance with Jesse Eisenberg, worships Hunter Parrish, sobers up with Judith Light, and more.

Shadow Boxing: One of three British solo shows performed in rep as part of the 2011 Brits Off Broadway festival, James Gaddas’s lean and muscular monologue is a knockout under Donald Pulford’s punchy direction.

The appealing Jonny Collis-Scurll stars as Flynn, a dedicated boxer and son of a much less successful fighter. As he does push-ups and pummels unseen opponents, we also learn that Flynn is also a gay man who overcame childhood bullying.
59E59 Theatres, through November 20.

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