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Gay Providence

Maybe I’m a bit biased, because I went to college there, Providence is quite the fun city if you allow it to be. Located in the smallest state of Rhode Island, Providence is proof that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to having fun and enjoying yourself. It’s a great gay alternative for people living in Boston and New York City, for it only takes about 3 hours from NYC and just one from Bean Town to get to, experience some fabulous gay nightlife along with some great shopping, eating, and so much more.

Let’s start with the nightlife. Because downtown Providence is such a college town, it not only has a younger quality and feel to it, but the city also balances itself out with some sophisticated clubs and bars where any crowd can truly fit in.

There are so many bars in Providence that it’s hard to choose just one to enjoy for its own merits.  If dancing the night away is your thing, then Mirabar, Alley Cat, and EGO Providenceare three fantastic choices that play some amazing music throughout the night with super hot go-go boys who are there for the delicious eye candy and whatnot.  For my fellow bear aficionados, you can’t go wrong with a classic like The Eagle.  And for those who enjoy a lovely cocktail bar after work, then The Stable will work for you (rated #1 in Providence for gay bars).

By Ryan Shea – Full Story at Instinct

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