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There’s no real scientific evidence to suggest that chocolate actually does work as an aphrodisiac. Many foods have been assigned such qualities, but by and large, they tend to have a strong placebo effect instead. In other words, they get you thinking about sex just by association, and this puts sex to the front of your mind. Could this be why ‘Chocolate Row’ in a central part of Brussels positively glows with the frisson of sexiness?

Belgium is known for two things, and if you are not here for the beer, then you should head along to the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert and try the chocolate. Found right in the heart of gay Brussels, this glass-domed series of galleries was one of the first shopping malls to be built in Europe and still retains the grandeur and architectural spectacle that reflects its century and a half age. It is filled with high-end boutiques, cultural organisation and, of course, a generous helping of chocolate shops.

And if you are looking to explore the heart of Brussels social scene, bars and nightlife then there is no better location to use as your base than the nearby Hotel Hubert. Only a few minutes from the Grand Palace and Brussels Central Station, Hubert is a perfect mix of the luxurious and the easy-going, aims towards self-service but has an attentive staff to help you negotiate its modern concepts.

By Ray Si – Full Story at The Gay UK

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