Gay Argentina – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , June 18th, 2018

gay Argentina - The Nomadic Boys

We love Argentina. Yes it has some of the sexiest guys on this planet, and some delicious culinary highlights, but above everything else, it’s an easy country for gay travellers.

Despite the strong influence by the Catholic Church, Argentina is one of the most gay friendly countries in Latin America, and arguably, the world. It was the first country in the continent to legalise gay marriage in July 2010, which also included full adoption rights. This made it the 2nd in the entire continent (after Canada) and 10th in the world. The right to change legal gender has been in place since 2012, and in the same year, legislation was introduced adding life imprisonment to hate crimes based on sexual orientation, gender identity or expression.

We were also love the fact that most of the big cities in Argentina have fun gay scenes, particularly in Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba and Mendoza. Even smaller cities like Puerto Madryn are popular gay hotspots. This is our country guide to Argentina for gay travellers, based on our experience travelling here during our big trip in Latin America.

When to Visit Argentina

Argentina is a 365 days’ destination because despite the time of year, there is always something going on. It is a huge country – the 8th largest in the world, therefore has varied landscapes ranging from the sub-tropical in the Northeast (Igauzu Falls), desert in the centre (Mendoza), the mountainous Andes climates along its west side, coastal along its east side, and of course the extreme cold in Patagonia.

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Ten Interesting Facts About Gay Argentina – Nomadic Boys

Author: , November 2nd, 2016

Gay Argentina - Nomadic Boys

“Latins are tenderly enthusiastic. In Brazil they throw flowers at you. In Argentina they throw themselves!” Marlene Dietrich was definitely on point.

The Argentinians are an extremely passionate hot blooded bunch with their own unique style of Spanish, spoken with a strong Italian-like charisma. They will instantly embrace you into their lives and in return you will no doubt quickly fall in love with them. We sure did and after spending 2 months with them, here’s our 10 interesting facts about gay Argentina.


Nothing evokes the passionate spirit of the Argentinians better than this very famous sensual and seductive dance. Tango is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Argentina. At its inception in the 1880s, it was danced between 2 men, but very quickly the concept of same sex tango dancing got lost…. Until 2002 when it became fashionable again with queer tango schools popping up across the country.

By Stefan Arestis – Full Story at the Nomadic Boys

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Wedding Planning is officially my thing…

Author: , May 13th, 2012

Wedding Planning is officially my thing…  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  As from last night, I am officially a Wedding Planner, such an amazing and rewarding experience. Thank you Alex Greenwich and Victor Hoeld for letting me be part of your LOVE STORY. Here is a brief Photo Album of your journey here in Buenos Aires with all my love and respect. What an inspirational couple and an amazing family indeed. As Alex’s brother said last night at Estancia Villa María during his speech to the Groom+Groom… Marriage equality is more than bringing two people together… It is about bringing two families together…. Que VIVAN los novios. (Special thanks to the staff of Estancia Villa Maria, Design CE Hotel and ROJO Tango for all their help and support.)
Planning to SAY I DO…. do not hesitate to contact me, I can assist you and your Groom plan one of the most special days of your life. Argentina, Canada, Thailand, United States, …. you name it, I am there.  CM

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BEYOND Gay Martini Bar Buenos Aires sneak preview

Author: , May 8th, 2012

BEYOND Gay Martini Bar Buenos Aires sneak preview | Buenos Aires, Argentina | Will Buenos Aires get back on its feet and revamp a sophisticated, trendy and interesting Gay Night Scene, that somehow, sometime along the way, in the last two years, has totally  been lost ? Well judging from what I have seen today, the answer is YES. BEYOND, the first ever Gay Martini Bar of Argentina and of the city of
Buenos Aires, right over Juncal street, meters away from 9 de Julio Avenue in
. Today, Edgar its owner – original from Chicago, US – invited me to a sneak preview of what by late May 2012 will become, hopefully, Tuesdays thru Sundays, into the hub of the Gay Scene of Buenos Aires.
… A few month ago, this was a multilevel furniture store with a cafe on the top floor, explained to me Edgar. I used to come here, because I liked the old-french and art deco style furniture. I would stop by to have a look and spend sometime at the cafe, but the store was always empty. So I came with the idea to take over, furniture included and transform it into an exclusive Gay Martini Bar. Buenos Aires needs and deserves an space like this for the local and international gay community…
The venue will have three levels, a BEYOND members area, and a VIP room with a private access and elevator. They propose an innovative Martinis Menu, full bar and Tapas. To be open from 06PM till late night, six days a week. The average price of drinks will range from Pesos 45 (USD 10) on. Chill out music and randomly live DJ performances.
Personally, I am so excited about this new option, in a very depressed and almost inexistent gay night scene in Buenos Aires. A place to have a quick bite, drinks (specially my favorite Martinis), mingle with locals and foreigners in style, enjoy a sophisticated atmosphere, chill out and lounge over funky music. But well that is what I have in my head from seeing the space and listening to Edgar, but we will have to wait and see the final product, which I hope it wont become in yet another disappointment. Beyond, to be opened late May 2012. Juncal between Libertad and Talcahuano.
Hey guys, dress up, shine your shoes, a get your act together and attitude to walk down the main stairs of Beyond. I, personally, look forward to spend sometime at Beyond on my next visits to Buenos Aires, hopefully to a beyond happening, interesting and smart gay night scene. CM

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SERENA Hotel Buenos Aires

Author: , January 14th, 2012

SERENA Hotel Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina |  SERENA Hotel Punta del Este, has been for long time my favorite option at that destination, and over a year ago, they expanded with their second property to Buenos Aires nesting the Argentinean branch in the exclusive area of Recoleta over Libertad Street. I spent there the last 2 nights and here are a few comments based on my own experience. But one thing I would like to highlight right from the beginning is the excellent job they have done with the Spa/Sauna area on the ground floor, where space was planed, executed and used brilliantly, see photo below. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria

Author: , January 13th, 2012

Carlos Melia learns Tango at El Querandi Tangueria  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Aside from being my favorite tangueria (aka. Tango House) in Buenos Aires, today, once the show was over, I took my own private lesson of Tango with one of the leading dancer of the prestigious El Querandi Tango Show. I know I know… Argentinean, Porteño and I do not have a clue on how to dance Tango, shame on me. Well that is why El Querandi Tango has came to my rescue to give me the basic steps of my native dance. > Check the Full Post and more at

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MIO Hotel Buenos Aires brand new Boutique option

Author: , January 13th, 2012

MIO Hotel Buenos Aires brand new Boutique option  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Today I went for a site inspection at the recently opened MIO Hotel Buenos Aires. I was hosted in all style by GM Amalia Gonzalez, former Alvear Palace Hotel. The hotel by the trademark of Catena family, yes the same of Catena Zapata wines, combines boutique luxury, elegance and original design, with customized care. Walk through the stunning six meter-high door made of French oak from wine barrels, on the distinguished Quintana Avenue, at the heart of distinct Recoleta. I would have loved to stay overnight, but unfortunately the year has so many night, but I will on my next visit to Buenos Aires for sure, but below is the full comments on my site. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Duhau Restaurant and Vinoteca at Palacio Duhau

Author: , January 10th, 2012

Duhau Restaurant and Vinoteca at Palacio Duhau  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Romantic and chic would be the perfect two words to define it, but what can I say then about the excellent service, cuisines and wines. Another superb diner in Buenos Aires, this time by the signature international service of Park Hyatt Group, and the stunning setting of the central gardens at Palacio Duhau Buenos Aires. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Algodon Masion small luxury Buenos Aires Check IN

Author: , January 10th, 2012

Algodon Masion small luxury Buenos Aires  Check IN |  Buenos Aires, Argentina  |  Just checked in at Algodon Mansion, landmark 1912 building fashioned in French Classical design, at the residential neighborhood of Recoleta. This is my second time at the hotel, the first was over two years ago when they were just opening, and I am happy to see that they are very well settled and entrenched as small luxury boutique option in the city. > Check the Full Post and more at

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Aldo’s Vinoteca Restoran Buenos Aires

Author: , January 8th, 2012

Aldo’s Vinoteca Restoran Buenos Aires  |  Buenos Aires, Argentina | Let me start this post with a basic and straight THIS IS A KEEPER. If I would be leaving back in Buenos Aires, I would come to Aldo’s at least once a week. The concept is very basic, but at the same time unique, the star of the night are the wines, the Argentinean wines, which by the expert guidance of your sommelier, will be matched to perfection with your food choices. Located at the least expected area of San Telmo, below the Moreno Boutique Hotel, without a doubt after seven month of opening has become the hot spot of taste, cool ambiance and wine culture of Buenos Aires. > Check the Full Post and more at

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