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Florence's Duomo - Keep Calm and Wander

The stunning facade of Florence’s Duomo is one of its kind. It’s a great example of the Renaissance style which was born in Florence, Italy. Duomo, as the locals call it, has a longer name: Catedral Santa Maria del Fiore. In English, it is translated as, “Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flowers.” For lazy tourists who have problems remembering places, it would be known as Florence Cathedral.

The Stunning Facade of Florence Duomo. The whole facade of the church isn’t your typical church you see all over Italy or Spain. Its polychrome marble panels are bordered with hues of pink and green. The exterior is plastered with so many sculptures and frescoes of various sizes. Incredible patterns and amazing craftsmanships are ubiquitous wherever you stand. They can be dizzying if you’re fixated on them.

Gothic or Renaissance? Well, I was told that in its early construction, the church was designed as Gothic. But as it progressed, its Renaissance style became evident, too. Both styles were blended and resulted in a classical masterpiece which Florence is so proud of.

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