Gay Friendly Eastern Europe – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , July 13th, 2019

Gay Friendly Eastern Europe - The Nomadic Boys

Europe has some of the most gay-friendly countries in the world with extremely progressive LGBTQ rights. However, these are largely confined to the North and West. The further East you head on the continent, the less gay-friendly it becomes.

East Europe is notorious for lagging behind the rest of the continent when it comes to LGBTQ rights. Thankfully, when most of them started joining the EU from 2004 onwards, membership requirements forced them to adopt more progressive LGBTQ laws, especially with regards to recognising civil unions for same-sex couples and introducing anti-discrimination legislation.

This is not to say that East Europe is completely void of any fabulousness! During our many trips as a gay couple around the region, we discovered several places that have a more liberal outlook, a thriving LGBTQ community and a vibrant gay scene. Based on our first-hand experiences, we’ve put together what we think are the 5 most gay-friendly cities – gay friendly Eastern Europe.

Disclosure: this was written as part of a paid collaboration with Moon Travel Guides.

What is East Europe?

A quick note about this. Whilst we appreciate that some countries fall into the “Central” rather than “East” Europe grey area, others would argue they are “Baltic” instead, or “Balkan”, there is no clear definition of which countries are strictly defined as “East Europe”.

We’ve therefore taken the UN breakdown of what is East Europe and included the countries that the travel industry also regards as being part of “East Europe”.

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Gay Friendly Latin American Cities – The Nomadic Boys

Author: , July 27th, 2018

Gay Friendly Latin American Cities - The Nomadic Boys

We spent almost 2 years travelling in Latin America from Mexico all the way down to Patagonia.

Latin America is a fantastic destination to explore for gay travellers, with a range of beautiful natural sceneries, classic world wonders, some of the best gay parties in the world, and the hottest guys you’ll ever meet.

Although most countries in Latin America are very Catholic with a socially conservative outlook, we found that most are quickly evolving to embrace their LGBTQ communities. We particularly saw this in Uruguay, Argentina, the big cities of Colombia, parts of Mexico, south Brazil and Santiago in Chile.

These are our 10 favourite gay friendly Latin American cities where we felt the most welcome, have the best gay scene and most prominent pride festivals.

Santiago – Chile

We start this list with the capital city of Chile. Whilst Chile as a country is still very conservative, Santiago is definitely one of the most gay friendly places we visited. It has a huge gay scene in the “Bellavista” neighbourhood, with many bars, clubs and restaurants.

Our favourite place to start a gay night out in Santiago is at the large resto/bar called “Station”. Then we’d head to either “Bar 105” or one of the drag bars like “Burdel”. On weekends, there are a handful of large gay clubs to check out. Our favourite was “Barcelona at Bunker”, which always has a large crowd. Also worth nothing is that nearby to Santiago is one of the largest gay clubs in the South America called “Il Divino”, located in the nearby resort town of “Viña del Mar”. Read more in our gay guide to Santiago.

With regards to gay rights, Chile has certainly come a long way since the dark days of the oppressive Pinochet years. Today, marriage equality is still on the cards, and soon may become law. One of our favourite things about the city is that as a sign of solidarity towards the LGBTQ community, the Moneda Palace (the formal offices for the President) in Central Santiago is lit up with rainbow colours on 17 May for the International Day Against Homophobia Transphobia and Biphobia (IDAHOTB) – every year without fail. Read more in our interview with Ivan from Santiago about what it’s like growing up gay in Chile.

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Los Angeles Area Gems – Globetrotter Girls

Author: , July 19th, 2017

Long Beach - Globetrotter Girls

While Los Angeles itself has plenty to offer, the city can be quite overwhelming, especially for people who aren’t used to cities of this magnitude. During the month I spent in the West Coast metropole last year, I became increasingly frustrated about the long drives and traffic several times – can it really take 90 minutes to cover an eight mile distance?

I found myself wishing for small town conveniences on various occasions (usually while stuck in a traffic jam on the 405), and that’s when I realized it may be a good idea to check out some nearby cities of a more manageable size to see what they have to offer. Luckily I had enough time to check out several cities right in Los Angeles county, some along the coast, some just outside the L.A. city limits. Each one was special and unique in their own way, and worth a visit for things that the others didn’t have.

If you visit L.A. and want to escape the ‘Big Smog’ for a day, here are five nearby cities that you should visit:


Long Beach is LA’s big neighbor to the south, California’s 7th largest city and second busiest container port in the U.S. The massive port has led people to believe that Long Beach is nothing more than a big industrial city, but I found out that the city itself is actually a fine escape from L.A., offering a downtown area that is walkable and, as its name suggests, a pretty long beach.

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Author: , May 5th, 2017


From coast to coast in the USA, cities both large and small are trying to hard to woo the LGBT Dollars.  They KNOW how much the LGBT community spends and how much we travel and they are learning quickly how to get our money.

Here is a partial list of over 30 cities around the country who have a special LGBT link on their City’s Official Website.


Austin, TC:








Columbus, OH:




Ft. Lauderdale:



Kansas City:

Las Vegas:

Los Angeles:


Los Angeles

Los Angeles


New Orleans:

New York City:



Pittsburgh, PA:




Reno, NV:

Salt Lake City:

San Francisco:


St. Louis:



St. Petersburg,FL:


Washington, DC:

Would this have happened 20 years ago or even 10 years ago? We think not, but we are sure glad that it is happening now. Go out and travel the USA in cities that WANT our GAY DOLLARS!

Don and RayAlways remember to have fun when traveling, meet new people and talk to everyone!

TRAVELING IN OUR FABULOUS GAY WORLD is written by Donald Pile and Ray Williams, Award-winning, Celebrity travel columnists who write for gay publications from coast to coast (And now legally married).

Proud members of the IGLTA. You can email them at and visit their website at

Australia’s Top Five LGBT Travel Destinations

Author: , March 9th, 2015

Sydney, AustraliaSydney

The New South Wales capital has long been recognised as one of the top destinations in the world for LGBTQI travellers, and around Mardi Gras time, you’ll feel like the whole city has turned gay.

We probably don’t need to tell you that much of the party action in Sydney occurs around Oxford Street in Darlinghurst and King Street in Newtown, or that the most popular gay city beaches are at North Bondi and Tamarama.

Instead here are some less obvious things to make your stay more memorable. If you’re looking for slightly less busy beach options, La Perouse at Little Congwong is a better place for a picnic and frolic, while Lady Jane and Obelisk beach all attract a diverse queer crowd.

For those looking for less mainstream and more creative party options outside the regular haunts, try Club Kooky, Lovecult 2000 or hot new queer kid on the block Dishy – all offer alternative Mardi Gras parties catering for the underground queer community. For a lesbian-friendly bar in Sydney try the Sly Fox in Enmore on a Wednesday night.

By James Norman – Full Story at The Guardian | Australia Gay Travel Resources

Packing for the Summertime

Author: , August 15th, 2014

I don’t know about you, but even though it’s August, it still feels very much like Adam Groffmansummertime. (And technically it is!) I’ve got several weekend city breaks around Europe planned for the remainder of my summer, so thought I’d share some of the favorite things I’ve been running around with. It’s a bit of a funny list but that’s probably because I’ve had a strange summer with trips everywhere from Thailand to Poland.

What makes summer such a good time to travel anyways? Maybe it’s the sunshine. Or the good weather. But for me, summer is just such an easy time to pick up and go away. With many thanks to childhood, summertime is essentially the ultimate symbol for freedom.

Travel and freedom are seemingly strange bedfellows, but when you stop to think about it, it makes lots of sense. Those lucky enough to travel far and wide have a special sort of freedom — the ability to wander, to get lost, to see new things, to experience the world. It’s an amazing feeling and one that aligns well with summertime — a time for many freedoms.

Authored by Adam Groffman. See the Full Story at Travels of Adam here.

See Adam’s full blog here.

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Travelling With Acceptance: The 5 Most Gay Friendly Cities in the World

Author: , January 15th, 2014

Paris, FranceWhen planning your next vacation, make sure you can relax and explore hassle-free. As a member of the LGBT community, there’s no need to feel limited — there’s plenty of amazing, cultural, and activity-filled travel spots, that take pride in their tolerance.

Consider these five spots for your next trip:

1. New York, NY

New York City: It’s the city that never sleeps and never judges. It’s arguably the gay capital of the world, with the Stonewall bar riots sparking the gay rights movement and gay pride parades and events across the world. As a whole, New York thrives on variety, with Ellis Island heralding cultural diversity, and both the business world and the arts represented enthusiastically. As such, the community embraces any sexual orientation, but rightly never defines anyone by it; it’s just part of the norm.

In Manhattan, the sites and activities are endless, but venturing into Brooklyn only extends the possibilities. In particular, Greenwich Village, Chelsea with Christopher St., and East Village with 8th Avenue showcase a thriving gay community full of lively bars, shops, and clubs. So once you hit tourist necessities like the Empire State building and Times Square, strolled museums, venture further and hit growing gay areas like Hell’s Kitchen and the Meatpacking District.

For travel ideas with gay venues in mind, The Center, New York City’s LGBT community center, offers not only support, but multitudes of ideas to make a trip to New York as sleepless as you want.

2. San Francisco, CA

A focal point in gay rights advocacy, San Francisco, standing out in one of the most gay-friendly states, houses one of the densest gay populations, and a vibrant culture of gay-rights. Where New York competes in diversity, San Francisco’s Harvey Milk Square and Castro Theatre make the Castro District feel like the true epicenter of gay pride.

San Francisco falls only behind Palms Springs in percentage of same-sex households. The gay festivities and parades don’t get stuffed into one month; expect year-round events, such as the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival in June or the Castro Street Fair in October.

U City’s Guide to Gay San Francisco promotes San Francisco’s gay-friendly atmosphere beyond the Castro, with mixed and gay-oriented city

3. Barcelona, Spain

No longer a gay-haven just for the nearby beaches (about a thirty minute train ride away), Barcelona’s mixed gay and straight communities blossomed into a trendy, cosmopolitan travel destination. Despite the Franco-era oppression of gay rights, Barcelona proved a safe-haven from then to present, and Spain now proudly maintains equal rights in marriage.

Specifically, The Independent cites Eixample, which plays host to most of the gay bars, but also features some of the most elite mixed bars in Barcelona, and the alleys of El Raval as prime examples of a robust gay culture.

But one caution for Barcelona: It’s known for heavy pick-pocketing. If you’re carrying a wallet or purse, make sure yours fits in a front or concealed pocket, and opt for a crossover bag. Of course, you’ll want to take equal measures that your possessions are safe at home while you’re away in Spain. Following that line of thought, consider visiting to ensure all your belongings stay one-hundred percent secure while away on your trip.

4. Berlin, Germany

Although Berlin’s dark history of intolerance is well-known, the city has since come to embrace and exhibit an atmosphere of open acceptance, making it possibly the most gay-friendly city in Europe. Restaurants offer monthly gay publications to browse, and some gay guides to Berlin prove as useful as general guides.

The Schwules Museum features standard and circulating exhibits to chronicle the struggles and gains for homosexuals in Berlin. In comparison to New York, Berlin’s LGBT community integrates into every corner of the city, concentrating in specific areas like Schoneberg, Friedrichshain, and Prenzlauer Berg, but every area truly epitomizes acceptance. Stop at the famous Kit-Kat for a wild night after a day’s stroll viewing restored buildings and sprawling parks.

5. Paris, France

Renown for free-thinking and romance, Paris proved a natural fit for some of the brightest minds in art and literature to escape persecution and live without any fuss over their sexual preferences. As such, the famous cemetery, Père Lachaise, marks the resting place of Gertrude Stein and Oscar Wilde. Paris also took the initiative in Europe when they became the first city to elect a gay mayor.

The Marais District increasingly becomes more mixed and trendy, with expensive and chic bars, restaurants, and cafes, and a nightlife that never starts earlier than midnight. For a more, say, shocking side of the nightlife, venture into the Pigalle and Bois de Boulogne districts.

Paris breathes extravagance and indulgence. Tolerance aside, the places to visit amaze in their beauty, and the food equally makes leaving a struggle.

Start planning your city travels worry-free! You don’t have to hide away on an island anymore (though if beaches suit your style, Mykonos and the Greek isles prove worthy). Whether close-to-home or jet-setting, you’re sure to delight in a comfortable and fun vacation in any of these destinations.

The South’s Ten Gayest Cities

Author: , August 23rd, 2013

New Orleans - Bourbon StreetThe South has always had quite the reputation for sizzling destinations and a rich history, which makes it one of the best off-the-beaten-path regions of the United States to visit during the fall! Some of the best cities in the country reside in the beautiful and unique South- there is really no better place to get a sense of a vital part of the American spirit than here. The key to traveling in the South is knowing where to go, and we have the latest scoop in the best places in the South you absolutely MUST visit!

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is a poiniant town brimming with style. Though rich in tradition and history, Charleston has a thriving gay community and plenty of gay-friendly businesses. Most of the best places to go are in the downtown area- and the city of North Charleston which is only ten minutes north is also worth a visit. There are plenty of historical highlights to check out, and a superb restuarant scene when you work up an appetite!

Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville, the capital of Tennessee is also known as Music City because it has plenty of fun and culture to offer to the traveling rhinestone cowboys and cowgirls! Museums, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and a large university community fuel this democratic hot spot in the center of the South. “The District” seems is where most of the gay action is, with a flood of clubs all within walking distance from one another. If you’re looking for a place to strap on your boots and get your line-dancing booty shaking on, the “home of country music” may just be the right city for you!

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Great Bike-Friendly Cities

Author: , June 14th, 2012

Cycle-Friendly CitiesWith summer in prime season, there is no better way to soak up the beautiful sun while staying active than hitting the road, BIKE style! Whether you are staying local or traveling elsewhere, getting on that bike is the perfect opportunity to get down and dirty around town. Check out our list of our favorite bike friendly cities!

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles mayor called for a paradigm shift in how cars and cyclists share the road. High gas prices and ever-increasing gridlock certainly helped the cause, too. Last July, the city authorized the construction of 1,680 miles of bikeways. There is no better way to cut down on smog in this hotspot city than to hit the pavement, cycle style.

East London: Filled as they are with old warehouses, brick factories, and hundreds of creative industries, the neighborhoods of East London at rush hour can feel a bit like a bearded, tatted-up Tour de France. Weekend rides, though, are much more relaxed. Start your immersion via a loose network of flower and craft markets, public parks, and bike-friendly canals that have further encouraged the growth of London’s rich cycling culture.

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New Gay Travel Apps Available for Select Cities

Author: , September 18th, 2011

Bus tours and hosted walking tours of cities are popular ways to learn what sights and stops to hit, but technology is making human contact so less relevant. has developed smartphone apps for 180 international cities — with some gay hubs having gay-specific apps: Buenos Aires, San Francisco, Orlando, Acapulco, Vancouver, Madrid, even Houston. The apps offer everything from “gay nightlife of B.A.” to “top-rated gay venues of Vancouver” and “LGBT entertainment in Madrid.”

The apps cost from $3-$5 per destination.

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